Top 13 Quietest Countertop Microwave In 2022: Giving You The Best Cooking and Heating Performance

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Countertop microwaves are a significant machine that help you in heating food and saving time. But not all the people can handle the noise of this kind of machine, and thus, they start to seek quiet countertop microwaves. Due to its advantage, more and more people are in need of seeking and buying the quietest countertop microwave. Knowing the present demand, we have found 13 quietest countertop microwaves that can meet your needs.

At the present time, there are so many brands producing quiet countertop microwaves. Buying a microwave is not a simple thing anymore as there are wide ranges of choices. Reading our review, you do not have to worry about it anymore as right now we are gonna offer you a list of 13 quietest countertop microwaves completed after many testings and surveys.

If you are a buyer who is looking for the quietest countertop microwave, do not miss this review as well as all the microwaves below. We believe they can give you the best cooking and heating performance.

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Top Quietest Countertop Microwave Reviews 2021

This microwave is a 1000-watt microwave oven with a 0.8 cubic feet size. It also contains a single one-touch function keyboard and 10 configurable 20-speed memory pads.

It is suitable for business purposes such as cafes and restaurants. It has 6 power levels and 2- or 3-stage cooking to improve the efficiency of your cooking and heating.

This has been made of sturdy material with a finish in stainless steel, making it easy to clean and look sleek. For tight and regular use certainly.

They also have functionality you would like to have in your kitchen, such as programmable settings to make your food company's fast-start activities simpler and noise reduction a worthwhile experience for your clients.

If you plan to please several customers every day with the purchase of a countertop microwave oven, this could be the best choice. The best rate of longevity and stability for this unit is its long-running construction.


  • Sturdy material
  • Programmable settings
  • Noise reduction
  • Long lasting


  • None

A 900-watt, 25 L-capacity microwave ovens. This microwave's small footprint ensures that it's excellent for those who attempt to minimize their energy demand and suits almost in every kitchen. There are several buttons like Reheat, Defrost, Popcorn & Beverage that reheat gently without drying out, or hurt food, using low power levels.

This microwave has a soft close door and often provides smart touches such as a kid lock, a mute button and a 30 second starting instant, which normally creates less noise than a normal microwave, suitable for those looking for a quiet one!


  • Suit almost in every kitchen
  • Smart touches
  • Minimize the energy demand


  • Not mighty

When you want a microwave of consistency that doesn't disturb your quiet, that is everything you need for that microwave.

It has been engineered to produce a smooth flow of heat when cooking in order to prepare food perfectly and uniformly.

This microwave has a silent door, and is operating at low noise, in a dorm room, office or tiny apartment, unlike many other microwave ovens.

With a power of 1200 watts, you can make dinner in a snap for a few people. The embedded intelligent sensor helps to make the optimal food without any speculation.

The 14 auto-cook choices, the protection lock for children and the delay feature also make your cooking more convenient and safer.

The keep warm feature is another wonderful thing about this quiet microwave oven. It helps you to warm cooked food until you are ready to be served.


  • Produce a smooth flow of heat when cooking
  • Powerful
  • 14 auto-cook choices
  • Keep warm feature


  • None

This microwave uses generators and enhanced boost defrost inverters. This creates a seamless power source. It offers reliable strength to provide you with the best cooking performance to prevent overcooking. It also took less time to freeze!

It has an attractive, robust and lightweight stainless steel build. This countertop microwave distinguishes itself from the others by its weight of just 21 lbs!

Thanks to its architecture, this is possible. This means less room and more power for electronics. More options to heat or cook with and make it very flexible and effective!

A major factor in the purchase of this oven is that it also has an integrated automated intelligent sensor, which measures the power and time levels of various foods and adapts them to them. This is surely a business game changer!

You can also program preset menu items that can benefit you if you need them for your food business.

And when cooking with friends or family in your own small kitchen, you can save a lot of time.

This oven has quick minute timers, delays and protection functions for infants. It's also special to keep the food heated up until you're ready to serve. It is fresh and warm.

If you are more interested in flexibility and special features, it is good to remember.


  • Robust and lightweight stainless steel build
  • More options to heat or cook
  • Integrated automated intelligent sensor


  • Not very durable

This is a common, quiet door microwave oven, and it is also extremely powerful. The microwave oven is very simple to clean and maintain with a steel finish on the front and a black drawer.

The roomy cooker with 1.6 cubicles. It is an excellent choice for medium- to large families, since large-scale meals are easily managed. The silent door microwave is designed to perform different cooking activities with a cooking capability of 1100 Watt and 11 power levels.

There are 6 preset menus that allow you with only one button to plan perfect meals and snacks. This microwave oven with a peaceful door also has a glass turntable and simple frosting, a safety lock for children and more.


  • Powerful
  • A cooking capability of 1100 Watt and 11 power levels.
  • Safety lock for children


  • Beep only once

A smaller variant of this microwave countertop has already been suggested and we still stand by. Its 1.2 cubic feet blends price, size and power perfectly. It includes and more, including popcorn, pizza and veggies pre definitions, a child protection lock, one to six minute single contact express keys, and an add-on 30 seconds toggle.

You may also change the power rating for the widest variety of applications from one to ten to up to 1,100 watts, which is the optimal performance. The quicker the time of heating, the greater the wattage. For chocolate, butter and cheese, the soft / melt preset functions in lower power to keep it from burning or being too heated.

We prefer the bar to unlock the lock, which is more ergonomic, rather than the pushbutton. It has a mute button to switch beeps and alarms off when cooking time expires (please keep the 8 down for five seconds). A clever sensor feature recharges food — it monitors food humidity and automatically changes time and power levels.

Any reviewers do not know the food has been left in the oven. It comes in sleek stainless steel or in black stainless steel.


  • Easy to clean
  • Power-saving
  • Quick heating time


  • No alerts

With round keys and case, angled handles and bright colours, this vintage-inspired microwave style suits perfectly every kitchen shape, whether antiquated or modern. It exhibits too many valuable operations that can satisfy the microwave specifications sufficiently.

The turntable also hits its source point, allowing users to withdraw liquids or microwave meals quickly to shield users from injuries.

When the cooking stops, a sound on/off key is used to avoid the distracting noise. Don't think about your kid waking up or your family roommate. If you wish to mute, continue to press on/off the volume key for 3 to 5 seconds. The groovy microwave with the Child Safety Lock will shield your children from harm.

If the machine is not used, the ECO mode will conserve electricity. Some advantages involve 9 automobile standard readings, a wide digital LED display, an easy-to-read power button and an inner light.
The portable lightweight 700 watt retro microwave is powerful and very lightweight to save space on your work desk. It can be adjusted to a turntable of 10 inches.


  • Eco mode
  • Energy saving
  • Avoid the distracting noise
  • Child safety lock


  • None

No products found.

This microwave can be cheap, but its efficiency is not equal to poor. It is commonly found in versions at a higher price point and has an output of 1,000 Watts.

It contains all the essential features: an extra 30 seconds button, a healthy children's lock, six potato presets, popcorn, pizza, drink (each 4 ounces drive - so handy to heat coffee!), frozen meal, refreshment, and one-touch Express buttons for 1 to 6min, all of them accessible.

We like the kitchen timer, which will operate with the cook loop at the same time. It can also be mounted on the wall, but it does not have a cooling mechanism like most microwaves.


  • Extra 30 seconds button
  • Can be mounted in the wall


  • No cooling system

The Microwave alone is a cheap choice but must, in order to use voice-activated features, be attached to an Alexa powered unit, such as an Echo or Echo Dot. A child lock prohibits a manual or speech operation of the microwave. And when unplugged or reinstated, we love to keep closed.

The manual microwave functions operate like any other microwave without Alexa, although the control panel has minimal flexibility. It has a timepiece, a power level button, an extra 30 seconds and a weight defrost and three presets for popcorn. You can control more intelligent functions with voice commands

Remember that it is a small 700 watt capacity microwave at the bottom which takes longer to reheat leftovers. A dinner plate of 10-inch fit, but nothing bigger.


  • Voice-activated feature
  • Compact


  • Small capacity

The adaptive glass regulates smooth touch and makes it seem very advanced and easy to wipe. The finish is also anti-bacterial. It has bright LED lighting that makes it easy to check on and energy efficient your food.

Its specific capabilities include even heating via its intelligent inverter. This technology for detecting moisture defines when food cooks. To avoid overcooking and undercooking of food, it turns off the microwave.

The 6-wheel turntable and the hexagonal circle also have more posture and strength especially in comparison to the basic 3-wheel.

There is also a large 2 cubic feet capacity in this microwave.

Users also chose it as one of the best options for silent microwaves. Opinions show that the microwave counter top is highly efficient and sturdy especially for power. It works with 1200 watts!

This microwave works well for you if you want smart machines which look really modern and provide high functionality, especially if you are always on the go!


  • LED lighting
  • 6-wheel turntable
  • Highly efficient and durable
  • Modern design


  • None

This microwave is popular on the market, as many believe it to be a silent microwave with the highest value for money.

It has 10 power supplies, a 900-watt microwave and a capability of 0.9 cubic feet. It also has an eco-mode, which saves you resources.

It weighs the food that you want to freeze and calculates the recommended heating time based on its weight. Which makes the freeze of your food certainly much simpler for you.

The menu includes a pre-programmed selection of 6 popular meals, including popcorn, pizza, potatoes, frozen vegetables, drink, and dinner. There is also a one-top, fast access to the microwave to start cooking at full power from 1 to 6 minutes.

Designed to accentuate your traditional and timeless kitchen, this model has a sophisticated stainless steel design, a bright digital display, easy-to-read control panels, LED cavity light.

You actually have an option to turn sound on and off if you are concerned about the quietness of this high quality microwave.


  • Eco-mode
  • LED light
  • Sophisticated stainless steel design
  • High quality


  • None

This oven is an overall convection oven of 1100 watts, capable of browning, frying, broiling, crisping, and roasting, if you prefer.

It has an integrated exhaust ventilator system, a three-way ventilation and 4-way convection heating, which separates it from many of the best microwaves available. It is also one of the quietest choices for microwave use.

This comes with a 7-digit, immersive 2-color LCD monitor in design. The design is clever and quick to handle the control panel more effectively. There's even a stainless steel finish, which makes it chic and tidy for your kitchen aesthetic.

This weighs 46lbs in contrast with the above silent microwave. This is a very heavy choice because it is heavy and solid.

But due to its unique convection cooking process, it does not shy away from quality results.

Convection cooking permits hot air, using a fan, to flow evenly through these microwaves, enabling the smoother and simpler cooking of food.

It also has instant action functionality like instant sensor setup, so you don't need to wonder how long you need to heat or prepare your meal.


  • 3-way ventilation
  • 4-way convection heating
  • Instant sensor setup


  • Heavy

This elegant, but efficient microwave is one of the better microwaves with a quiet door. It is easy and provides excellent results.

Most notably, the door handle is easy to understand and is extra silent. In addition, the sleek style complements your existing decoration and makes cleaning very simple due to the stainless steel finish.

Capacity of cooking of 2.1 cu. FT and 1050-watt cooking power, it can comfortably satisfy the demands of a big family and assist you in flashing huge meals.

There is an optimized 400 CFM ventilation unit capable of operating at three separate speeds. It eliminates cigarettes and commands from your kitchen efficiently.

In addition, an intelligent sensor ensures that the released moisture is sensed instantly and cooking adjustments are changed for optimum performance.


  • Capacity of cooking of 2.1 cu. FT
  • 1050-watt cooking power
  • Intelligent sensor


  • None

Basic Factors You Need To Consider To Choose The Quietest Countertop Microwave

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You need to keep in mind some significant factors of the quiet countertop microwave before buying it. It depends not only on the price, but also the main factors which you must know when buying the quietest countertop microwave

Before choosing the quietest countertop microwave, read the information below carefully. This is the information you need to know before buying the quietest countertop microwave.

Design and material

You may want to make sure that you are working on a high-quality, durable microwave. Not only does this mean protection, you still have a long length of your microwave. Microwaves are also recommended in stainless steel, only for this purpose.

You can find the microwave suits in your own kitchen in several different types and designs. Watch the height to make sure you don't take your countertop to one that's too high or small.

GE Smart Countertop Microwave Oven with Scan to Cook Technology 4 800x600 1

Levels of noise

When searching for a quiet microwave, the level of noise is the critical aspect to remember. At midnight, you don't want to buy a microwave that would wake anyone in the home.

First, it is essential to insure the sound-off operation of the microwave.
In comparison, the next significant aspect to check whether the microwave has no silent button is the kind of alerting mechanism.

Some microwaves will go to the end of each warming or cooking process before you extract food and others offer 3 beeps. You can also see what other people had to say about a certain unit's noise levels.

Used Power


The higher your microwave capacity, the faster it can cook. You should be able to heat a meal between 1 and 6 minutes if your microwave has a power of 1,000 watts. This allows you to easily save your energy consumption. Microwaves with higher or lower power capability are also available. It will be your duty to assess which energy use is best for you depending on how much and when you are going to be heating.


Microwaves typically have certain features that help you work your microwave quickly. The buttons that heat your food for a certain amount will have these features, depending on what the food is, making life even more simple when the cook time is predetermined. Often, a defrosting and warming feature also occurs so that you can use a microwave in many ways.


It is very important to make sure your microwave is safe. Kitchens, particularly with hot appliances around, can be a dangerous location. You will want to worry about your microwave with a lock feature if you have children in the home. You should make sure your microwave is secured before use.

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A microwave averages 9 years, but can last up to 12 years. If the buying of one which lasts longer makes more sense, take some time to read any reviews of models you are considering. Compared to other inexpensive microwave labels including Panasonic, Toshiba and LG provide a better longevity.

Programmed Configurations

Some microwaves are designed for use like pizza warming, cooling, popcorn creating and pre-programmed minutes. For ease, and productivity you should suggest this. An inexpensive microwave can not be so fascinating with as many pre-programmed environments.

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The cost will rely both on the manufacturer and on factors like whether they are manufactured over the microwaves or the top microwaves and the material that the microwave is made of. Microwaves may be pricey, but they can last you too long.

If you would like to know more about the important factors of a countertop microwave in order to make a good decision, here is a guiding video for you:

Conclude: Our Answer For The Quietest Countertop Microwave

To help you choose the quietest countertop microwave, we have picked out 5 quietest countertop microwaves with their most special feature. The best way to choose the quietest countertop microwave is to consider the one that have the special features that you require when cooking and heating food, and we believe that, based on our list of 13 quietest countertop microwave, you can choose the best one that can give you the best cooking and heating performance.

Below is our top pick of the quietest countertop microwave based on their most special function among the list.

Panasonic Countertop Commercial Microwave Oven is best for noise reduction feature. They have functionality you would like to have in your kitchen, such as programmable settings to make your food company's fast-start activities simpler and noise reduction a worthwhile experience for your clients.

Breville BMO650SIL is best for smart touches. This microwave has a soft close door and often provides smart touches such as a kid lock, a mute button and a 30 second starting instant, which normally creates less noise than a normal microwave, suitable for those looking for a quiet one.

Panasonic Microwave Oven NN-SN686S is best for keep warm feature. The keep warm feature is another wonderful thing about this quiet microwave oven. It helps you to warm cooked food until you are ready to be served.

Panasonic Microwave Oven NN-SD372S is best for robust and lightweight structure. It has an attractive, robust and lightweight stainless steel build. This countertop microwave distinguishes itself from the others by its weight of just 21 lbs.

Magic Chef MCM1611ST 1100W Oven is best for cooking large-scale meals. It is an excellent choice for medium- to large families, since large-scale meals are easily managed. The silent door microwave is designed to perform different cooking activities with a cooking capability of 1100 Watt and 11 power levels.

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