Top 15 Best Corner Microwave For Happy Meals Every Day

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Are you very busy and cannot cook a complete meal? Or simply you want to change your menu every day in a different way. To solve this issue, a corner microwave can help you. Nowadays, microwaves have many helpful features and functions to make a delicious dish. Now, let’s check out the top picks for the best corner microwave in this article.

Best Corner Microwave Comparison 2022

Sharp SMD2470AS Microwave Drawer Oven, 24-Inch 1.2 Cu. Feet, Stainless Steel
Best for
Best Corner Microwave For Overall
Panasonic Countertop / Built-In Microwave Oven with Cyclonic Wave Inverter Technology and 1250W of...
Best for
Best Corner Microwave For Extended Family
Panasonic NN-SN936W Countertop Microwave, White & Microwave Oven NN-SN686S Stainless Steel...
Best for
Best Corner Microwave For Nuclear Family
Panasonic NN-SN68KS Compact Microwave Oven with 1200W Power, Sensor Cooking, Popcorn Button, Quick...
Best for
Best Corner Microwave For Single Person

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Bestseller No. 1
Whirlpool Silver Countertop Microwave Oven 0.5 Cu Ft
Whirlpool Silver Countertop Microwave Oven 0.5 Cu Ft
Fits easily into corners to maximize counter space; Fits A Full Dinner Plate; Add 30 Seconds
SaleBestseller No. 2
Cuisinart AMW-60 3-in-1 Microwave Airfryer Oven, Black
Cuisinart AMW-60 3-in-1 Microwave Airfryer Oven, Black
INCLUDES: Rotating glass tray, airfry basket and bake/drip pan
Bestseller No. 3
Sharp SMD2470AS Microwave Drawer Oven, 24-Inch 1.2 Cu. Feet, Stainless Steel
Sharp SMD2470AS Microwave Drawer Oven, 24-Inch 1.2 Cu. Feet, Stainless Steel
Easy Touch Automatic Drawer System Smoothly Opens and Enables Hands-Free Close; Convenient Kitchen Placement Allows for Easier Cooking, Saves Prep and Clean up Time
Bestseller No. 4
Toshiba EM131A5C-BS Microwave Oven with Smart Sensor, Easy Clean Interior, ECO Mode and Sound...
Toshiba EM131A5C-BS Microwave Oven with Smart Sensor, Easy Clean Interior, ECO Mode and Sound...
1100 watts with 10 power settings, clock, and kitchen timer; Large digital display, easy-to-read control panel, glass turntable
Bestseller No. 5
Le Creuset Stoneware Butter Dish, 6.75' x 5' x 3.5', White
Le Creuset Stoneware Butter Dish, 6.75" x 5" x 3.5", White
Dense stoneware blocks moisture absorption to prevent cracking, crazing and rippling; Impermeable exterior enamel resists stains and scratches from metal utensils
Bestseller No. 8
COMFEE' CM-M091AGN Retro Microwave with Multi-stage Cooking, 9 Preset Menus and Kitchen Timer, Mute...
COMFEE' CM-M091AGN Retro Microwave with Multi-stage Cooking, 9 Preset Menus and Kitchen Timer, Mute...
The fun retro design adds style and function to your modern kitchen and home; The multi-stage cooking function enables you to finish defrosting and cooking at once
Bestseller No. 9
COMFEE' EM720CPL-PMB Countertop Microwave Oven with Sound On/Off, ECO Mode and Easy One-Touch...
COMFEE' EM720CPL-PMB Countertop Microwave Oven with Sound On/Off, ECO Mode and Easy One-Touch...
Energy Saving Eco Mode: Minimizing 50% standby power by turning on ECO mode; One year limited warranty.

Top 15 Best Corner Microwave Reviews 2022

Sharp SMD2470AS Microwave Drawer Oven

Sharp SMD2470AS Microwave Drawer Oven is the first choice that we bring to you. It owns a sleek style that is suitable for modern kitchens.

You can install it under the cabinet because the Sharp SMD2470AS has an easy-touch automatic drawer system to open and close hand-free. Therefore, you can save space in your kitchen.

You also are able to operate it simply with a concealed control panel. This panel is easy to read and open at a 45-degree angle.

The SMD2470AS microwave owns a big capacity (1.2 cubic feet); so you can put a dish up to 9 x 13 inches or a beverage cup of 20 ounces. It is great to cook for many people at the same time, especially you have a party.


  • Large capacity.
  • Easy to use.
  • Nice design.
  • Save space.


  • Not for too small kitchens.
  • Expensive.

Panasonic Microwave Oven NN-SD775S

Panasonic Microwave Oven NN-SD775S is a perfect pick at the medium segment with the same features as some models (keep warm, sensor inverter turbo defrost, child lock, etc.) 

It has a flexible design that lets you set it up in a kitchen cabinet or put it on the counter thanks to being lightweight and compact shape. The delay start is for up to 90 minutes and you can add 30 seconds while cooking.

Alternatively, the cyclonic wave feature will circulate the heat in 3D waves at an exact ultra-efficient level. Therefore, you can prepare food easily even they have a complicated structure at every temper level.

Furthermore, you will have up to 20 Preset Sensor Cook Menu Items to cook many flavourful and nutritious meals every day.   


  • Flexible.
  • Compact and lightweight.
  • Cyclonic wave to heat evenly.
  • Many preset cook levels.
  • 3 available color options: white, black, silver.
  • Recommend for extended families.


  • The push-buttons may be stuck.
  • H98 error sometimes happens (The device does not receive the inverter signal).
  • The display is not enough bright to read during the day.

Panasonic Microwave Oven NN-SD945S

Panasonic Microwave Oven NN-SD945S is a robust microwave with a power of 1250 watts. Not only that, it includes many excellent features.

The NN-SD945S owns the Panasonic inverter technology to cook fast and heat evenly, so dishes are delicious. It also has a preset auto cook menu with 19 items. You can create tasty meals depending on your hobby and enthusiast.

The 15-inch dish allows you to put a large dish or bowl on it. You can save time with the delay start and timer feature (max: minutes). A child safety lock can keep your kids out of danger.

If you have a narrow kitchen, this microwave is an ideal choice with a compact, smart design and minimum countertop footprint style. It is quite light with a weight of 8 pounds.

Don’t worry about cooking in cold winter. The sensor inverter turbo defrost and keep warm function will support you.  

The sensor inverter turbo defrosts use a microwave sequencing system based on the Inverter’s continuous power delivery method. Thus, it can thaw food more rapidly and evenly. You will cook easily even the temperature is negative.

If you have to wait for someone to eat together, you may need the keep warm feature. It can preserve the heat of some dishes such as deserts, vegetables, soups, gravies, sauces, hors d’oeuvres, etc. until you can use them.


  • Heat evenly and cook fast with the Panasonic inverter technology.
  • Thaw quickly.
  • Intelligent, intuitive control panel.
  • Useful extra features.
  • Compact and smart design.


  • Open the oven door with a push-button, a bit inconvenient.
  • Fingerprints can be printed on stainless steel parts.
  • The mechanical buttons may be stuck.

Panasonic NN-SN936W Countertop Microwave

If you want to look for a Panasonic microwave at a lower price, you may pick Panasonic NN-SN936W Countertop Microwave. It has similar features to the NN-SD945S model; however, its capacity is up to 2.2 cubic feet. Thus, the heat stream will be seamless to cook rapidly and get delicious taste. 

Inverter technology With Turbo Defrost mode will help you make the best meal by heating evenly and thaw quickly.

You can put it on the bar counter, so you do not have to spend the effort setting it up in the kitchen cabinet. It is suitable for a large family scale.

The 16.5-inch turntable lets you put wide dishes or big bowls. Thanks to Smart cooking settings with Genius Sensor, you are able to adjust time and power depending on each food. You will cook various dishes with 14 Preset menu items.


  • The seamless heat stream.
  • Save space.
  • Not require installation.
  • Intended for a big family.
  • Adjust specs based on food types


  • The operation mechanism may have issues.
  • The warranty policy and customer support service are not good.

Panasonic NN-SN68KS Compact Microwave

Panasonic NN-SN68KS Compact Microwave is a Panasonic compact microwave at an affordable price with 11 power levels. Although specs are not very outstanding (capacity – 1.2 cubic feet, energy consumption – 1200 watts) compared to other same brand products, it is still an ideal choice for a nuclear family.

It owns similar features and functions to Panasonic models; however, it has a few differences. The NN-SN68KS microwave includes 16 sensor cook settings to heat evenly and protect food texture. 

You also have 3 levels for popcorn cooking mode (3.2, 2.7, and 1.5 ounces). They are always ready for sumptuous snacking at the weekend. The interior is also easy to clean.


  • Compact.
  • Not require setting up.
  • Heat fast and evenly.


  • The inside plastic is not steady.
  • The manual control panel may be stuck.

Kenmore 70923 Countertop Microwave

Panasonic Microwave Oven NN-SN766S owns the flexible design and the same features as other models from Panasonic at a medium price.

You can set it up in a built-in cabinet or put it on the bar counter. The available function keys also are easy to use.

It also helps you save space with a compact style. You can cook delicious meals thanks to 14 Preset menu items and a 15-inch turntable that is lighter, slimmer, and more efficient.


  • Compact design.
  • Heat food and drink evenly at the right temperature.
  • Excellent extra functions.
  • Easy to adjust specs via the touchpad panel.
  • Not consume much energy.
  • Color options.


  • The capacity is not outstanding (only 0.9 or 0.7 cubic feet).

Panasonic Microwave Oven NN-SN766S

Panasonic Microwave Oven NN-SN766S owns a flexible design and the same features as other models from Panasonic at a medium price.

You can set it up in a built-in cabinet or put it on the bar counter. The available function keys also are easy to use.

It also helps you save space with a compact style. You can cook delicious meals thanks to 14 Preset menu items and a 15-inch turntable that is lighter, slimmer, and more efficient.


  • Compact.
  • Flexible to install.
  • Effectively heat.
  • Reasonable price.
  • Easy to cook.


  • It is a bit inconvenient to change power levels.
  • Not for use in many years

SAMSUNG Countertop Microwave ‎MS19N7000AS/AA

SAMSUNG Countertop Microwave ‎MS19N7000AS/AA is also a great microwave to cook larger dishes with a broad built-in glass turntable and a capacity of 1.9 cubic feet.

Additionally, you do not have to guess the temperature during cooking due to sensor cooking and cooking presets. You can also thaw frozen food with the Auto Defrost function or make popcorn for weekend gatherings with pre-programmed features.

The MS19N7000AS/AA microwave is easy to clean inside and outside without scratch risks because it has neo stainless silver and steel housing and ceramic enamel interior.

You can use this equipment for a single person or nuclear family with 10 power levels and a power of 950 watts. It is excellent to heat and thaw various food and drink.


  • Many useful functions.
  • Easy to clean exterior and interior.
  • Large capacity.
  • Durable.


  • Consume much energy.
  • Quite heavy

Cuisinart AMW-60 3-in-1

If you are looking for 3-in-1 equipment, Cuisinart AMW-60 3-in-1 will be a perfect choice for your kitchen. It is built in 3 other units in a machine, including a microwave, convection oven, and air fryer. 

Now, cooking is really exciting when you can create new and unique dishes; and you can remove the mess in the kitchen by using a built-in machine with a lot of convenient functions and features.

The Cuisinart AMW-60 owns a specially engineered heater/fan configuration to support you get the best effect with oil-less meals and grease. When you use AirFry & Oven Functions, you can adjust the temperature, time, and preset options easily to make toast or fried dishes.

For Microwave Functions, Defrost by Time or Weight, Auto-Cook, 11 Power Levels, and Preset Microwave Options will be necessary features that you can utilize to cook and thaw based on your demand.

Additionally, Sleek Touchpad controls have an LED display that is easy to control. The stainless steel interior does not absorb smell or odor, so you can clean it quickly.


  • Lightweight.
  • 3-in-1 equipment.
  • Easy to control.
  • Not absorb odors.


  • The capacity is not outstanding (0.6 cubic feet).
  • Consume much power.

Toshiba ML2-EC10SA(BS) 4-in-1

Toshiba ML2-EC10SA(BS) 4-in-1 is multifunctional equipment at a reasonable price with 4 built-in units in it, including grill, convection, air fryer, and microwave. Even the temperature is low, you can still cook effectively with this machine.

If you are on a diet, the Healthy Air Fry function is helpful to you. You still enjoy fewer oil-fried dishes with original flavor without weight gain anxiety.

The capacity is pretty small but you are able to roast a whole chicken or 12-inch pizza or stew a medium casserole.

Its control panel includes a touch screen, turn knobs, and a wide LED digital display to adjust specs simply.

Toshiba ML2-EC10SA(BS) owns convenient features and 10 power levels to cook many dishes. Besides, it can save energy with ECO mode.


  • Convenient 4-in-1 equipment.
  • Easy to control.
  • Save energy.


  • The capacity is not large.
  • The actual capacity may be smaller than the measured internal dimension

Sharp ZSMC1449FS Smart Countertop Microwave

If you like Sharp microwave at an affordable price, you can buy Sharp ZSMC1449FS Smart Countertop Microwave. It is the first microwave that Sharp collaborates with Alexa (virtual assistant developed by Amazon). 

It is a convenient microwave to cook hand-free with over 70 Alexa voice commands. In the future, the ZSMC1449FS microwave will be one of the most essential parts of a smart home.

Now, you can cook all your favorite dishes in lazy style but get the perfect result. The Sensor-Cook and Defrost let you create delicious meals with full of nutrition without guessing. Especially, when you want to eat popcorn, Orville Redenbacher’s Certified Popcorn Preset Tuned will bring the best popping results to you.


  • Alexa virtual assistant for cooking hand-free.
  • Heat and thaw at a high precision level.


  • Have to remember many Alexa commands.

Avanti MO1108SST Microwave

Avanti MO1108SST Microwave is ideal for a fast-paced lifestyle, especially you are a student and have to live in dorms or inns.

It is a bit hard to cook but you can also thaw or heat your dishes easily with the Auto Weight Defrost function. The Time of Day Clock feature allows you to track remaining time fast.

Its capacity is only 31 liters and the power consumption is 1000 watts. Avanti MO1108SST will not increase your bill’s numbers every month.

Besides, the stainless steel cover is easy to clean and durable. You can use it for a long time.


  • Recommend for single persons.
  • Compact.
  • Thaw easily.
  • Easy to clean outside.


  • The control panel is difficult to read.
  • Relatively noisy.
  • No viewing window.

COSTWAY Retro Countertop Microwave

COSTWAY Retro Countertop Microwave owns a beautiful shape and retro design, so it suits vintage kitchens. It has 5 power levels, including Defrost, M.Low – 40P, M.High – 80P, High – 100P, and Speed Cooking. You can heat, cook, and thaw your food very conveniently.

The glass turntable can rotate 360 degrees that help distribute heat evenly. The operation is very simple with 2  buttons and 2 mechanical knobs on the control panel. You can set up power levels and times (0 – 60 minutes) based on your demand. After cooking, the beep sound will announce to you the time when you have to take out food from the machine. 

Although this microwave seems to be simple, you can make various tasty meals such as potatoes, pizza, popcorn, etc. It is also safe with a child lock feature. You can hold the pause/cancel button within 3 seconds to install or remove this function. Thus, your children will not control the microwave when not having supervision. Besides, you will clean it quickly thanks to the detachable interior.

Furthermore, this product achieved ETL and UL certifications (they prove that electronic equipment reaches safe standards). Therefore, you almost meet electric risks while using it.


  • Compact and light.
  • Convenience.
  • Simple operation.
  • The announce sound.
  • Retro design.


  • The power levels are fewer than other products.
  • The capacity is small.

Nostalgia MCMO9FTSG Mid-Century Retro Countertop Microwave

If you like retro and vintage style, you will love Nostalgia MCMO9FTSG Mid-Century Retro Countertop Microwave at first sight. It owns an elegant chrome door handle on the control panel and fashionable splayed legs to add retro style to your kitchen.

Not only that, but the MCMO9FTSG microwave can also provide enough heat to cook many dishes and thaw food with a power of 0.9 cubic feet and 900 watts of energy consumption. You are able to cook leftovers by starting a cooking cycle in 30 seconds, you can increase this period by adding 30 seconds each time up to 1.5 minutes.

It includes 8 pre-programmed levels to heat the food at the optimal rank. In addition, the MCMO9FTSG lets you use up to 4 separate cooking sequences to solve special recipes.

The digital clock and green LED display are easy to follow all cooking settings. The rotating glass carousel support to spread of the heat evenly inside. The control panel also has a turn program dial to navigate cooking cycles simply.

This machine is also safe with a child lock to prevent your kids from controlling it unintentionally. Moreover, you will have up to 6 color options, including, aqua, ivory, jet black, metallic retro red, seafoam, and yellow to opt depending on your hobby.


  • Retro design for classic kitchens.
  • Cook special recipes.
  • Other useful features.
  • Many color options.


  • The capacity is not large.
  • Have to be careful with electronic components while using.

LG Electronics LMC2075ST-3316 NeoChef Countertop Microwave

If you want a corner microwave for happy single life, LG Electronics LMC2075ST-3316 NeoChef Countertop Microwave is a perfect choice. Its weight is only 0.5 pounds with a compact design (5 x 5 x 5 inches). It truly belongs to a mini kitchen in a tiny apartment.

However, don’t doubt its power. The LMC2075ST-3316 microwave’s capacity is 2 cubic feet and energy consumption of 1200 watts. You also have 10 levels of power to adjust based on food types. It also includes some similar features to other high-end microwaves such as child lock, defrost, etc. The stainless steel housing is easy to clean.

As you can see, these specs don’t have much difference compared to products with larger sizes but you still can cook many dishes quickly.

Besides, you can put it on the countertop without installation. The LMC2075ST-3316 also owns a touch control screen. It is convenient and easy to use.


  • Compact and lightweight.
  • Relatively powerful.
  • Easy to operate and clean.


  • Not to cook for many people.
  • May have risks about electricity after a period.

How To Buy The Best Corner Microwave

Nowadays, many kitchen equipment brands produce microwaves, so you may be dizzy and have trouble because of them. Hence, we want to provide some useful info to you. Our goal is to help you buy the best corner microwave for your beloved cookhouse.

“What I should consider while buying a microwave?”, we will answer this question for you.

Dimensions and Installation Types

According to your kitchen space, you should pick a corner microwave of the right size and installation type.

If you want to put your microwave on the countertop or shelf, you have to ensure it does not take up much space for other kitchen items. 

In case you like a microwave with a built-in design or drawer microwaves, you have to measure your kitchen cabinet (length, width, and height) before buying and ask sellers you should choose which one it is.

You may buy a microwave with a flexible design that lets you put on the bar counter or set it up in the cabinet depending on your actual condition. 


You should pick the capacity based on the number of family members. If you live alone, a microwave has a capacity under 1 cubic foot that is suitable. If you have a nuclear family, the over 1 – 2 cubic feet will be ideal.

In case you live in an extended family, you will need a larger capacity, up to above 2 cubic feet.

The capacity decides the amount of food that you can cook in a microwave. Hence, you should choose carefully to make sure you cook enough food for everyone.

Energy Consumption Level

Normally, the corner microwave has an energy consumption of about 1200 watts. However, some equipment will consume more power, maybe up to 1500 – 1600 watts. You can consider this consumption level because such microwaves have enough strong to heat, thaw, and cook for a short time.

If you are single, you can pick a lower energy consumption unit (under 1000 watts), although the time may extend, a microwave with reasonable electric consumption will save space and money for you.

Control Panel and Design

When buying a microwave, let’s remember to check the control panel and design because these factors create differences in each product, especially 4 follow things.

Express buttons

Most people look for them while picking a microwave and they assume they should be on all microwaves. Express buttons often include Add Time, Auto Cook, Speed Cycle.

Add Time button typically increases 30 seconds for your cooking cycle. Some models can help you add up to 1.5 minutes. Auto Cook will allow you to cook or heat for 1 – 6 minutes or more. Meanwhile, Speed Cycle shortens cooking time by one press.

Door handle

The door handle often has 2 open types: pull out or push button. The pull-out type is easy to use and clean. It is hard to break or be stuck after a long time. This door handle type is also popular.

Otherwise, you may choose the push-button type, you do not have to use force to pull the door of the microwave oven, the operation may cause the food inside to come out uncontrollably if you are not careful. However, this opening type may be stuck or broken over time. It usually appears on newer models, which are more expensive.

Mute Option

You want to eat late at night without disturbing everybody with the beep sound at the microwave cycle end. We have a solution – mute option. This feature is very convenient, even during the day. It can keep silent for your living space or tranquil lovers.

However, the mute function is not popular, many manufacturers have not added it to their microwave control panels yet, but you can still consider this factor while choosing a corner microwave.

Sensor reheat

Sensor reheat is a shortcut that helps you determine humidity or weight. Thus, the microwave will know when the food is warm enough to eat.

The sensors often provide the temper that exceeds your demand. However, when you sit at the dining table, your dishes will reach the ideal heat.

Sensor cook options are for vegetables, frozen entrées, etc., that are quite common. You should check them before choosing to buy microwaves.

Cooking performance

Cooking performance can decide the quality of dishes because most people need an even and faster heating mechanism.

The predictable heating pattern type is pretty common. It includes a warm outer ring, a hot spot in the center, and a cool inner ring. This heating type is not best but enough. A few high-end models can heat more evenly due to a turntable, you can put a large tray on it and cook quickly.

Some brands use inverter tech that can change the power setting levels’ work way. The inverter microwave can cook constantly even the power level goes low. Meanwhile, normal transformer-powered microwaves work from full to zero power.

As you can see, the inverter technology will preserve the taste and flavor of food. It can also speed up the thawing process.

If you do not want to buy many kitchen types of equipment at the same time, you may consider a built-in all-in-one machine. Such units are not simply a microwave; it includes convection cooking and air fryer features. 

Hence, you can create many delicious and nutritious dishes without buying a range of equipment and making your kitchen messy.

Although built-in equipment may be more expensive, you will be satisfied and do not have to clean many hours after cooking.


You should buy products from trustworthy brands to get high-quality machines and a long-term warranty policy. Whenever you have risks with your microwave, you can contact reliable manufacturers to solve them rapidly.


Before buying a microwave, let’s check your money in your bank account. If your finances are abundant, a high-end corner microwave is not a big issue.

However, you can still find out a good microwave at a medium price with helpful features for cooking or reheating food.

Other details

You should also concern some details in a microwave, including.

The child lock: It can keep your children out of controlling the microwave without you and ensure they are safe.

The turntable memory: It will return your trays, mug in the original spot to help you hold the handle (if yes) easily.

ECO mode: It turns off the display when you do not use the equipment. Therefore, you can save energy and avoid overload issues. Besides, you can find the microwave with saving-energy technology such as inverter tech if you want to reduce the amount of electricity every month.

How To Use A Corner Microwave Effectively

Safety Tips

Some people are afraid of microwave radiation in a microwave, but they do not endanger you and everyone. However, you should have to refer to some tips to ensure your safety.

Firstly, you want to keep the microwave in a cabinet cutout or on a rack, you should leave large gaps on the top and rear of your machine (approximately 8 – 12 inches). You may follow the installation guidelines to set it up correctly.

Secondly, don’t slam the door because your microwave includes a double kill switch in the latch. This switch prevents the microwave from turning on if anything opens or compromises the door. It is easy to ruin if you use force; so you should work gently with it.

Thirdly, when your microwave is empty, don’t start it. Many people often forget to put food in it and press the “Start” button. This is disastrous, and you may be dangerous. If there is no food in the microwave, there is nothing to absorb the microwaves.

Besides, they will come to the magnetron and heat the machine by going back up the waveguide. Even though the magnet basically has a thermal cutoff switch to power off when the equipment is too hot, you should not be subjective.

If you are a forgetful person, you can put a glass of water in the microwaves. Thus, in case unfortunately the microwave runs without food, nothing dangerous will happen to you.

When you prepare food to cook, you should cover it with a piece of loose plastic wrap or a paper towel because the microwaves own reheating sensors that can realize food steam. And you must remember that never place anything metal into the microwave.

Fourthly, we know everybody is busy every day, but we should spend time cleaning the microwave once a week. You have to eliminate food remnants that can make your machine overheated or worst burn.

Put a water bowl in the microwave and start “Auto Cook” mode within about 5 minutes. The steam will remove the majority of the gunk. Take that bowl out and wipe it inside with a sponge, sheet of paper towel, or soft cloth.

For the exterior, you can use a specialized cleaning solution to clean it several times a week.

Lastly, if your corner microwave is damaged, don’t fix it by yourself unless you are a skillful worker. The capacitor contains a high-voltage charge and you may be killed by it, even you unplug for many hours.

Moreover, the magnet with a ceramic ring has beryllium. If the magnetron is crack and unluckily you inhale dust, it causes a terrible disease. Therefore, manufacturers never attach accessories for users to repair themselves because this is extremely dangerous.

Let’s contact professionals to repair your microwave when it meets risks.

When you have to replace a microwave, you should go to a recycling center or trash disposal company, don’t throw it outside.

Clean the Microwave

The food often splashes inside the microwave if you do not cover your dish or bowl. Hence, you have to wipe them to avoid burn or overheat.

Fortunately, cleaning a microwave is relatively easy. You can boil a water glass or bowl within 5 minutes. The steam will soften the stain and you just use a cloth or sponge to wipe them.

Don’t utilize strong or abrasive detergents to clean the interior.

After a long time, your microwave will appear unpleasant smell and odor. You can mix water and lemonade or vinegar (a tablespoon) and boil this mixture. The steam helps you remove the smell effectively.

Conclusion: Our Top Picks For The Best Corner Microwave

Sharp SMD2470AS Microwave Drawer Oven, 24-Inch 1.2 Cu. Feet, Stainless Steel
Best for
Best Corner Microwave For Overall
Panasonic Countertop / Built-In Microwave Oven with Cyclonic Wave Inverter Technology and 1250W of...
Best for
Best Corner Microwave For Extended Family
Panasonic NN-SN936W Countertop Microwave, White & Microwave Oven NN-SN686S Stainless Steel...
Best for
Best Corner Microwave For Nuclear Family
Panasonic NN-SN68KS Compact Microwave Oven with 1200W Power, Sensor Cooking, Popcorn Button, Quick...
Best for
Best Corner Microwave For Single Person

After reading our article, we believe you will have your best choice and you know how to protect your microwave correctly. We hope you will take care of yourself well by cooking delicious and healthy meals with the best corner microwave.

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