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Panasonic Microwave H98 Error Code – How To Fix It?

panasonic microwave h98

Panasonic is one of the best-selling microwave ovens in the Asian market as well as in the world. Although appreciated for its design and performance, it sometimes encounters some errors, typically the Panasonic microwave H98 error. In this article, we will learn about Panasonic microwave H98 error codes, causes, and solutions.

Below, you will find some information about the Panasonic microwave H98 error code to help you fix the error. Keep reading MRN to have more knowledge about Panasonic products and others.

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Signs Of Error Panasonic Microwave H98

When starting the microwave, you may notice that the oven does not work and instead appears the words H98. This is a sign that your Panasonic microwave is having an H98 error and needs to be repaired immediately.

After the range starts, the operation stops from 20 seconds to about 30 seconds. (During range operation, the normal operation signal of the inverter board is not input to the computer.)

Cause For Error Panasonic Microwave H98

There are so many causes for the H98 error of Panasonic Microwave. However, the main problem for H98 is the failure of the magnetron circuit. Let’s find out some more details

Structures Of Magnetron 

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Magnetrons are very complex. To better understand the Magnetron, we can compare it with two other devices that work similarly: the old-fashioned television and the flute.

Magnets have similar characteristics to cathode electron beam emitters. It resembles a sealed glass bulb used to create images in a traditional television set. This tube is arguably the most important part of the TV that produces the image you can see by putting electrons on the screen and coating it with a luminescent substance called phosphorus to aim the light and light particles in shining.

You can easily find the information in other articles about television (TV), but what I want to show (briefly) is what is happening inside the TV. Inside the TV, a cathode device is heated to a temperature high enough for the electrons to “boil” to evaporate from it. When going down the glass tube, these electrons move fast. They accumulate at the anode and follow the path at very high speeds until they hit the phosphor screen at the top of the tube.

However, the magnetron has no purpose as a television. Instead of creating an image, it is used to generate microwaves – the mechanism is like a flute. The flute is a double-ended open tube without a cap, so it allows air to flow through. If blown properly at one end, you will create a certain vibration to create the notes (this can be called frequency resonance). You can hear sounds whose length corresponds to the length of the flute.

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Magnetrons are capable of generating short radio waves. In fact, their size will be very easy to see with the naked eye (if you can see it). They are available in lengths starting from 1mm (0.04 inches) and going up to about 30cm (12 inches). However, it will not exceed 30cm in length.

Magnetron makes sound the same way you blow stars. However, instead of creating sound waves like a flute, it creates electronic waves, so you can’t hear anything.

How Does A Magnetron Work?

Magnetron works like a TV with the following parts:

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In the center of the magnet is a heated cathode.

Surrounding the cathode is an arc anode.

The electrons will drift out of the cathode and pull through the anode in a straight line the same way the electron beams in a TV do. However, for microwave magnetron, there will be 2 more bits

The anode has a cut hole or slot, called a recess. Underneath the anode is placed a powerful magnet to create a magnetic field parallel to the cathode and run along the length of the tube.

The electrons will have to pass through the electric and electric fields in the process of moving from the cathode to the anode. So they will move in a curve due to the action of the magnetic field and force instead of moving in a straight line. The space for these electrons to move is between the cathode and anode.

Because the electrons are trapped in the minerals, they emit microwave radiation due to magnetic resonance. The electrons transfer energy to the chambers, making the sound reverberate like you’re playing the flute, only they create microwaves.

The microwave radiations produced by the cavity are gathered and guided by a waveguide which very looks like a funnel. The radiation enters the cooking chamber of the microwave oven or is released into the air by a radar device or electromagnetic dish.

In reality, the process of generating microwaves is of course much more complicated. But think about combining television and a flute to create a microwave instead of a flute or a picture TV and you’ll have the best overview of this microwave’s most important part.

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Magnetron Problem Causing Error H98

  • One of the key components of the magnetron is a special cap that maintains the tube’s vacuum. If the problem is in there, it shouldn’t be difficult to replace it.
  • If the part is too hot, it means the radiator has failed.
  • Overheating can cause the filament to break. To diagnose this problem, a special tester is required. In working conditions, the thread indicates a voltage of 5-7 ohms. If the thermostat doesn’t work, the voltage drops to 2-3 ohms. If something goes wrong, the device will display infinity.
  • The H98 error can also occur at the filter. If this part is in good condition, the device will display infinity. In the event of a problem, you will see the digital resistor.

What Other Reasons Cause Panasonic Microwave H98?

As noted above, the Panasonic Microwave H98 occurs due to the fault of the magnetrons. How about others? Let’s find out the answer below

The main reason for the H98 error is that the magnetron does not generate the required amount of power to run the microwave oven. This will prevent the microwave from getting hot enough to reheat food. In this case, you need to see the exact time the magnetron has been active to make reasonable plans such as replacing or repairing.

Another reason is that the microwave is faulty from the magnet itself, the inverter board is faulty, or one of your door switches may not be activated correctly. You can’t test magnets or inverter boards, so the best thing to do is check the door switch. Unplug the unit and remove the control panel, this will give you access to the door switches to the left of the open panel to check the status.

Try turning on the switches on the left to see which parts are working and not working, this will help you pinpoint exactly where the fault is.

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How To Fix Panasonic Microwave H98?

In fact, there is almost no way to fix the H98 error yourself. However, you can do the following to temporarily fix the error H98.

  1. Plug in the oven.
  2. Turn off the oven then press reset.
  3. Open the oven door.
  4. Keep pressing the Start button for more than 2 seconds until a pip sound.
  5. To display the usage time of the magnetron, perform shutdown and reset 3 times.
  6. To display the total number of occurrences of H98, press the power level button once.
  7. Hold the Start button until you hear a beep, then reset.
  8. Once the reset is complete, you will hear a beep and the words “finish” will appear on the display.
  9. Perform shutdown and reset to return to the original microwave condition.

There is one point that you should keep in mind that if the H98 error condition occurs about 3 times or more, it means that your Panasonic microwave is completely broken. The above reset method is actually only used to deal with some urgent cases, and you still have to take it to the warranty to be considered the clearest condition.

As mentioned above, the Panasonic Microwave H98 is mainly caused by Magnetron. Therefore, you should also check the total time using the magnetron to determine whether the error is caused by the magnetron or not. Here are step-by-step instructions:

  1. Plug in the oven.
  2. Turn off the oven then press reset.
  3. Open the oven door.
  4. Keep pressing the Start button for more than 2 seconds until a pip sound.
  5. To display the usage time of the magnetron, perform shutdown and reset 3 times.
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You should also check to see if the magnetron is still working to determine the exact fault of the product. Here are the steps to conduct the test.

  1. The first thing you need to do to test the magnetron is to turn off the power in the microwave by turning off the device.
  2. Inspect the inner walls of the microwave. In the event of a malfunction of the magnetron, you will find the area of melted, darkened, or burnt walls.
  3. If there are no external signs, it is necessary to make a diagnosis with a test.
  4. Check if the fuse is faulty.

The cost of replacing the magnetron is really too high that many people prefer to buy a new microwave than to repair an old microwave. However, before you send a damaged device to the trash, you need to make sure that the problem is with the magnetron to avoid wasting money. Therefore, this is an extremely important test step.

Notes When Using Panasonic Microwave

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To avoid encountering Panasonic microwave errors, the article will share with you some notes when using below

✔ Monitor microwave ovens regularly, detect errors early for timely repair

✔ Hire periodic oven cleaning and maintenance services. Limosa is a reputable repair address that you can consider!

✔ Do not use metal objects inside the oven cavity because it can lead to a very dangerous ignition situation.

✔ Close the oven door tightly when in use

✔ Do not immerse the turntable in cold water for rapid cooling

✔ Do not press the oven switch.

✔ Avoid heating fatty foods in the microwave because the temperature of the fat is difficult to control and can be dangerous to users.


Summary, Panasonic Microwave H98 is a very common error in Panasonic microwave ovens. During use, H98 will display on the screen if there is an error so you can recognize it easily

The cause of this error came from the magnetron, the part responsible for the heating task was faulty. They do not have enough heat to heat the oven or have completely broken down.

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At times like these, you should not rush to replace the microwave with a new one. Of course, the magnetron is an extremely expensive part and many people consider buying a new one instead of replacing the magnetron. However, the H98 error has many causes and magnetron failure is just the most common cause.

You should make sure that the magnetron is completely damaged before replacing it with a new one using the above checks. If the magnetron is not damaged but the error is in the magnet, the electronic board, you can completely take it to repair because the cost of those parts is much cheaper than the magnetron.

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