Top 10 Tiger Rice Cooker Replacement Parts in 2021 You Do Not Want To Miss

tiger rice cooker replacement parts

Looking for a place to buy Tiger Rice Cooker Replacement Parts? You’ve come to the right place.

Rice forms the backbone of thousands and thousands of delicacies across the world – from main course to side dish and even dessert (yes, even dessert)! While cooking rice with your pot works just fine if you don’t mind all the sweat and tears poured into babysitting the stove, trying to get it right every time. That’s where the rice cooker comes in to save the day – but it doesn’t stop there.

Rice cooker can be a very handy kitchen gadget for even a standard one can be used not only to cook rice but also to steam and bake! Unfortunately, no matter how careful you try to make your rice cooker last, some parts simply wear out faster than others. Don’t worry! Tiger Co. has already seen this coming and manufactured some spares parts just in case – which now you can easily order from Amazon.

Top 10 Most Searched Tiger Rice Cooker Replacement Parts Reviews 2021

Tiger Inner Cooking Bowl

Inner Cooking Bowl is usually replaced when scratched/peeled off or broken. This can happen quite easily since it is moved around a lot each time we use our rice cooker. Especially if you have a habit of washing the rice with the bowl (instead of using a colander), rubbing the raw rice against its surface. Improper cleaning is also another factor that damages this part considerably.

It’s always sad to say goodbye but you can trust that our Tiger replacement parts look identical and work perfectly just like your original ones. Though the pricing might be above average (falling between $60 – $64 depending on capacity), buying a replacement inner bowl is still the number one choice if you don’t want to get a whole new cooker.

Amazon currently offers 3 types of Tiger Inner Cooking Bowl – all marked Amazon’s Choice, compatible with 3 models: Tiger JNP-0550 3-cup, Tiger JNP-0720 4-cup and Tiger JNP-1500 8-cup Rice Cooker.

Tiger Inner Lid

tiger rice cooker replacement parts

If you have once forgotten to attach this fella to the outer lid then you definitely know what happens to your rice as well as how important a decent inner lid is. Despite the simple design, the inner lid together with the inner gasket (if any) plays a big role in the functioning of our rice cooker: sealing the lid to regulate the amount of steam released. 

That means how well it works would directly affect the quality of each and every batch. Have you ever poured in the perfect amount of water but the rice still came out soggy or unbelievably dry?

Chances are the inner lid is on the blink. Malfunctioning vent cap and/or inner gasket could also be a reason.

Tiger Inner Gasket

tiger rice cooker replacement parts

Some Tiger Rice Cookers don’t have an inner gasket so if this be the case then please feel free to skip this section. In models that include this detail, I’ve noticed that inner gasket and inner lid don’t work well without one another because the inner lid alone is not made to seal the cooking capacity. Later, more advanced models usually have this design (which I believe is a huge improvement because silicone does wonders compared to metal in regard to sealing gaps).

All right. If you have had the rice cooker for a while now then it’s possible that the inner gasket is worn. Either your gasket has become noticeably loose or somehow not seated correctly within the lid like it used to. Tears can also happen though this isn’t very common since Tiger inner gaskets are made from silicone with fairly high tear resistance.

Whatever the case – only replacement can fix the situation. Nothing can get our inner gatsket back into the condition it once was. There is a lot of science in why it happens like that but you wouldn’t want to get me started.

Tiger Steam Vent Cap

tiger rice cooker replacement parts

For such a long time I never really understood what the job of this piece was. It looks somewhat boring to me and since I can’t figure out what it does right away, I don’t even bother to do any research – not until my rice cooker vent cap bit the dust. 

It turns out this little one allows your cooker to cook at a higher heat by capturing any foam that bubbles up to prevent overflow. I also pick up a thing or two about how you troubleshoot this part of the machine.

Overflow or excessive steam shooting up are the most common signs when our vent caps decide to act up. Given that you have cleaned the residue off of the cap every now and then (while also having all the detachable parts back in their places of course) but the symptoms still show up, it is suggested that you replace your old vent cap with a new one. Tiger Co. will always strive to supply you with a wide range of vent caps to suit your rice cooker.

The performance of a venting system determines the moisture content of our cooked rice. That’s right – whether the three guests coming over will get perfectly cooked or  soggy, mushy risotto for dinner depends on these guys. It’s safe to say that it works in conjunction with good rice preparation.

Tiger Outer Lid

tiger rice cooker replacement parts

It goes without saying that some parts of your rice cooker are not meant to be replaced by the user, which makes finding those items a tad bit harder besides the lack of technical support. Outer Lid is perhaps on the list because I can’t find any sites that sell outer lids individually other than this one.

Everytime I look at the lid, I always register my baking experience with my ancient rice cooker. One thing about baking with this gadget is that you almost never know what’s going on inside the pot since it’s not transparent like ovens. 

You can not imagine the amount of guesswork and praying involved in the baking process. There’s no way to set the temperature, no way to know if your cake has risen yet and no way to find out how much longer you have to wait so you won’t give the cake a heat shock (they’ll collapse if you do so) until you can open this “oven”. The excitement when the lid is finally off will forever be a favorite memory of mine.

The most wonderful thing about baking with a rice cooker is that it doesn’t consume as much energy as oven or air fryer, so for those who loves baking but lacks reputable baking appliances in their kitchen – rice cooker could be your new go-to.

Tiger Dew Collector

tiger rice cooker replacement parts

While doing research on the working principles of rice cookers, I believe dew collectors are sort of like the unsung heroes. The guy neither does the cooking nor plays any part in temperature/moisture control. Their names are self-explanatory – they stay in place to trap condensation. Doesn’t sound like a lot of work.

However, rice cooking is surely more work and less fun for us if our dew collector goes missing as we all knew very well how the scene would look and smell like then. Another scenario can be leakage happening due to deterioration (chipped edge or inability to close properly). Good news is dew collectors are pretty cheap and durable, so you may only need to replace them once and for all.

Tiger Spatula Holder

tiger rice cooker replacement parts

We do your best to prioritize our service – that’s why all items (no matter how small) have to be available at your convenience. No need to go to the end of the earth to find your spatula: stick it into the holder and you’ll always know exactly where to look for everytime.

Tiger Steam Basket

tiger rice cooker replacement parts

Steaming is probably the best cooking method if you want to preserve nutrients. Accompanied by accessories, your rice cooker can too be used like a steamer. Veggies, seafood, meats, dumplings, dessert, leftovers, baby food, ect – you name it.

If you are like me, you might have thrown away your original steam basket thinking it would be of no use. Not until recently did I find out (gladly) that I was wrong! I fell in love with how I don’t have to stand by the kitchen waiting for veggies to cook – just put them in the rice cooker and it will handle the rest. I just have to get myself a new one from Tiger.

Steam baskets manufactured by Tiger Co. are durable, and fit perfectly into your rice cooker. I’m not sure it is dishwasher safe because I don’t see them label their baskets as such but the simple design makes it very easy to clean. The only drawback to me is how they made the handles facing inwards in some baskets (the picture above being an example).

Tiger Power Cord

tiger rice cooker replacement parts

Nothing compares to original supply from Japan, especially power cords. You can always count on them to deliver products with both efficiency plus extremely high level of safety. On top of that it has a fully molded design for reliability and resilience. If you find your current power cord to fall a little on the shorter side and that has caused a certain inconvenience throughout the years – the Tiger design team might have noticed that from other feedback too and added some extra length. This extension now offers you with more flexible placement options. I don’t know what else I can ask from a power cord.

Whenever your old cord fails, check out this website to find a new replacement. Sometimes cord works for models which aren’t the exact model advertised for compatibility – however I don’t suggest blind buying until you get it right. Ask the support team to make sure that it will fit.

Measuring Cup

tiger rice cooker replacement parts

Tiger measuring cups works perfectly not for Tiger cookers only but can also be used as alternatives for cups which come with rice cookers from many other brands such as Aroma, Toshiba, Zojirushi, ect.

All Tiger measuring cups are made from clear plastic, super easy for viewing measurement level.

First-time Buyer’s Guide: What to know when buying Tiger Rice Cooker Replacement Parts?

Every company has a different policy on selling replacement parts for their products. Only by understanding this policy will we know what to expect and how to get hold of the item we need. After doing our research, this is 3 made-easy steps we believe you will need to find the best replacement parts for your rice cooker:

Identifying the part required

tiger rice cooker replacement parts

Every rice cooker (even multi-cooker) has 5 basic components: an inner cooking container, an electric heating element, a thermostat, a control panel and a main body to hold everything above together in one unit (as well as lids, dew collector, handle, ect and other accessories such as spatula holder and steam basket)

In general, the 10 parts we’ve mentioned above are the easiests to buy and replace for you can find both brand new or returned items (with cost reduction) on online shopping sites, such as Amazon. The rest normally can only be found on second-hand markets.

However since failures involving the latter are more complex to fix and will require technical skills, Tiger’s customer support team recommend purchasing a new rice cooker for safety purposes.

Checking out your rice cooker specifications

Replacement parts from different models are often not interchangeable so make sure you are ordering the right one by comparing model number or model name on your rice cooker to the candidate. Capacity can be used to double check but is not always helpful as the product dimensions might differ.


tiger rice cooker replacement parts

If you’ve made a decision to make your purchase on Amazon, here’s a few things I’ve noticed when it comes to Tiger Rice cooker replacement parts.

One, sometimes pictures are not the exact representation of the product but shown for illustration purposes only (most often pictures for Inner Cooking Bowls). However, this makes no difference as long as you’ve matched the model name/number of the part with that of your rice cooker. You will receive the right item regardless of the picture.

Two, don’t hesitate to ask the Amazon support team (on the Q&A section) about any information that seems unclear to you, or even about models that you can’t find on the site. I’ve found them to be super helpful.

Three, if you are not very much into doing research and fixing stuff (like me) then avoid the  second-hand market. You really don’t know what to expect from the dealers since quality control is not guaranteed and very likely would be no return or refund.

How to properly clean my rice cooker?

Since maintaining your rice cooker isn’t that time-consuming, I think it’s definitely worth it to do this on a regular basis as it keeps your helpful fellow in top shape (which gonna save you a good amount in the long run!). You don’t have to clean the entire rice cooker after every use. I personally only clean the inner lid, cooking bowl, steam basket – whatever makes direct contact with my food and dew collector when it is full. By doing this you will get rid of bad odors, making sure the next time you cook something it tastes and smells good like it is supposed to. Cleaning the inner surfaces also ensures that food takes longer to go bad.

While you should always run through recommendations from the brand on how to treat the product correctly, there are universal cleaning rules that will help tremendously to garner excellent performance and increase durability.

tiger rice cooker replacement parts

The most common mistake I have seen people make is to do the washing right after you finish cooking and not allow the parts to cool completely (or to cool at all!). Wait until they come back to room temperature is essential to help protect our rice cookers. Don’t immerse the removable parts in water to speed things up, set those aside and just-leave-them-alone.

Another habit to avoid is using harsh cleaning agents and abrasive sponge. I know how tempting it is when the mess the rice leaves on our cooker sometimes can be quite stubborn. Nevertheless, we have to admit that this isn’t the best way to go about it. Fill the bowl with water, wait for a couple minutes then scrub ideally with a soft foam sponge. Certainly seems like a good alternative, doesn’t it?

Last but not least, like all other non-stick cookware, it is advised that you handwash the rice cooker inner bowl particularly when you’ve found zero information on whether this part is dishwasher safe. If the product you own does possess this feature then there is no way the description wouldn’t have mentioned it. 

Here’s a 5-minute tutorial on how to clean a rice cooker by Tiger Co. themselves:

Why shouldn’t I cook with a scratched rice cooker?

While a few scratches on glassware or stovetop only affects the aesthetics, it will be a very different story when it comes to rice cookers. If your purchase has a non-stick coating on the inner cooking bowl, you might want to replace this part as soon as possible upon finding scratches on them since it can be dangerous. This also applies for other kitchen equipment such as non-stick pan, stainless cookware, microwave (interior), etc.

These scratches release toxic chemicals during the cooking process which the rice will later absorb. Poorly manufactured cooking bowls (even brand new ones without any mark on them) can also induce the same effect. They are cheap for a reason and if the reason being their below-standard quality, it is not worth it at all.

Long-term exposure to contaminated rice can cause adverse effects to the human body ranging from food poisoning and abdominal pain to more dangerous diseases like cancer, heart diseases or diabetes. Health consequences don’t appear in a day or two. There might be no warning signs until the day someone finds that it’s way too late.

tiger rice cooker replacement parts

$80 to $100 for a decent gadget which you’ll use for years or even a decade I believe is a sound investment considering all the money you can save from having to buy replacement parts from times to times (to compensate for the wear and tear of a substandard original product) and pay for hospital bills if your health suffers.

However please keep in mind that cooking with rice cookers is very safe as long as the cooking bowl is in good condition with no deep scratches found in the interior coating.

My Top Pick Of The Best Tiger Rice Cooker Replacement Parts

Rice cooking can be a baffling challenge if done with normal pot and stovetop – but this was of a bygone era thanks to this wonderful gadget. However, as someone once said: “Another day, another broken gadget”. Did your broken rice cooker give you a flashback? 

Look for replacement parts to keep your classic alive and make the process enjoyable again! Receiving more feedback from you would definitely be a great help to us as we use buyer experiences to update and improve our review. Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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