Panasonic Rice Cooker Parts – Things That Make Perfect And Convenient

panasonic rice cooker parts

Life is getting busier and busier. Rice cooker manufacturers have launched several particularly convenient functions like Panasonic Rice Cooker Parts to save time and create the highest level of convenience for homemakers in the family.

The rice cooker is an indispensable “member” in the kitchen corner of every home; it contributes to creating delicious and cozy meals for your family. Currently, there are many brands of rice cookers such as Sharp, Panasonic. So the Panasonic rice cooker parts are indispensable at your home. You can replace a part of the cooker. rice cooker if suddenly “disturbed.”

It is undeniable that the introduction of the rice cooker helps homemakers save a lot of time for cooking. You just need to wash the rice, add water and set the cooking mode to have a delicious rice cooker instead of watching the time, fear of burnt rice, raw rice, boiling over, etc. It can be said that this is a kitchen appliance. Indispensable for every family regardless of high or low.

In addition to cooking rice, the rice cooker can also make cakes, cook porridge, tea, sticky rice, and steaming and reheating food. Just wash the rice, pour water, plug in power; after a while, you will have a hot rice cooker without having to watch it for fear of raw or cheesy rice. In addition to cooking rice, the rice cooker also has other uses, helping to create many new dishes for family meals.

There are thousands of rice cooker parts, some of them worth purchasing, I believe. All these top 10 Panasonic rice cooker parts reviews include amazon links so you may observe them. See our website for more rice cooker parts.

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Panasonic Rice Cooker Parts Comparison 2022

Panasonic B900C3660AP Ne-1757 Power Cord
Best for
Best rice cooker parts for safety reliability
Panasonic A62303A60AP Fuse, 18 Amp
Best for
Best rice cooker parts for performance

** Below, you will find our detailed reviews of the Panasonic Rice Cooker Parts, but you can also click these following links to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.

Bestseller No. 6
Panasonic SR-G06FG Automatic 3.3 Cup (Uncooked) Rice Cooker (Silver)
Panasonic SR-G06FG Automatic 3.3 Cup (Uncooked) Rice Cooker (Silver)
Measures: 9 5/8" (W) x 7 3/4" (D) x 8 1/4" (H), 2.6 lbs, Silver; NOTE: Please ensure to measure rice in the cup that comes along with the product ONLY
Bestseller No. 8
Panasonic SR-42HZP 23-Cup (Uncooked) Rice Cooker/Steamer, Silver
Panasonic SR-42HZP 23-Cup (Uncooked) Rice Cooker/Steamer, Silver
NOTE: Please ensure to measure rice in the cup that comes along with the product ONLY
Bestseller No. 9
PANASONIC SR-G06FGER Automatic Rice Cooker/Steamer (Color: Red)
PANASONIC SR-G06FGER Automatic Rice Cooker/Steamer (Color: Red)
Automatic Rice Cooker/ Steamer (Color: Red); Non Stick Coated Pan; Capacity: 3.3 Cups uncooked rice (yields 6.6 Cups cooked rice)
Bestseller No. 10
Panasonic SR-42HZP 23-cup (Uncooked) Commercial Rice Cooker, 'NSF' Approved, Stainless Steel Lid
Panasonic SR-42HZP 23-cup (Uncooked) Commercial Rice Cooker, "NSF" Approved, Stainless Steel Lid
Stainless steel lid; easy-to-clean aluminum alloy removable pan liner

Top 10 Best Panasonic Rice Cooker Parts Reviews 2022

Panasonic B900C3660AP Ne-1757 Power Cord

B900C3660AP Panasonic Ne-1757 – Panasonic rice cooker parts Cable Power Panasonic manufacturers for both the grocery sector include microwaves, rice cookers, and sound steamers.


  • Authentic OEM replacement part
  • Panasonic produces for the food services industries are microwave heaters, rice cookers as well as sonic steamers
  • Use authentic OEM components to ensure safety and performance
  • Country of source: Japan


  • So far there is no complaint

Panasonic A62303A60AP Fuse, 18 Amp

18 Amp Authentic OEM replacement component Panasonic A62303A60AP Fuse. Panasonic makes for the food services market household appliances, rice cookers as well as sonic steamers. Use authentic safety and performance OEM parts


  • Original OEM substitute.
  • Use genuine OEM components to ensure safety and performance
  • Panasonic makes for the food services market kitchen appliances, rice cookers as well as sonic steamers
  • Counting unit: 1.0


  • Not durable

ZoneFly Store Original Power Cable

The overworked, old, broken, and other Panasonic rice cooker parts should replace a damaged power cord. Durable product patented by Zonefly High-quality materials, core materials for copper, 8-core structure.


  • The stage of a short power cable reduces children’s danger
  • Advance – Connectors. Connectors.
  • Fast & stable charge
  • Compatible power cord


  • Lack of screening ring

10FT Power Cord Wall Cable

3-Power Wall Adapter has a Listed high-quality UL, compatible. It is sufficient for most home appliances to be supported. The overused, outdated, broken, or destroyed power cord can be replaced.


  • Stable and High Taxation
  • UL approved, tested, and certified.
  • It was overheating protection and high-quality wires overload protection.
  • Three Prong power cord, lifetime guarantees, and customer support. High quality.


  • It works. However, it must be removed so the error code can be fixed.

EFP 6 Foot Long 2-Pin Replacement Power Cord

EFP seems to be an American brand devoted to excellent delivery, replacement Panasonic rice cooker parts, aftermarket components, and fitness accessories. We supply superior OEM components designed to help things function better and longer in your house. 

Substitution. 6 feet long Rice Cooker Power Cord. There is a 1/2″ terminal connection space for these wires. It is also fitted with a spacing of 1/2 inches for some coffee percolators and tiny electronics homes.


  • Suitable with a 1/2 inch distance terminal pins for various Rice cookers and kitchens. A lot of West Bend Espresso Urn with detachable cord also fits.
  • It is fitted with the detachable rope for various Rice cookers and even Coffee Urns. Includes any device using a power cable of CO-PC6.
  • EFP offers high-quality, Exact Fit, and Affordable Priced replacement parts guaranteed in comparison with original production costs.
  • The brand replacement part is of excellent grade EFP.


  • Doesn’t fit models with three cords.

[UL Listed] 6ft Power Cord Compatible

Sufficient to support significant home appliances is the connector. The overused, old, damaged, or destroyed power cord can be replaced. UL approved, tested, and certified. It was overheating protection and high-quality wires overload protection. 3 Prong rechargeable, lifetime guarantees, and customer support. High quality.


  • Soft & Smooth
  • Bending-resistant
  • Wear and wear-resistant
  • Made of PVC Material for the environment
  • Unique is the UL number and UL number


  • Not suited for wattage equipment.

Table Power Cord Cable Compatible

Composed of PVC Material Environmental. 6FT, 3 pin/3 pin, 18 AWGx 3C, Rating: 10a (NEMA 5-15P, IEC320C13): 100V-250V Carrying Rate:


  • UL approved, tested, and certified.
  • Overload Protection with Superior Quality Wear Protection, Waterproof, Wear Resistance, Etc.
  • Excellent post-sales service is always our goal.
  • One month warranty


  • So far there is no complaint

Zonefly Original Power Cord Compatible

A short power cable is used to minimize the danger that youngsters will grasp the cord or become stuck and decrease individuals’ chance ofhigh-quality stumbling over a lengthy line. Connectors: United States of America IEC C13, Category: Americans 3-pin plug NEMA 5-15P: 3 Take. New Panasonic rice cooker parts can replace the overused, old, fractured, or destroyed power cord with  SAFETY / UL – by-UL approved and approved.


  • Heavy duty & stable
  • Durable product patented by Zonefly
  • Composed of high-grade materials, core material for copper, 8-core design.
  • Overheating protection, high-quality wires overload protection.


  • Take a while to install

3.3FT 3 Prong Power Cord Compatible

UL 3 Prong AC Wall Adapter Power Cable, Listed high quality connector is sufficient to support most domestic equipment. The overused, outdated, broken, or destroyed power cord can be replaced.


  • Stable and High Taxation
  • Security / UL Listed: UL-tests, approvals, and certificates. It was overheating protection, and high-quality wires overload protection.
  • Three Prong power cord, lifetime guarantees, and customer support. High quality.


  • Not the cord strong enough

Alamic Replacement Float Valve Gaskets

These 10 float valve diaphragm silicone joints fit numerous Power Pressure Cooker models, which include but are not limited to XL, YBD60-100, PPC780, PPC770, and PPC790. Rice Cooker Lux 5, 6 Qt., does not fit any other instant pot model. Included package: 10x valve joints for the float.


  • Make your handicapped cooker operate like a new easy to install as well as reposition for cleaning.
  • Float valve sealer seems to be a component of a cooker lid and is required for the stove to operate.
  • Silicone joints are often washed away, making them unsuitable because the steam leaks, leaving the float valley and the pressure boiler.
  • In addition, the sealing gasket uses all pressure and heat in the cook for overtime. It’s nice to have a few spares.


  • That will not durable

What To Consider When Choosing Rice Cooker

Rice cookers and perfect applications

The arrival of the rice cooker will undoubtedly help women save time for cooking. It is undeniable. You need to simply wash the rice, add water, and set cooking mode, rather than monitoring the time, fear of burning rice, raw rice, boil, etc., to have a great rice cooker. You may say this is an appliance for the kitchen. Essential to any household, whether affluent or modest.

However, rice cookers may cook rice and have numerous other lesser known and used functions. When you have discovered the usage of rice cookers in this article, many individuals will definitely be shocked by their home rice cookers’ cooking skills.

Rice cookers don’t care about ingredients, especially rice. Cook different varieties of rice: You may also cook a wide range of other kinds of rice such as flat rice, gluten, brown rice, etc.

Make cakes sweet and salty.

The rice cooker is not tricky with cakes from sweet to savory, complex to basic. Now, if you wish to demonstrate your baking abilities because a terrific assistant is just next door, you don’t have to spend money to acquire a different oven.

The cooker can create buns and even pastries using steam. You only need to pour water, lay the cake on the steamer, and turn the cooking mode for steamed cakes such as dumplings, sponge cakes, beefcakes, etc. The heat from the boiling water helps cook the cake just like a steamer so that the quality of the steamed buns is not of concern to you. The steaming time also varies according to the type of cake.

Your rice cooker becomes a great pie to make cakes, muffins, chocolate cakes, brownies, or even that expensive and famous pizza for baked goods. Baking with a rice cooker also has some problems; for example, the cake is not fluffy and has a smell of more eggs than the oven. However, the cake is not flattened, hollow, dry, broken, or evenly cooked during baking. After the cooling, the smell of the eggs will disappear to keep you confident.

You simply have to place the dough into a buttered pot and select the rice cooking mode for cakes such as gato, sponge cake, etc., after blending the dough. You’ve got a delicious cake for the whole family; press the button 1-2 times after the pot starts to turn on.

For the pizza, the rice cooker must not be bonded, and the pot must be preheated before the cake is placed. In the beginning, cook one side of the cake base, then turn the other side of the cake and add the filling.

Cook porridge

Cooking porridge, like cooking rice, is pretty similar; just add more water. Then why not cook nutritious breadcrumbs on your rice cooker. On the rice cooker without too long, you can cook rib porridge, chicken porridge, mushroom Porridge, etc.

Furthermore, some households use rice cookers to prepare tea. Cooking is also quite simple, simply put the ingredients in the pot and choose the cooking mode. Tea may be cooked for green beans, black bean tea, sweet potato tea, water drift tea, etc. tea types are available.

Cooking soup

Soup or soup in everyday meals is necessary and may be made using a rice cooker. Not only does this save time, but it also saves homemakers money. To cook food in a gentle fashion, simply switch the button back on and heat the pot. When the meal is soft, it’s all right. You won’t fear that you’ll run out of water or burn the pot when cooking with a rice cooker.

Sticky rice cooking

Gluttonous rice is no problem since it can cook different rice varieties, and it is much easier to prepare sticky rice. The advantage of using an electric rice cooker for looking at the gently stick rice is that the cooking time is quicker, but the user also has to adapt the proper water amount and the time to mix the sticky rice. The water in such a method is less than typical for cooking sticky rice. You have to wait till the cooker turns on the button, and after baking, put the baggy rice into it and let it have an appealing pot of sticky rice like steaming a basket for approximately 7-10 minutes. The cooker can cook a wide range of sticky rice such as sticky green beans, peanuts, dark beans, sticky cam rice, Gac sticky rice, etc.

Food for steam

A plastic steamer is provided to each rice cooker. This will assist women in preparing healthful steamed food. To utilize this feature, users just put water up the pot, fill in the steamer and fill up food. You must add varying amounts of water, depending on the type of food, and be smaller than the steamer’s location. With your rice cooker, you can steam vegetables, seafood, etc.

Chicken barbecue

Some housewives have found the rice kettle to roast chicken to be an intriguing usage. It seems a little odd, but it also has lovely colors, luster, and taste when cooked with a rice cooker. The user must place the marinated chicken in the sauce to avoid burning, on the pot’s base, a layer of ginger and onion. Shoot down and wait to taste the tasty cuisine.

Home rice cookers have a unique feature.

Rice cooking manufacturers have started several convenient features to save time and offer the maximum comfort level for women in the family. Life is growing busier and busier. Nice.

The function of the cooking timer

It is possible to understand the cooking time function, which means that the rice is washed into the pot, and the cook timer is then set. You may, for example, put rice in the pool at 8 am, click the timer at 6 pm and finish the cooking.

Often electric cookers with lids, electronic rice cookers, and high-frequency rice cookers have the cooker function. This feature is perfect for folks with a lot of time to cook rice but who can still have the hot rice cooker along with their family.

The function of long incubation

Closed, thick pot, rice cookers typically hold rice for around 12 hours for an extended period without being ranch currently used utilize the rice incubation feature tforpreserving it if your household doesn’t run out of rice. Or you may use this feature if you make rice but don’t want to consume it immediately. In electronic rice cookers and high-frequency rice cookers, rice incubation is probably commonly seen.

Fast cook feature

The fast cook feature saves you the most time, as the pot skips the typical paddy and goes directly to the cooking stage. You can utilize this option if you are in an emergency and want a fast dinner.

Function for multi-cooking

Rice cookers are currently used for cooking rice and cook many other foods, including stewing bones, cooked soup, cakes, steaming plants, sticky rice, etc., for preserving. Currently. You only have to prepare and put it in the pot, then cook with a simple button to have a wonderful meal without taking too much time and doing complex processes.

The role of the intelligent ventilation

The intelligent steam van is typically created for a smooth, even cooking of rice, tasty and flexible, while keeping the amounts of vitamins and nutrients essential to youngsters. The steam valve regulated the quantity of Steam that exits fairly. People. People. People. Electric rice cookers, electric rice cookers, and high-frequency rice cookers commonly have smart vent valves.

Time display convenience

There are generally time showers and cooking features in electronic rice cookers that let users understand the potting process simply, which allows consumers more peace of mind while using the kitchen rice.

In most Vietnamese foods, rice is nearly vital. It is almost possible to say for many people that the rice bowl does not include three meals. Many individuals order a bowl of rice even when they go to a restaurant to eat.

So how may an excellent rice cooker be chosen?

So how can I obtain excellent Panasonic rice cooker parts? The rice shouldn’t be too terrible first of all. And since rice cookers are popular, there has been a new maxim: good rice must go with a good pot.

But what’s an excellent, real cooker of rice? Looking at Google’s or e-commerce sites for this phrase, you will notice that several hundred thousand or tens of millions of doing things are suggested at pricing.

The typical cooker of rice nowadays.

Today’s ordinary rice cookers are separated into three types:

Electromechanical rice cooker

Mechanical relay operation.

Two fundamental features are available: cook and stay warm.

This kind, while the price is economically low, is very long-lasting.

Electronic rice cooker

This product is state-of-the-art with numerous intelligent features.

The rice cooker has the advantage of having quick-cooking speeds to assist prepare rice.

Electromagnetism rice cooker

This pot is based on the magnetic induction concept.

The use of this product helps rice cook uniformly, delightfully, and without mushiness.

Rice cooker capability

You should pick to have the pot capacity adequate for the quantity or number of people in your household that is the greatest amount of the rice you can cook at a time.

The rice cookers nowadays have numerous little and large capacities. You will thus have your own decision, depending on the number of family members. A tiny rice cooker is usually ideal for 1-2 guests, a 1 – 1.8L pot is good for families from 2 – 6 guests, 2 – 4L capacity for those dining from 6 or more guests. 

The first item to consider is the ability to acquire a rice cooker. The rice cooker’s capacity influences the number of persons served by this rice cooker. Choose the capacity to match the number of family members when you buy.

Naturally, if you have a sudden guest or want to prepare some other foods by making a rice cooker, you should get as much capacity as feasible. However, the choice of four or five liters for a regular household is generally sufficient.

A tiny rice cooker is usually ideal for 1-2 guests, a 1 – 1.8L pot is good for families from 2 – 6 guests, 2 – 4L capacity for those dining from 6 or more guests. 

Choice of function

Usually, just one active switch is provided for simple rice cookers. Some electronic high-end rice cookers often include extra capabilities such as timer, fast cooking, warming, and a lot more. You should thus assess if a rice cooker with many features is necessary or whether simply a simple saucepan is sufficient.

Choice of lining

The next stage is the liner or inner pot after you decide the capacity. For rice cookers, there are numerous varieties of internal liners including aluminum alloy, stainless steel, ceramics, cast iron, and composite multilayer fittings.

The majority of rice cookers use aluminum alloy liners on the market. Aluminum may also be blended with other metals or alloys, such as steel aluminum alloys since it offers consistent heat conductivity and is easy to cast.

Everybody knows, however, that metal is hazardous, and metal goods may readily bring dangerous elements into the human body for salty, sour, or spicy foods. This adds a non-adhesive layer to the rice cooker’s inner liner to isolate it from direct contact between the food and the metal. Teflon is the most frequent layer (polytetrafluoroethylene). It is used extensively in non-stick cups. However, it might wear off and reveal the metal within if the coating is utilized for an extended time.

Many folks are seeking liners that are uncoated. The 304 stainless steel liner amongst them allows the customer not to worry about toxic chemicals precipitating them but has the downside of being easily stackable and causing cleanliness.

Ceramic rice cooker.

The ceramic liner will not be able to precipitate dangerous chemicals and has a greater anti-stick function than stainless steel (304) above. But it is a delicate and somewhat costly ceramic liner. Some high-quality rice cookers employ cast-iron roofs, pure copper, or carbon roofing.

Furthermore, some pots have a nice crystallized black lining. Most of these liners are aluminum alloy liners or synthetic multi-layer liners. They are then coated on the surface with a specific layer. This liner is often Teflon, but by adding stainless steel particles to extend the life and overall strength of the layer, it may overcome standard Teflon coating deficiencies using a specific oxidation process. 

How to heat the rice cooker

No matter how touted, the main factor to make a wonderful rice bowl is how the cooker monitors the cooking temperature. The heat efficiency of the rice cooker is mostly dependent on the heating system’s strength and homogeneity. Chassis heating, three-way heating, and electromagnetic heating are the most prevalent electrical systems (high-frequency rice cookers).

On low-end rice cookers, chassis heating (the heat plate) is typically used. It heats the pot from below, as the name says. This type of heat preheats the bottom of the pot and transfers heat from the bottom to the top to the pot wall through the middle of the pot. This means the rice is heated in a uniform manner, the rice on the floor is cooked more smoothly than the top and the control is not precise.

The three-way heating system is comparable or an updated version to the hot plate heating system. The inner liner of a rice cooker with a concave surface is normally spherical. The heating surface is greater and the process of cooking is also faster by creating it.

Finally, employing the idea of heat induction, a high-frequency electric rice cooker. The whole inside section of the pot is heated directly by the phenomena of electromagnetic induction. The difference in temperature is tiny between the areas and the heating process creates a thermal vortex which rolls rice continually to produce each one. The grains of rice are more uniformly cooked. The taste of the rice grains is since then extremely comparable and the rice cooker’s temperature can also be controlled with more accuracy. This is a high-end product line at comparatively expensive prices since this system demands sophisticated technology in the production process.

Choosing the brand

To assure quality and durability of the product it is highly advised that you pick large, famous brands such as Sharp Rice Cooker, Panasonic Rice Cooker. Well-known companies frequently have excellent product quality, customer service, and guarantees. This is very important in case of a problem or if the goods you purchase are broken.

Be careful about the price

If you have a lot of money, instead of buying a low-end rice cooker that can be used for only a few months, choose a decent high-end pot for long-term usage. However, in order to locate the pot that suits your budget and yet satisfies your demands, check for price and functional comparison tables online. Fulfill your demands for use.

Pot design selection

The color and form of the pot are quite significant for certain people. There are currently many different types of pots available on the market with exceptional colors like, blue, purple, red, or pink… therefore before you buy your preferences and cooking space must be considered to pick the proper spot. Choose the proper pot size for the location of the pot.

Here Are Some Tips That Guidance on fixing typical mistakes in rice cookers

The rice cooker is an electric home-made appliance that is not unfamiliar to practically everyone for its convenience. The rice cooker is quite helpful to women at home, however, when something goes wrong it doesn’t create many problems. We’ll show you how typical problems on rice cookers may be fixed at home in this post. And help you realize why replacement Panasonic rice cooker parts should always be prepared for immediate repair.

The rice cooker does not turn on, plugged in the power still says power but the rice cooker is not hot

Cause: plug damaged and the point of contact is faulty or the fuse is broken between the wire and the rice cooker. Damaged links between NC and NO

How to handle: the connection between the plug and the pot should be securely plugged close to the flower pot. If it is damaged, try another connection.

When rice is not cooked, the pot lights up automatically.

Cause: the rice cooker bends down, causing not enough contact heat to automatically swing in the lights, the deck is not firmly closed. The rice cooker’s hot-air relay is detached too quickly, the heating plate is unclean because food spreads and is not clean, resulting in uncooked rice during usage.

How to handle: Clean completely your heat germ, check the thermal relay, and replace it with a new one, if your thermal relay is too old. If the bottom of the pot is bent, the inner pot must be replaced.

Cook rice with burning on the bottom and wheezing at the bottom of the pot

Cause: the thermal relay has been switched off late so that the rice collects too much heat and burns rice if the cooking mode is set for too long. The pot’s non-adhesive cover is missing

How to handle: you should check that thermal relay and replace it with a new relay if it is too old. Do not rub sharp things when cleaning.

Light not lightening rice cooker indication

Cause: The LED is a shortcut, which causes harm. Strength lines are overcharged, fuse interrupted

How to handle: Replace the rice cooker’s LED light. If the fuse has disappeared, you may discover a fuse from the source, which is normally hidden in a gene tube.

Closing Thought – Our Top 5 Best Of Panasonic Rice Cooker Parts

The rice cooker is an important electronic device in the home, an item we use every day. Maybe you do not know the lifespan of electronic devices in general and rice cookers, in particular, depends a lot on how you use them. There are users who use rice cookers for up to 10 years and still work well, but there are also users who often have to replace the rice cooker after 1-2 years of use. The reason is not only the quality of the pot but also the user’s way of using and preserving the rice cooker. The article also helps you understand why it is important to always prepare replacement parts so that you can fix them immediately.

We always note that maintaining details about rice cooker parts up to date is a high priority so we update our websites continuously. Learn more from online sources regarding us. Please let us know promptly when you think that something we have about rice cooker parts here is obsolete or inaccurate. We’ve seen the perfect Panasonic rice cooker parts to find at the moment now. You should check our purchasing advice before you make the decision if you’d like to understand more about this option. We’ve always been here with you. Please contact us here. Or to see our view, you will learn everything about us.

Panasonic B900C3660AP Ne-1757 Power Cord
Best for
Best rice cooker parts for safety reliability
Panasonic A62303A60AP Fuse, 18 Amp
Best for
Best rice cooker parts for performance
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