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Top 10 Best Wood Nightstands Reviews

wood nightstands

A nightstand can be a practical and elegant piece of furniture in your bedroom. Not only does it serve the purpose of providing extra storage in your room, but you can also make it match your home decor. In our top 10 best wood nightstands in 2024 reviews, we have gathered for you our recommended products that you can choose from to help you with your purchase. With various designs available, you will be able to select just the perfect one to complement your room’s interior design.

Wood nightstands come in different designs, sizes, and storage spaces. There are those that come with a contemporary vibe while others have a more vintage or antique feel to them. But aside from the aesthetics, it is good to consider the amount of space that the nightstand offers. This is particularly true if you want more storage for your room. Then, check the materials used for the furniture, preferably solid wood that should be able to last for a long time.

Best Wood Nightstands In 2024

Check out our list of products for our best wood nightstand reviews below. Learn more about each item, along with the features and benefits of each that can help you decide on the product to buy.

Winsome Antique Walnut Wood Night Stand

[amazon box=”B0046EC17G” ]

A gorgeous accent table or nightstand, this product comes with ample storage such as a cabinet and a drawer. The knob is made from nickel, and you can choose from the different finishes available. This unit is crafted from composite wood, and it is shipped in one box with all the parts included. Some assembly is required to have it all set up. But once ready, it should be able to provide you with the space and aesthetics you look for in your home.

Overall, it is a well-designed nightstand with all the basic features you need. However, the bottom portion of each compartment of the table is only made from a flimsy kind of board material. But it serves its purpose of providing storage for your home.

Winsome Nightstand Wood End Table

[amazon box=”B000NPQFOW” ]

You will love this classy nightstand that comes with a casual, yet elegant feel to it. The material is a combination of solid and composite wood, and there are wood nailhead details to give it a sophisticated appeal. The carved rails may seem too simple, but these match the open shelf and drawer of the table. You can choose from different shades for this table including white, natural, black, and walnut. Some assembly is necessary to have it all set up and ready for use.

There are a few concerns that you may encounter with this product. For instance, it is not quite smooth on the surface. Also, the possibility of the bottom part of the tabletop dipping may be high whenever you pull the drawer out.

Winsome Natural Wood End Table

[amazon box=”B000NPSHUC” ]

Functional and practical, this nightstand has a nice shaker style to it, which is versatile enough to match your home decor. It is crafted from premium quality beechwood to ensure its maximum durability. The pull handle is made from brushed metal, and the legs are delicately tapered at the same time. Among the options for the finish for this nightstand include natural and black. Just be sure to have some simple tools available as this unit will need to be assembled to have it all set up.

Assembly does not take too long, which is a good thing for those who lack experience in building furniture. However, keep in mind that the interior shelves are slightly flimsy, so you may end up having to replace these with heavier materials eventually. But overall, it is a good table that will accentuate the look of your bedroom.

Home Styles Cottage Oak Nightstand 5180-42

[amazon box=”B004MPC3KO” ]

When it comes to style and function, this nightstand has it all. This is an attractive table with all the essential features to make it a great option for your room. The framed drawer features a raised wood, and there are slightly flared stable legs to keep the table as sturdy as ever. The finish is quite stunning as it has a cottage oak finish, which complements the hardwood solids and the black hardware. The top part of the pull-out tray that is hidden in view has a scratch-resistant finish.

Some people were not quite satisfied with the color of the nightstand as they were expecting it to be white. However, it comes in a cream color, which is not at all that bad, but just not something they wanted for the color of the unit.

Sauder Shoal Creek Oiled Oak Night Stand

[amazon box=”B0042JZ6MW” ]

A basic element in every bedroom, this nightstand is more than just a practical piece of furniture. It is also appealing to the eyes as it comes with beautiful details such as the oiled oak finish and a functional open-shelf design. There are metal runners for the drawer, as well as safety stops, that prevent it from falling off too easily. The assembly process should also not take too long as slide-on molding is included to help you get it all setup. Plus, with the T-Lock assembly system included, you will only need simple tools to use when you assemble the unit.

Just one tiny gripe that some customers have about this product – the color of the actual item. They claim that the photo has a much lighter color than when they see the product in real life. But other than this issue with the color, the table is perfectly fine for the purpose it serves.

Sauder Beginnings Brook Cherry Night Stand

[amazon box=”B00N70GN0G” ]

It is nice to have a bedside table where you can organize small items such as your favorite book, phone, alarm clock, and similar items. This is why we recommend this Brook Cherry nightstand from Sauder’s Beginnings collection. The unit has a single drawer that can be opened and closed smoothly, along with an open shelf on the bottom. Decluttering your room should be a breeze while having everything you need within reach all the time. What’s more, with the quick setup, you will find it effortless to have this table assembled and ready to use in no time.

There were simple instructions on how to put every piece together, which made it easy for some people to assemble the unit. But the handle may be worth replacing over time because of the rather flimsy quality that it has. As far as the assembly goes, it should take an hour or less.

Winsome Wood Shaker Antique Walnut Night Stand

[amazon box=”B004IVGSEE” ]

Another good option for a nightstand is this item from Winsome. This elegant end table comes in a Shaker style with a composite and solid wood combination, matched with a gorgeous antique walnut stain. There is a beveled top, which offers a chic look to the furniture, and there is a bottom open storage shelf and a drawer on top. Assembly should be easy as tools and instructions are included in the package.

For the purpose that this unit is designed for, it does serve it well. But it is not exactly a pricey piece of furniture, and you will find it a little ordinary-looking. Nevertheless, it works and is as sturdy as how you want it to be.

Light Walnut with White Side Nightstand

[amazon box=”B01C1A5BMS” ]

The combination of solid and composite woodwork together in giving you a practical and sturdy table such as this product. It is a versatile and stylish nightstand that can be an outstanding addition to any home. There is an oversized tabletop with curved edges and the four sturdy legs support the unit well. The white finish and light walnut color of the table make it pop out quite well to give a fine statement in your bedroom. There are also drawers included for storing some items inside.

This is without a doubt a well-made nightstand that is easy to assemble. But a few customers complained about the slight scuffing on the table when they received it, although this was not the case for all.

Casual Home Warm Brown Nightstand with 4 USB Ports

[amazon box=”B00KS3PMR0″ ]

If you like keeping your devices next to you when you sleep, this nightstand with 4 USB ports should be a good choice. This does not only turn out as a storage space for your room, but also a charging station for your convenience. You also do not need to use an extra power adapter as it has everything you need for charging your devices. This piece of furniture makes it efficient for you to charge your tablet, phone, or other technologies that use USB cables. Lastly, it has a nice warm brown shade and is crafted from solid wood for optimum strength.

The USB ports built right into the unit add to the functionality of this unit. But the wood is a little soft, so you should avoid over-tightening it during the assembly to prevent the wood from breaking apart.

Sauder Orchard Hills Carolina Oak Finish Night Stand

[amazon box=”B0013TPI86″ ]

A must-have for your bedroom, this nightstand has metal runners for easy gliding whenever you pull the drawer out. But at the same time, there are safety stops to prevent the drawer from falling out too easily. The open shelf on the bottom gives you extra storage space, and there is a T-lock system for the drawer assembly for ease in getting the furniture all set up for use.

It should take about an hour to have this unit assembled, but then there are instructions included to make it easy to have it set up. Also, the color appears a bit darker in real life, but it still looks good as it is.

There you have our top 10 best wood nightstands in 2021 reviews. Now, you have more options for the nightstand to purchase for your room. Just be sure to consider the features and limitations of each item, so you can come up with the best purchasing decision that you will never regret.