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Black Garlic Benefit

Nowadays, many negative environmental factors can affect you, such as fine dust, toxic industrial chemicals, UV rays, harmful bacteria, viruses, disasters, epidemics, etc. They threaten and endanger your health frequently. Therefore, many people often look for nutritious food to enhance the resistance and have enough health to withstand harsh conditions. If you want to use such things, I think the black garlic is a good idea. Now, let’s scroll down to follow our article immediately to learn about the black garlic benefit.

Black Garlic Benefit 

Antioxidant ability

After the fermentation process, the black garlic will contain more antioxidants compared to raw garlic.

When you crush garlic, the allicin – the compound causes the pungent odor that will be converted into the antioxidants such as flavonoids and alkaloids when garlic is fermented.

Thanks to the antioxidants, your cells can avoid oxidative damage. Thus, the related diseases will not find you. We can absorb and digest the antioxidants by using plant foods, including black garlic.

In 2014, a study showed that the antioxidant capacity of black garlic was significantly increased when it was fermented. That study also proved that after 21 days of fermentation, black garlic could achieve the highest antioxidant content.

Controlling blood sugar

If the blood sugar increases uncontrollably, especially in diabetic patients, they can entirely meet dangerous complications. For example, heart disease, infections, or kidney damage, etc.

In 2019, scientists did an experiment. They fed the mice a diet high in fat and sugar. Then, they cured them with black garlic’s extraction. The result is that the metabolism has improved, cholesterol levels and inflammation have decreased. Black garlic extract also helps regulate appetite.

An older 2009 study tested diabetic rats on a high-fat diet. Scientists have shown that rats given black garlic could fight complications often caused by high blood sugar.

Another research (in 2019) also did the same test; the scientists found that the mice ate black garlic, which has lower insulin and glucose than those who didn’t eat.

If the garlic fermented process’s antioxidant activity uses the bacteria Lactobacillus bulgaricus, pregnant women can prevent gestational diabetes based on a study that has 226 attenders.

However, most of these studies just did on animals; we have more research about the black garlic effect on human’s diabetes.

Preventing heart disease

The scientists found that black garlic can decrease heart disease’s indicators and symptoms such as LDL cholesterol (bad cholesterol), total cholesterol, and triglycerides. This plant food can also enhance HDL cholesterol (good cholesterol).

Animal research showed the raw and fermented garlic’s effect when the heart recovers from damage after meeting ischemia. Both of them can open the circulation and prevent your heart from hurt.

Another similar study proved the black garlic extract could decrease some indexes in the rats with a full-fat diet, including total cholesterol, triglycerides, and total blood fats if these indexes increase, the heart disease risk, too.

Different research includes 60 people who ate 6 grams of black garlic extract or a placebo every day in 12 weeks. The result showed that thanks to the black garlic, the HDL cholesterol increased, and the heart disease’s potential signs also decreased.

Twenty people participated in another study that used 20 grams of black garlic extract daily throughout 6 months. Their antioxidant levels are enhanced. Those who use a placebo also have improved heart health’s indexes.

Even so, we still need more reliable research about humans in this field.

Protecting the brain

Some compounds of black garlic can protect the brain. Black garlic may prevent inflammation that impairs brain function or memory decline over time.

Scientists found that beta-amyloid (a protein compound’s accumulation) causes the brain’s inflammation. Thus, the Alzheimer’s risk will increase. Black garlic is a solution to reduce inflammation in the brain, according to a study on rats.

Even eating black garlic can improve short-term memory well.

In a different study, the researchers subjected the mice to oxidative stress in their brains. Then, they give black garlic extract to the rats. Hence, the oxidative and memory impairment stress decreased. 

Anticancer ability

A few studies indicated that black garlic positively prevents cancer disease and does not let cancer cells develop.

One research tested 21 volunteers; scientists took their blood and put them in tubes. Researchers also added black garlic extract in there. The test result showed that black garlic could make antioxidant, immune-stimulating, and anticancer activities stronger than raw garlic.

The scientists proved the black garlic extract solution that was a toxic medicine to cancer cells in some internal organs such as the liver, stomach, breast, or lung within 72 hours.

Other test-tube research found that black garlic can slowly destroy the human stomach and colon’s cancer cells. It also has the same effect on leukemia. It doesn’t allow cancer cells to grow.

In one report summarizing 25 studies, scientists showed black garlic is genuinely effective in fighting cancer via the majority of animal, test tube, and human examination.

As you can see, although these studies are only preliminary, black garlic is a potential food to prevent cancers.

The liver’s guard

Our liver is usually exposed to chemicals, alcohol, medications, viruses, or germs. Black garlic can protect your liver against damage due to their harm.

Some mice studies proved that black garlic has a protective feature when the liver is injured. It also prevents more liver damage.

If you have more chronic conditions, black garlic may be a helpful solution. One animal research showed that black garlic improved the functioning liver if this organ was chronically damaged by the harmful effects of alcohol via its antioxidant process.

Another rat test found that black garlic reduces AST and ALT (2 chemicals are in the blood that caused damage in the liver) in case they have liver disease.

Preventing infection and enhancing immunity

Black garlic has allicin; it includes antibiotics, anti-inflammatory, and anti-fungal agents. Researchers found that S-allycystein could aid you in absorbing allicin quickly. Thus, the protection from infection is boosted.

The immune system is responsible for your health. Thanks to it, you can fight diseases, chronic illness, and infection.

The antioxidants in black garlic can increase immunity because they kill free radicals, fight oxidative damage for your cells, and decrease inflammation.

In 2012, a tube-test study reviewed the differences between raw and black garlic. It also showed their impacts on immune ability.

The result is that black garlic has shown antioxidants and anti-cancer properties at the highest levels. Besides, it can stimulate the immunity stronger.

Therefore, black garlic may become a solution to aid in some treatment processes such as acute infection, autoimmune disorder, etc.

You can refer to this video to learn about the black garlic benefit.


What is black garlic?

Black garlic is a fermented version of regular garlic. In Asian countries, namely Northeast and Southeast Asia, people use this food commonly because it has many health benefits. 

It’s been a long time; black garlic is an ingredient in Korean, Japanese, or Thailand cuisine. Nowadays, it is becoming more and more popular around the world thanks to its miraculous health effects.

You need to ferment raw garlic for at least 2 weeks. Garlic heads should be incubated until the skin turns brown and the cloves turn black. 

This chemical reaction happens if you keep garlic in the proper moist condition and the low temperature of approximately 140 – 170 Fahrenheit degrees. These conditions can trigger reactions that affect the natural sugars and amino acids found in raw garlic.

Flavor, texture, color, and taste in regular garlic will change. The black that we get is the production’s result of melanoidin. Besides, this reaction also removes the robust aroma and brittleness. Therefore, garlic will be easy to eat because it is lighter and more chewable. Furthermore, the nutritional contention of black garlic is also doubled compared to regular garlic.

How do I add black garlic to my diet?

We often use raw garlic in our daily diet because it is popular and familiar. However, raw garlic is spicy and pungent, some people do not like these flavors, and you can replace it with black garlic due to its sweetness.

Black garlic is a delicious choice for each meal, thanks to its gelatinous consistency and sweet taste.

Here are some tips for processing black garlic

  • Add black garlic to the soy sauce of stir-fried dishes to increase flavor.
  • Use as a spice for seasoning soup.
  • Mash it to create cream cheese and cheese dip.
  • Mix it with hummus (chickpea sauce) or mayonnaise, depending on the hobby.
  • Cut the garlic cloves into thin slices and blend them with pasta or salad.
  • Mix it with olive oil, puree to make the sauce for salad.
  • To get the best result, you should eat 2 or 3 cloves for breakfast. You can try to chop it up and eat it with toast.
  • Cooking with stews or oriental curries for dinner.
  • Use black garlic as an ingredient in cookies, brownies, or ice cream.
  • Sprinkle black garlic powder on some dishes to give them a natural sweetness.

What does the raw and black garlic have nutrients?

For a long time, garlic has been considered a medicine. It can prevent some ailments thanks to allicin. This compound is an active component; its responsibility is killing the germ.

Asides from allicin, a few vitamin B groups (B1, B2, B3, B6, folate – B9) and some minerals (calcium, manganese, iron, magnesium, sodium, phosphorus, zinc) turn garlic into anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial ingredient. Moreover, garlic also aids in enhancing the immune system.

Black garlic has the same effect as raw garlic, but the nutritional content is twice as high due to the fermented process. However, black garlic has lower allicin content but contains more nutrients and antioxidants. You can absorb it easily because of its unique texture and flavor.

Additionally, vitamin C in black garlic also fights the deficiencies in our immune system, eye, and heart diseases. Selenium will aid fertility and cognitive functioning.

How do I make black garlic?

If your finance is limited, you should try to make black garlic by yourself. The main secret is the ideal environment and temperature. Making your own black garlic will save you money and get a safe, nutritious, delicious product without any food additives or preservatives.

When the lamp heats up at a low temperature in a moist space for a few weeks, you can have the desired taste and texture.

You need to adjust the temperature to approximately 140 – 170 Fahrenheit degrees to make aged garlic. 

Additionally, you have to control the humidity by about 80 – 90 percentages. To get those things, you should choose the “keep warm” mode of your rice cooker, put cloves in it for 3 to 4 weeks, wait, and you will have your finished product.

After obtaining the finished garlic, you can spread it on fresh bread, add it to dressing, blend it with pasta, or rub it into fish. You can store black garlic at room temperature, but it would be best to keep it in the fridge to extend the time to use.

How to store black garlic correctly?

Depending on each form, you have to store finished garlic in different ways.

You can preserve unopened packages until they expire, according to the manufacturers’ recommendation. If you open aged garlic packs, you should keep them in the refrigerator for 1 month or longer. Three months is the duration to store black garlic powder and extract.

Do the black and raw garlic have differences?

The black garlic is a finished product of raw garlic after ferment. However, they still have differences.


Raw and black garlic do not have too much difference in nutrition. Raw garlic has more vitamin C, but the calories and sodium are less than aged garlic.

Otherwise, black garlic has a bit lower carbohydrates compared to black garlic. However, fiber and iron content is higher.

Raw garlic often owns higher allicin – the essential compound of garlic. This compound has many potential benefits for health. Besides, antioxidants are also lower; meanwhile, black garlic contains a very concentrated amount of antioxidants to fight illness.


Black garlic has an entirely different flavor compared to fresh garlic. It owns sweetness, aroma, like a syrup. Its texture is softer than raw garlic. Hence, it is easy to eat.

Alternatively, both 2 garlic types are suitable for increasing taste in sauce, marinade, dressing, or dip.

Do raw and black garlic have potential downsides?

Both two garlic types do not have side effects. However, they also appear to come with a few disadvantages.

The bleeding risk can increase if you eat raw garlic in large amounts. Hence, people taking blood thinners should limit the use of black garlic.

One research showed the aged garlic extract does not have a significant impact on people taking blood thinners. It also caused serious issues. However, it would be best to ask doctors or nutritionists before using black garlic to be suitable for your condition.

In addition, you also should avoid this food if you are allergic after eating it.

Where does the black garlic sell?

If you are looking for black garlic, the specialty spice stores and local markets are reliable addresses. You can pick this food in a few forms (powder, peeled cloves, whole heads, or oil). You also can try to find it on e-commercial websites.

Unluckily, its price is higher than fresh garlic, although it is a portion of healthy and nutritious food. Thus, you have to consider carefully before deciding to buy black garlic because it costs up to 20 dollars per pound.

Above is 7 black garlic benefit for your health. We also provide some helpful information about garlic (ex. nutrients, how to make, how to use, how to store, side effects, etc.) to you. I hope you get need things before using black garlic.


Health is worth a thousand gold, so you have to protect it very well by eating healthy food such as black garlic. Please don’t be lazy and start making your own aged garlic jar immediately to add it to your daily meal. If you have something unique about garlic or other nutritional foods, let’s share by writing a comment below our post.

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