Will These Top 17 Best Commercial Ice Shavers Worth Your Money?

best commercial ice shaver machine

I know you are wanting to upgrade your business with the Best Commercial Ice Shaver Machine so you can utilize all the resources with the best outcome. However, there are a lot of models of Ice Shaver available in the market that might be very confusing to pick the right one.

No doubt, there is absolutely a difference between making a cup of snow cones for your childs at home versus selling thousands of them at Disneyland. It will depend on the machine’s shaving capacity, build-in materials, motor power, size and price.

I'm glad my team and I finally published this newest 2021 update of the Top 17 Best Commercial Ice Shaver Machine reviews, this researched based on families and businesses feedback on a wide range of products in the current market. Check it out!

best commercial ice shaver machine
best commercial ice shaver machine
best commercial ice shaver machine
best commercial ice shaver machine
best commercial ice shaver machine

Best commercial ice shaver for overall

Best commercial ice shaver for sturdy design

Best commercial ice shaver for powerful motor

Best commercial ice shaver for

Best commercial ice shaver for fasted speed

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Top Best Commercial Ice Shaver Machine Reviews 2021

On top of the list, this best commercial ice shaver machine is called YJINGRUI Ice Shaver. He looks a bit gentle but operates like a true “monster” will be your solid choice.

1059 pounds of ice can be produced easily within an hour by this monster might confidently meet your requirement to be a large quantity of snow cone producers.

There’s an impressive Thickness Adjustment feature that allows you to create ice with a thick or thin surface as you want, making your snow cones more diverse to customers.

For your own safety, the emergency stop button was set up, it is also easy to use. When you suddenly need to stop the shaver, just find the red button and press it.


  • Reverse switch
  • Fine Adjustment
  • Emergency Stop Button
  • Large Ice Bucket Storage


  • High in price
  • Plastic material
  • Not too sturdy

Another best commercial ice shaver is from Paragon brand. This was made up for professional snow cones with ⅓ Horse Power and 792 Watts motors which can produce 500 pound of ice per hour. This Ice shaver is also made up with stainless steel and aluminum alloy to guarantee it impressive durability over time. 

The blue class was built on purpose, (Acrylic Panels) that prevent ice from melting combined with slanted drain to drain moisture away quicker in order to expand the lifespan of the machine.


  • Sturdy Stainless Steel design
  • Acrylic Panels
  • Slanted Drain Deck
  • 3 years warranty


  • High in price
  • Ice stuck sometimes
  • The shaved is a little noisy

The Paragon Fun Artic commercial ice shaver machine might be the chosen one if you’re searching for a heavy-duty ice shaver machine with a lot of function and making a lot of ice within a snap. This  machine can manage to produce an amount of 500 pounds per hour. 

Aluminized metal is engineered in these ice shavers and combined with a powerful motor which leads to such high capacity in ice producing. The machine also featured a drain tube and pliable plastic liner which helps you clean up the machine easier.

Check out Paragon- Fun Artic Blast tutorial: 


  • Quiet when in use
  • Fine adjustment
  • Acrylic Panels


  • Draining issue
  • Heavy for transport

Nothing surprising when talking about the best commercial ice shaver machine, Paragon is often named. Simply-A-Blast is another wise option for you. Constructed with aluminum and stainless steel like the 1911 model which surely provides an outstanding sense of durability. 

The impressive point about this weighted 50 pound ice shavers is the tempered glass panels which made it vary to the ordinary bowl to hold up snow cones. This will highly support commercial usage and hygienic purposes.


  • Compacted design
  • Sturdy stainless steel
  • Removable slanted drain deck
  • Tempered Glass 


  • High in price
  • Heavy machine

Whoever intends to start a small business, do not miss out on this “Little Snowie”, it should be the best commercial ice shaver machine for you in this case.

This modern design shaver weighs 12.5 pounds so it is too convenient to move to different locations and in fact, it is the fastest ice shaver ever.  Your snowcone just needs 3 seconds to be born, which is incredible fast!

Little Snowie unboxing video: 


  • Light weight
  • Fast-speed
  • Quality stainless steel blade


  • It can be noisy
  • Small business only

Next candidate is VEVOR 110V, one of the best commercial ice shaver machines that was approved with ETL certification (safety standards product) for commercial usage.

It has whatever features a commercial ice maker needs; dual blades, large storage box, non-slip feet and a stainless steel sturdy case.


  • Waterproof
  • Large Storage Box
  • Variety colors
  • Dual blade


  • Snow melt quick
  • Overprice

It can't be denied that products from Great Northern have a sci-fi design.

Although this best commercial ice shaver is made from plastic but it gives us a modern styling outlook! All the products from Great Northern use ⅓ horse power motors, which means it can operate in high speed processing giving you much softer and fluffier snowcones to enjoy!


  • Cool outlook
  • Convenience compacted
  • Softer Ice
  • Safety shield 


  • Low volume (350 pound per hour)
  • Not for long day usage

This best commercial ice shaver is almost suitable in anywhere you want to make snow cones, whether at home use, in restaurants, amusement parks, large parties or more. What is special is the higher space of the machine for the ice outlet and the ability to keep ice away from melting.


  • Double-layered bowl
  • Big capacity storage
  • Heat radiation


  • Shut off sometime
  • No slanted drain

This snow cones maker will be fit in small commercial businesses with its ability to make whether snow cones, milkshakes, yogurt, and other creative ice you can think of. 

That is what makes it unique to the others. This can be the best commercial ice shaver machine by its flexibility. With this Shaver you can adjust the texture of the ice thick or thin as you wanted.


  • Variety ice treats
  • Fine adjustable
  • Safety mechanism


  • Not too “snow”
  • Noisy
  • Poor blade quality

My first  impression about this Blue colored Ice Shaver is it looks like a children's toy. This might help you attract lots of young customers to come to your place. Although its minimalist design, this machine can produce over 350 pounds of ice per hour. 55 pound is not too lightweight but the space it needs is not trivial so it is still a good consideration for wanderlust.


  • Suited for small ice producer
  • Interesting design
  • Compacted machine


  • No ice container
  • Not sturdy, easy broke
  • Poor quality of blade

Yes, another blue colored machine from Great Northern, this Premium edition just slightly higher in price than 6062. Engineered with sturdy high impact structure makes it super durable and lightweight. This best commercial ice shaver machine can produce fluffy and soft snow cones with adjustable thick and thin for your small business.

Shaving ice with the Great Northern


  • Suited for small ice producer
  • Adjustable blade
  • Easy to use


  • Ice flies out of the holder.
  • Can’t apply ice cubes

If you are looking for the mid-range capacity of the best commercial ice shaver machine, Costzon can be your company. This 250W with the protection lid and button applied can safely maintain the ice inside the machine during the shaving process.


  • Safety mechanism
  • Not noisy
  • Medium capacity ( 270 pounds/ hour)


  • Ice not too smooth
  • Vibrate when operating
  • Poor blade

Next best commercial ice shaver candidate is specifically for ice crushing. It should be worth your money if you plan to start a small business because it can produce a maximum of 150lbs of ice treats an hour within a short amount of time.

Besides this shaver has safety features that will automatically turn-off when the handle is up, this smart mechanism combined with water-resistant  will prevent any kind of accident when using.


  • Safety in use
  • Waterproof
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Large ice storage


  • Average motor
  • Noisy

Cuisinart Snow Cone Maker

I personally found this Cuisinart Snow Cone is catchy because of its design that reminds me of  a tin music box. Key features of this Snow Cone Maker is simply, easy to use with one switch, very compacted size and cool ice storage included. Although this commercial ice shaver machine doesn’t run as fast as others in general, it is still worth a consideration by its balancing feature.

How to operate Cuisinart SnowCone: 


  • Catchy outlook
  • Safety features
  • Easy to travel
  • Durable


  • Low capacity
  • Small hopper
  • Ice not too fine

This is the best commercial ice shaver machine because of its low price but the quality of this machine is not too bad and can be accepted. At least it is steel meant to provide rustproofing and also engineer with safety on-off button which is shielded by a lid with water resistance.

Because of its low cost, the machine can provide a modest amount of ice treats, approximating 145 pound of ice per hour. However, this ice shaver has low maintenance and is also easy to hygiene.


  • Reasonable price
  • Uses cubed
  • Easy to clean and move


  • Low capacity
  • Loud noise
  • Does’t 100%l in stainless steel

Are you attracted by its cute outlook? This vintage snow cone maker with 360 degree glass which is clear from all views will attract lots of kids to love it. This Nostalgia has a slot for 2 reusable little bowls that comes with. It also has a scoop for you to do the snowballs.

But in return, this beautiful machine can only produce a small amount of snow cones only, If you’re planning to serve more customers, you may want to look for a shaver with a better motor on this list.


  • 360 view
  • Compacted size
  • Stainless steel blade
  • Safety mechanism 


  • Small producer only
  • Not for fine ice
  • Need to cool-down after use

The last best commercial ice shaver machine on the list is this stainless-steel of WYZworks that will power through ice quickly. When said quickly means you’ll be able to sell 440 pound of ice per hour . Additionally, the heavy construction also give stillness when the machine in operating, it would not move around like some other ice shaver machine that vibrated insane


  • 100% Stainless Steel
  • High efficiency
  • Sturdy build


  • Very noisy
  • Heavy to move
  • Easy to scratch

Best Commercial Ice Shaver Machine - How To Choose?

best commercial ice shaver machine

One of these machines in this top 17 best commercial ice shaver machine that listed above should probably match your desires. Due to very high demand for commercial ice shavers, a variety of models was born with varry brands. Good news is now you will have more choices to make but also more headache to consider which one is the best for your personal needs.

Reading our complete buying guideline will get you closer to it as well as gaining some useful information about choosing out the best commercial ice shaver machine.

Type of Ice Shaver Machine

You prefer modern technique or old school style? Because there are handy ice shaver machines and electric machines available in the market. Electric shavers are more advanced to invest; they also can save a lot of time and effort to crush ice and make fluffy snow cones. Especially, when we are to looking for the Best Commercial Ice Shaver Machine here

The Overall Capacity

The first point we need to focus on is the machine’s shaving capacity. The best commercial ice shaver machines have many different volumes and sizes. In order to pick the best one, ask yourself what is your intent of buying a commercial ice shaver? 

A high productivity commercial ice shaver machine surely be more heavy and “giant” than the lower one. If you desire to use it for daily uses at home or house parties, you might need a lower and size’s convenience for shaved ice in comparison with the business's purpose. Based on your requirements, you will find the right product. Ask yourself how many pounds of snow cones you want to make for your business.

Commercial ice shavers machines acquired dual shaving blades, high speed motors can make approximate 160- 210lbs of shaved ice an hour. On the other hand, larger capacity ice shaver machines can impressively make 460 to 520 lbs an hour. 

Therefore, it is based on your basic needs to take a closer look at the machine’s capacity parameter in order to choose out the best commercial ice shaver machine for yourself.

best commercial ice shaver machine

Made Up Material

The vast majority of the best commercial ice machines in the market are made up of plastic or stainless steel bodies. Plastic body is lighter, easy to assemble and detach for cleansed, smaller size. In the meanwhile, a stainless steel shaver is bigger, heavier, in return more durable compared to the plastic one. Therefore, please remember that if you are often moved in different areas, whether from your kitchen to backyard or far distance travel. You will need a compact machine that is portable. It will be depending on what you need to choose the best one for you.

The Color and The Size?

The first impression to catch customers attention is the color of your snowcones and the machines of it. Most of the best commercial ice shaver machines you can see are bright. If they are stainless steel bodies, they are bright either! And if the coat is plastic, they are also in bright colors. That’s already the marketing strategy that companies agree with.

best commercial ice shaver machine

When you invest in a commercial ice shaver machine with those bright colors, it can stand the test of time and hardly out of date. Bright colors always attract people more effectively when talking about buying food. Due to the study of bright color in primal makes us know the fruit is well ripe and ready to eat! Interesting 

Speaking of size, “size does matter” because you will need to make up your mind, where the machines will be placed? If your kitchen has a humble space, there’s no need to afford large size ones even those extra-size can produce more ice per hour. But if you are only running a small business with low volume of serving, who cares high capacity. 

That’s why you check the dimension of the Ice Shaver and measure your area carefully.  Before you bring it home

Type Of Blade You Want?

There is no doubt that stainless steel blades are standard on the current commercial ice shaver machine. Because of its durability due to time and stainless steel are also cost effective to invest. Another less popular substitute is aluminum alloy which is also impressive in use against the resistance and shine for long-lived. 

Ice shaver machines can have two choices of blade: single blade and dual blade. For the single one, the Shavers are able to cut high quantities of ice. Meanwhile, the dual blades will help machines perform smoother snow cones.  

With some of the best commercial ice shaver machines, you might be offered with spare blades on purchase, some don’t. Your blade surely will get dull when over time, but don’t worry it can be sharpened with some tips. Watch this tutorial for more information on how to sharpen it : 

The Warranty Policy

When it comes to purchasing the best commercial ice shaver machine, you might want to take a few minutes to read the warranty support carefully. That also the competitive edge of the brands you purchase. A good company will highly prioritize its product to make customers feel more satisfied and guaranteed everything is fine after they buy it. It shows how conscientious of the brand to the end-user.  Highly priority purchasing an ice shaver machine that supports  1 – 3 years of manufacturer warranty.

The longer your warranty is, the more restfulness you feel. Moreover, you can get some feedback of others buying to find out how the customer service of that brand is. They may seem kind to you when you come to the store. Yet, when you come back for warranty and support, you might get your answer very late. Therefore, you should consider the brand's warranty policy along with the customer service because it is crucial when speaking of The Best Commercial Ice Shaver Machine for your business

Safety Operation

Must be careful when near the blade, don’t ever touch it with your bare hand. If you intend to do some cleaning or assembling on your Ice Shaver, make sure you unplug it first. Hence, when water and an electric motor meet, it surely is dangerous so make sure you unplug it, except some ice shavers support with water-proof features, you can do the cleanses easier. Sometimes you’ll see the shavers are overheating, stop operating and give it a break to cool down the engine, be gentle with your ice shaver.

Moreover, you should seriously consider the safety features of Ice Shavers especially  when you place it at home and have childrens. Safety shields support or covering might help a lot, try to look for ETL certified products in this case.

best commercial ice shaver machine

Conclusion: My Top Pick For Best Commercial Ice Shaver Machine

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