What Do You Think About The Microwave Turntable Turns When Door Is Open?

microwave turntable turns when door is open

In a house, as in the kitchen, there are many types of household appliances. Such as rice cookers, refrigerators, gas stoves, etc. In that, the microwave oven may be very familiar to many families. It might have become one of the most useful and essential appliances in the kitchen all over the world a long time ago. Like others, it still has some problems if you use it for a long time. And the microwave turntable turns when door is open is the most popular issue for almost all users.

You may think that you just use it to reheat foods when needed, why it can have this issue. It is because of many different reasons. And a thing you need to know is that nowadays, new models of microwave ovens have many other modes in addition to reheating food. Therefore, you can use it for more purposes. However, also because of that, the possibility of damage also increases a lot.

Hence today, we will discuss a problem that users usually meet – the microwave doesn’t stop when you open the door like normal. And in this article, we will have a total of 5 parts:

  • How Is A Normal Microwave Oven?
  • Why Shouldn’t We Let A Microwave Runs With Door Open?
  • Some Solution To Fix This Problem.
  • FQAs Time.
  • Summary.

Ok. Don’t waste more time. See it together right now.

How Is A Normal Microwave Oven?

Before you want to know the problem of a tool, you have to know its normal status. And a normal microwave oven will have this working way: it rotates the turntable spin with food on it and heats out to reheat food evenly. Of course, its door always closes each time it operates to ensure the safety of users. Besides, it also ensures the performance of the appliance and doesn’t affect everything outside it.

However, there isn’t any appliance that can avoid all problems. And so does the microwave oven. You can meet many issues from it. Like power leak, cause noise, the disc not spinning, and so on. But we find that the microwave still runs with the open door may be the most familiar problem. You can easily see that. If you feel a hot temperature is still being created when you open the door. It also has many reasons and different situations than what you think. We will let you know after.

Why Shouldn’t We Let A Microwave Runs With Door Open?

Before starting this part, we want to ask you a question “What do you think about the microwave turntable turns when door is open?” Do you think it is good? Because you don’t need to set up again in the case you need to reheat food many times continuously. We may be reluctant to call it a good thing. But the real advice is that you still shouldn’t let it be. Because we will show you more bad points here.

Firstly, because it cannot stop, of course, it will consume more energy. So you will also waste more energy than before that. Secondly, reheating food with an open door will not ensure the food inside can be reheated best like what you want. Another thing you can find easily that is you cannot take the food out without difficulties.

Moreover, the microwave may burn you because of the heat it gives off. Not only that, if you let this problem go on for a long time, you are not able to control it again and cause more accidents for yourself and your family. There are more and more consequences that we cannot show all here for you.

Therefore, you have to stop it as soon as possible. And today, we will let you know some tips to remedy this situation. They just help you diagnose the mode of your tool and give you some suitable solutions. However, we hope that these shares will useful for you.

Some Solutions To Fix This Problem

The first thing you can do if you see this problem is to unplug it to stop this situation temporarily. But if it is damaged heavily, the microwave may hold a little lethal electrical charge. And from that, it cannot stop and also cause many worse accidents for you.

Thus, the next thing you ought to do is find out the real cause of it. There are many reasons make your microwave turntable turns when the door is open. It can come from the manufacturers or from your usage or any other things. And you can completely diagnose it at home simply.

Just in this article, we will let you know 3 popular situations of this problem. After that also give you the most suitable solution for each situation to choose. Come to the first one with us now.

Situation 1: Control board is damaged


Close the door and let it run. Now, try to slam/press the “stop” button. If after many times, it still doesn’t stop, let’s open its door again. In this case, it still can stop when you open the door, the reason can be because of your control board. The control board of your microwave may not send the correct signal you chose. Or it can also have some keys that are damaged or paralyzed. And in this situation, it is not related to the door.


After check and being sure that your appliance is in this problem, we think that you may need to bring it to the store. At there they will check it one more time professionally and let you know how to fix it correctly. They will probably tell you that needs to be replaced some damaged parts/switches on the control board or the whole of it.

However, if you always use the microwave oven carefully, the fact that the microwave oven will still run when the door is open is rare because of this cause. Hence, come to refer to the following cases as they are probably more correct.

Situation 2: There is some debris in the door latch


Here is the way to check it in the 2nd situation. Close the microwave and turn it on normally. After a short time, open the door, if you see it still runs like when the door is closed, the problem can come from the door interlock switch.

To be able to turn off each time you open the door, the manufacturers equipped a switch in the latch door. It will have the task to receive the signal when you close/open the door. Then allow it to receive or not to receive power from the source.

In addition to the case, the machine always works whether you close or open the door, there are also cases where the machine does not work even when you close and open it. They all can come from a similar reason – there are some things in the latch door. And this is also the most popular and easiest – solution reason.


And if your machine is in this case, you can easily fix it at home before deciding to bring it to the store. Please check the door interlocks switch to ensure it doesn’t have any debris in there. If it has, try to take them out in the safest way. Make sure that you don’t touch and damage any connection. And now, your microwave has become normal.

In the case after you remove it clearly, this problem still doesn’t stop, you may need to have a repairer’s help. They can check because it may remain some debris. Or it is more serious, you will need to replace some parts or get a new one.

Situation 3: Having Water in the motor of the microwave oven


This is the last situation we find out. After check 2 situations above and your tool is not in any ones, there is a good chance it got water on the motor. Therefore, you don’t need to do anything to diagnose it in this situation. But we will explain to you to understand why the motor inside is related to the door.

We know that you think 2 these parts don’t have any relation between them. However, all parts in an appliance are always related to each other. And this case is similar too. It has a small connection that only people who create it can explain for users. Not only that, because it is a reason from inside so it can cause many other problems.


You don’t need to be too worried. Because the manufacturers have also anticipated this problem for their products. The thing you need to do now checks the instruction for the microwave. Then check it following the service manual until you see its motor. Next, dry off all water in it and near it before reassembling all correctly. So your problem with the microwave runs with the door open is done.

Those are the 3 most popular situations, reasons, and solutions for you. Each one has its way to check and fix at home. In this case, you tried to repair it at home but don’t succeed. Stop and take it to a store and have repairers do it for you. It will be safer for yourself, your family, and everything in your house.

FQAs Time

Q: Can I fix the microwave with this problem at home?

A: It depends on the cause, like what we shared above. If it has water in the motor or some debris in the latch, you can solve it at home simply. However, in the case your microwave is damaged because of other serious problems, you cannot fix it at home. We advise you to take it to the store. Because it may not be simple like what you see, it may be broken heavily from the inside.

Q: In addition to the microwave runs when the door isn’t closed, which problems can come to a microwave oven?

A: There are still have many other situations. We just said that this problem is most popular but it is not the only problem with a microwave. Some other you can meet such as power leak, disc not spinning, power failure, sound when running, etc. And each of them will have their solutions. However, in this article, we just talk about the microwave turntable turns when door is open so we don’t show more others.


We know that now, modern and advanced household appliances are extremely necessary. But nothing is completely perfect. At a time, it still has some problems. Calm down and find out how to fix it is the best solution in all situations. And the microwave turntable turns when door is open is a popular and a not good issue that you need to know about it.

Here are all consequences which it can cause for users:

  • Consume more energy than when it works normally.
  • Cannot create the most perfect performance when reheating food.
  • Cause more difficulties for you to take food out.
  • You can be burnt by the heat it gives off.
  • It doesn’t allow you to control it again.
  • Etc.

3 popular situations with their solution we shared with you:

  • Situation 1: Control board is damaged: the best selection is to take it to a store to repair.
  • Situation 2: There is some debris in the door latch: try to take out all debris before deciding to take it to a store.
  • Situation 3: Having water in the motor of the microwave: read the manual carefully to find out the motor, then dry off all water in and near it, you just need to have a repairer do it if you cannot repair it by yourself.

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