How To Cut A Radish Even If You Are Not A Skillful

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When you are in the kitchen to prepare a meal for your lovers. You see a radish, which is a kind of vegetable, has rich nutrients. Suddenly, you want to cook something related to radish. Now, how to cut a radish? Let together with us cut a perfect slice of radish for different purposes. 

With a little change on cutting radish, a large change on eating food. You can make various recipes with radish such as salad, soup,… In addition to that, you can save the time in your cooking and create more and more tasty food with radish.

Below, we will introduce step by step instruction to help you completely cut a radish success.

  • Ingredients and kitchen tools you need 
  • Steps to cut a radish

Ingredients And Kitchen Tools You Need

Before you start cutting radishes, you must have radishes, a sharp knife and a cutting board. 


Radish originated in Southeast Asia, when human civilization began to take shape. In the third century BC, radish began to appear in history books. It is thought that since ancient times, radish appeared on the table as an indispensable dish and provided a plentiful source of nutrients. Radish, scientifically known as Raphanus raphanistrum, is a relative of the Chinese cabbage varieties. It contains calcium, protein, and vitamin C.

Radishes have many types and tastes. You should notice your favorite and purpose of using. If you want mild taste radish, you can find Daikon, red or French radish. If you want sweet taste radish, small radish is perfectly optional. And contrast, if you want to taste like pepper, you should choose black radish. It’s up to you. 

If you hardly see different radishes. Let us help you. There are many radish, each radish will have a specific character:

  • Round radish: color of round radish is red and the shape of round radish is round. However, round radish also has white, pink and purple color. 
  • Black radish: like its name, when you see a radish has biack and inside radish has white. It is black radish.
  • Daikon radish: this radish you can see a lot in markets and supermarkets, it is bigger than round radish. The color of Daikon usually is white but sometimes, is purple. 
  • French radish: this radish has a small oblong shape. It has red and white color. It looks so cute. 
  • White icicle: It has white color. It has height up to 8 inch (20cm).
  • Watermelon radish: It has round shape, red flesh and white skin. 

 Sharp Knife

To cut radish, you must-have a sharp knife. When you buy a good knife it makes cutting, slicing, precision and much easier. A good, sharp knife will reduce the potency of your hand, helping you to spend more time and effort. And most of all, make your radish dishes more beautiful and delicious.

A good, safe knife for the user is a sharp one. To check if the knife is sharp it is best to try it with a gift wrapping paper, if it cuts the paper easily it is a sharp knife.

Besides a good knife is suitable for users, you can also choose knives according to weight, balance, size. The balance of the knife is quite important, it affects the speed, as well as the force of the user. Knife size is also an indispensable factor, the knife is about 8 inches in size. If more than 10 inches can reduce the force of the hand, but it is not safe. If the knife is 6 inches, it is difficult to cut a large radish. If possible, you can choose a type of knife, with a thin large blade, to use to slice vegetables.


  • Keep the blade sharp by using the blade sharpener. Keeping your knife sharp will make cutting and cutting controls easier and smoother. Always maintain sharpening even if you will not be using it for an extended period of time.
  • Just slowly cut, cut, don’t rush. Always pay attention and feel each cut from the knife to get the slices you want.
  • When cutting food, keep the product in square contact with the cutting board, so the cutting will be more stable and smooth.
  • When handling knives in the kitchen, hold the knife tightly and point the tip of the knife to the ground and the blade towards your back.
  • When cutting, curl your fingers, keeping the food in place to prevent the blade from hitting your hand. With your other hand, grab the handle of the knife while cutting.

Cutting Board

To cut a radish, you really need a cutting board. If you are only for home use with few members, you should choose the right size boards, not too big. choose large cutting boards for easier use.

With the need to cut the radish, a thin cutting board can meet. Depending on your preference, you can choose the shape of the cutting board. If you are using cutting boards for food decoration or photography, you can choose one with an eye-catching shape. Usually the cutting board will be round or square. 


  • Do not process raw and cooked food on the same cutting board:

There are many families that make it a habit to use only one cutting board for everything. If you think that just washing the cutting board and slicing the raw food each time is possible, you are completely wrong. By in categories. Raw foods such as fish, shrimp, meat, … contain a lot of microorganisms, bacteria or parasites. If not cleaned, these creatures will inhabit and multiply on the cutting board.

  • Do not use both cutting boards:

Many people often use one side to cut raw food and the other side to cook cooked food on the other side. However, because one side of the cutting board will often be in contact with the ground or the floor, the kitchen countertop, … so it will not be possible to ensure hygiene as well as bacteria sticking and growing.

  • Do not use a cutting board that is damaged, moldy, cracked, or has many overlapping cuts:

After a period of use, the cutting board will be soaked in water, causing the wood to become rusty, mulch, cracked and smell of musty. This is a favorable environment for bacteria to grow and multiply.

  • Do not choose cutting boards with horizontal grain:

Cutting boards with a horizontal grain will easily absorb water from food when cut. Even if you rinse it off, the water will seep inside, causing bad odors and pathogenic bacteria.

  • Don’t choose cutting board with eye-catching colors:

The colorful cutting boards are often impregnated with chemicals or sprayed with paint colors, these substances are easily absorbed into food and affect health.


Peeler is a powerful tool in the kitchen. It helps women to cut a radish effectively. You can quickly prepare good radish with a peeler. 

You should note three characteristics while shopping:

The sharpness of a knife is the first thing you should pay attention to. A good blade is one that can cut the fruit smoothly and quickly. Peeler can be made from a variety of materials such as steel, ceramic and carbon. The most popular today is the blade made from stainless steel. Because of its extended lifespan. And blades made of ceramic or carbon quickly deteriorate. Because, ceramic blades are susceptible to damage by strong force. Carbon blades are easy to oxidize.

Second, it is the ability of the blade to work. A blade in both directions allows you to increase your speed when cutting. You can change the blade direction easily. Besides, you should also consider the depth and compactness of the cut. An effective blade, a blade that allows you not to cut deeply into the fruit and has a high edge, to reduce contact with the surface of the fruit to be trimmed.

In the end, it is a design. A good design makes it comfortable and easy to hold. Consider the connection between the blade and the handle, this connecting part distance should be 1 inch. This will avoid “clogging” of the peels. In addition, on the market today, there are many eye-catching models. You can also freely choose the peeler patterns you love.

Steps To Cut A Radish

Step 1: Washing The Radish

Remove radish’s root and top

Clean all dirt out radish

Cut of non-use parts

Step 2: Cutting Radishes

Way 1: Chopping

First, you put radishes on a cutting board and cut half radish into 2 pieces. 

Second, you cut each radish lengthwise into 4 thick wedges. 

Third, each wedge, you can cut radish pieces in 2 crosswise. 

Tip: follow your receipt to cut the number of radish pieces fit.

Warn: don’t cut each wedge too skinny. 

Way 2: Slicing

First, cut out the top of radish which is the distance from leaf to body 0,6 cm and the end of radish which is distance from root to body 0,6 cm.

Second, one hand keeps radish on the cutting board, another hand cuts radish into thin circle pieces. You must catch your eyes at your fingertips. You can be bloody if you aren’t careful. 

Third, if you want to cut half-circle sticks, you can stack circle sticks and cut it in 2 pieces or you can cut radish into 2 lengthwise and cut into thin half-circles you want. 

Tip: if you want the same thin pieces of radish form, you can use a food slicer. 

Warn: don’t cut sticks too thick and not uniform thin pieces. 

Way 3: Julienning

First, slice radish into especially thin pieces. 

Second, pile radish pieces on top of each other into a block. 

Third, cut each block of radish pieces into thin sticks. Your fingers keep a block on the cutting board and use a knife to slice into the sticks. Repeat it several slices on a stack radish. 

Tip: Create the julience as similar thin as possible by stacking radish into a block fit your tight of fingers. 

Warn: don’t cut radishes 2 lengthwise before you slice because you will have difficulty in cutting into strip sticks.  

Way 4: Carving Garnish

First, cut out the root and the top of the radish. Then, cut 2 slices deeply from top to end, but don’t cut through all of the radish. Then, add 2 same slices deeply by turning 90 degrees and cutting. Drain radish in water for 30 minutes. 

Second, create deep slits on a radish. Continue draining radish in water for 30 minutes.

Third, repeat deep slits on a radish and soak radish in water for 30 minutes.

Tip: more slits, more details on radish.

Warn: Be careful! when you trim slits. 

5 Ideas Of Radish Garnish

Lyly Radish Garnish

First, cut the radish into a rectangle. 

Second, use a knife to trim the outer wing layer of the radish piece.

Third, trim and peel off 4 right angles, to the inner wing layer will be compared to the outer layer. 

Fourth, trim the 2nd wing layer, similar to the first. After that, cut off the non-use radish core 

Fifth, cut a piece of black radish to fit in the middle of the radish, then trim it on top. Using a knife, trim the flowers into tiny squares with interwoven, vertical crosses. 

Finally,  use scissors to trim the head of the petals and use a sharp toothpick pinned from under the flower stalk to the petals, we will be the glass flower. 

Flower From Garnish Peel

First, remove leaves and cut the peel horizontally. 

Second, peel the radish into wave shape. 

Third, roll the wave shape into flower shape. Have done!

Rose From Radish

First, you cut off the stalks and peel radish.

Second, you cut the radish into thin slices about 0.2cm. After that, you soak them in diluted brine for about 15 minutes so that the radish is softer, easier to shape and not broken. 

Third, you start creating the flower shape. You roll the first slice rounded to make the pistil, then arrange the 2nd slice diagonally upwards and then you turn stack and roll the remaining radish slices until the flowers are just enough size.

Fourth, use a sharp toothpick to fix the flower from falling out. At the same time, you spread each petal and swipe slightly to create a curved pose for the petals. 

Finally, you just need to put the flowers in ice water so that the flowers bloom. We finished, very simple, aren’t we?

Fly Agaric Mushroom From Radish

First, to make mushroom from radish, you should use round or oval shape radish.

Second, use a corer to hold the body of the mushroom radish. Then, use a knife cut through the excess of radish where the corner is inserted in the radish.

Third, use straw to draw the excellent round marks of the mushroom. 

Fourth, use a paring knife to peel round marks out the radish. So that we already have a mushroom radish. It’s so easy. 

Radish Mouse Food Decor For Kid Dishes

First, also use round or oval shape radish. And you hold the root of radish, to make the tail of the mouse. 

Second, cut radish into 2 thin slices. It is 2 ears of a mouse. 

Third, we cut a place to put 2 ears mice. We divide the radish into 3 parts and cut up ⅓ radish to put 2 ears. So, we have lovely mice. You completely use mouse radish in kid food. Your kid will be happy when the kid sees these cute mice. 

8 Ways To Eat Radishes

Eating With Butter

You cut the radish into thin slices. And then, add butter and salt. It is a proper enjoyment of the French. You can try it! 

Picking The Radish

This is a popular method in Asian. You can see the function of Asian countries. Taste of radish will be more brittle and sweet. You can eat pickle radish with rice. Its taste is very interesting. 

Grilling Radish With Meat

You can chop radish into thick wedges. And then, put it together with meat. Put them in the oven and adjust the appropriate temperature. Finally, when the radishes and meat are cooked, sprinkle with pepper.

Slicing Radish With Salad

You should use a peel to cut radish into super thin pieces. Then, put it in a salad. Add vegetables and a medium amount of olive oil or vinegar. Mix it all and enjoy. 

Making Radish Sandwiches

Cut radish into circle or semicircle pieces. Then, put on a sandwich, add different ingredients. Sprinkle a little sesame and place in slices of ginger. 

Roasting Radish

Use high heat to roast radish. This makes radish have an exciting taste, sweeter and more buttery.

Making Chilled Soup With Radish

Cut radish into trimmed radishes. Cook together with cucumber and chilled buttermilk. After cooking, you can decorate soup with some slices of radish. 

Putting In Taco With Radish

Put cold radish out your fridge and slice it into thin pieces. Cold radish slices are a special filling for tacos. You can refer to the taco recipe we introduce below. 

3 Common Receipt With Radishes


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Salad is a food of mixing many ingredients. Each salad has been served differently. People usually serve salad at room temperature. 


  • Red radishes
  • Vinegar (White or Rice)
  • Sugar
  • Salt
  • Black pepper (optional)

1. Wash and slice paper thin pieces of radish. You can use a mandolin for the process. It helps you save time. 

2. Then, you use a blender to mix vinegar, sugar and salt until all of them is dissolved

3. Then you put radish in a large bowl and pour mixture and mix them together. After that, you put a bowl of radish salad in the refrigerator for about two hours. So we’ve had a salad to eat or eat with bread. You can sprinkle the pepper on radish salad.


if you make a lot of salad, you remember to increase the amount of sugar, vinegar and salt. 

You can add vidalia to enhance the taste of salad.

Don’t forget! This salad can be preserved for about 3 days in fridge 


Taco is a traditional Mexican dish. A taco can be many different fillings. 


  • Red radishes
  • Green onions
  • Jalapeno pepper
  • Cilantro
  • Lime juice
  • Olive oil
  • Kosher salt
  • Black pepper

1. Cut radish into quarter thin slice pieces. Then chop thinly green onions and cilantro. Add some pieces of pepper. 

2. Mix all of radish, onions, cilantro, lime juice, olive oil, and kosher salt in a large bowl. Then, strain out liquid in salad.

3. Put them together on taco. 


You can chop parts of ingredients in a fridge before use tomorrow. 

Let strain out liquid in the salad before placing it on taco.


Crudite is a common French food. It includes many vegetables and eats together a dipping sauce you like. It can be called a snack of veggies and suitable for appetizer. 


  • Radishes
  • Baby romaine lettuce
  • Carrots
  • Celery
  • Cucumber
  • Cherry tomatoes
  • Baby sweetcorn

1. Wash all the veggies and prep-veggies. 

2. Cut radish into quarters. Julienne carrot, cucumber, baby sweetcorn into sticks. Slice celery and lettuce into bite-fit pieces. Cut tomatoes into half pieces. 

3. Use a large tray or plate and a small bowl which use to hold a dip. Fill the plate with all the vegetables. Choose a dip you like to fill a small bowl. Have done!


Arrange vegetables of the same color to make an attractive crudite.

Choose the vegetables in season for easy finding.

FAQ’s Radish Cutting

How do I store a radish for a long time?

To hold radish for a long time. We have 4 ways to share!

Way 1: Drench radish in water

Pour water in a large bowl enough to put all of the radishes. With this way, at room temperature, radishes will keep for up to 3 days. Or, if you put the bowl in the fridge, radishes will keep for up to 8 days. 

Way 2: Store radish in plastic bag

Remove tops and roots of radish. Then, place the radishes in a zig bag, clear away extra air and seal the zip bag. Then put it in the fridge, radish will store for 1-2 weeks.

Way 3: Put radish in a glass jar

Cut out the top and root of the radish. Fill the glass jar with water, then put radish in the glass jar and place it in the refrigerator. You can keep it for up to 8 days. 

Way 4: Bury radish in the sand

Use a box with damp sand. Then, put the radishes in a box and don’t let the root of the radishes touch each other. Remember, sand is always samp. Burry radish in sand can store radish for up to 3 months. However, you must keep an eye on the radish once a week. 

If you are wondering which refrigerator will be useful for preservation, you can visit MURA NorthHill

Should I eat Radish greens?

In fact, all of the Radish greens can eat. Make full use of these leaves, it will make your meal have a different taste. You might be surprised by it! 

Will radish after cutting turn on brown?

The good news is no brown after you cut a radish. Usually, when the radish turns brown, it is a sign that the radish is already old. Chances are, you have to throw those radishes away.  

Can radishes eat raw?

Yes, you completely eat raw radish. But, you should soak radishes in salt water before you eat them. You can eat raw radish with butter or salad. 

Are radishes hard to digest?

Radishes will need an hour to digest. According to us, this time is not long to digest. Because, different cruciferous vegetables also need 40-50 minutes to digest. 

How many radishes can eat a day?

You can eat ½ cup radishes a day. It means about 100gram radishes. Below, we will show you nutrients in 100gram radishes. You can consult:

Vitamin A<1
Vitamin C25
Vitamin E9
Vitamin K1

How can I choose the best radish for my cooking?

To choose the best radish, you will point in 2 parts.

Part 1: The appearance of a radish

First, for the popular option, you should select medium-sized radishes. Their taste of medium-size is better, milder, sweeter,… Then, you should notice leaves. Green and crisp leaves is a sign radish is at its peak. Radish will be more delicious. Next, you should find a color of radish. You should choose the radish, full red or light white. Finally, check the mold of the radish. 

Part 2: Feeling a radish

Choose a radish whose skin is smooth. Take your hand across the skin to feel. When you hold a radish, check the weight of the radish. A good radish is when you squeeze, you feel it firm. Don’t remember this! In addition, don’t buy radish that has a squishy and wilted root. 

7 Benefit In Eating Radish

Healthy skin and hair

Vitamin A for healthy skin and hair. Vitamin C helps to moisturize hair, produce and maintain collagen, and prevent hair loss. 

Reduce anemia

Iron deficiency is the leading cause of anemia. Radish is rich in iron, which helps the body absorb iron better.


The calcium content of each gram of radish is higher than that of any fruit or vegetable. In one 55 g cup of radish contains 22 mg of sodium. So when you cook or eat this vegetable, you don’t add salt.

Preventing cancer

Beets and other cruciferous vegetables contain the nutrient Sulforaphane, which can prevent cancer. 


Beets are high in fiber, beneficial for people with diabetes. Beets also contain an antioxidant called alpha-lipoic acid, which can lower blood sugar, increase insulin sensitivity in diabetics.


Women of childbearing age absorb more iron from plants such as turnips, spinach, beans, pumpkin and green beans, enhancing fertility. The amount of folic acid in radish is also essential during pregnancy, protecting the fetus from neurological defects.

Sleep and spirit

Turnip greens contain choline that helps maintain the structure of cell membranes, reducing chronic inflammation. Folate treats depression, prevents an excess of homocysteine ​​from forming in the body. Homocysteine ​​affects the body’s production of hormones that regulate mood, sleep, and appetite.

Choose fresh radish with dark green leaves, small leaves that are soft, and have a mild taste. Prepared by mixing in salads or sandwiches, braised dishes, stir-fried, boiled, or added to soups and casseroles.

5 Note Eating Radish:

Do not eat while taking medicine

Eating radish while taking medicine will decrease the effectiveness of the drug. Therefore, please remove white radish from the menu if you are treating the disease with medicine.

Do not eat with ginseng

If after you eat white radish, absolutely do not drink ginseng. By combining these 2 foods together, it will lose the nutritional value from these 2 foods.

Do not eat with carrots 

Radishes are rich in vitamin C but carrots contain many enzymes that break down this vitamin. Therefore, using 2 foods at the same time will destroy the vitamin C of radish.

Do not eat with pears, grape apples 

According to many studies, the copper cetan content in fruits such as pears, apples, grapes will react with the cyanogen acid of the radish. This can cause symptoms of goiter, severe hypothyroidism. Therefore, you should not combine radish with these fruits.

Do not eat with wood ear

Eating radish with wood ear fungus can cause skin inflammation. The enzymes in the radish chemically react with the bio-chemicals found in the fungus, causing your skin to become problematic. 

Below, we will introduce a video with exciting tips for cutting a radish. You can cut perfect radish slices with a fork. Click now!


We hope that ideas help you to cut a radish easily. Besides that, you will have general information related to radish such as healthy pf radish and radish dishes. 

To master a radish cut, do not stop practicing. Your technique will increase over time. Don’t worry too much about clumsy first attempts. Everything will be better! 

We suggest you ask for the guidance of relatives, friends or experienced ones. They will give you good advice for your cutting. If you need more support about the grill and griddle combo, use cooked radish. You can consult this article.

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