How To Make Fried Sushi- Turn Sushi Into Delicious Crunchy Sushi

how to make fried sushi

Sushi is a dish that many people love because the aroma of seaweed leaves blends with the ingredients to create a beautiful flavor. In this article, we will show you how to make fried sushi-try transforming your sushi into delicious crispy deep-fried sushi to enjoy this new taste!

It is not obvious that sushi dishes make many people in the world “enjoy” so much. This strange and familiar dish is suitable for many objects from students, students to office workers and many delicious and nutritious ingredients.

The fancy crispy deep-fried sushi is a dish that many families love. If you are not sure how to do it, go to the kitchen with us to learn how to make fried sushi.

In this post, we will give you details on making fried sushi. Below is a list of information in the article:

  • 10 Popular Sushi Types
  • How to make fried sushi
  • Tips
  • Some of the best sushi sheets on the market
  • FAQs

10 Popular Sushi Types

Sushi is a Japanese dish made from rice mixed with vinegar, shaped by crumpling and holding. Many people mistakenly think there is only one type of sushi, but there are many different types of sushi made from different ingredients. Along with us, distinguish Japanese sushi types in the article below!


Considered the origin of sushi, Narezushi is the oldest sushi in Japan. The dish was born with the purpose of a “preserved dish,” prepared by fermenting salt and rice with raw fish to ferment.


Born in Osaka in the 1840s, Oshizushi is considered high-class, luxurious sushi. The special thing that makes the dish’s value is that the chef does not use the usual sushi hand, but presses the raw rice and fish into a wooden box, then is taken out and cut into rectangular or shaped pieces. Square.

 Oshizushi has a beautiful color like a chessboard when brought to the table, and it also tastes great when served with mustard and rich soy sauce.


Maki is a form of rice rolled with small seaweed. Usually, only one type of filling can be raw fish, raw vegetables, and fruits. Some types of maki you may be familiar with are avocado maki, salmon maki, cucumber maki … In general, maki is a popular word for rolled sushi.


From the maki word in Futomaki, you can probably guess that this dish is also related to rolls. Futomaki rolls are usually large, ranging from 1.5 inches to 2.5 inches in diameter, consisting of 2-3 different kernels rolled with dried seaweed.


Gunkan translates to “battleship,” “warship,” not because it is associated with a historical event or any ship, but because it itself looks like a small ship “carrying” full of fish dishes, fish roe, shrimp eggs, or sea urchins. The vivid color of the egg makes the dish more attractive, especially the high nutritional content of fish eggs makes Gunkan Sushi an extremely nutritious dish.


Simply put, Nigiri is small long, rather slim sushi balls spread on a layer of wasabi and covered with a layer of raw fish or other seafood. Nigiri in Japanese means “squeeze,” “compress,” and that’s how these nigiri sushi balls are made.


Temari literally means “handball,” the Temari has a round shape like small balls, covered with various toppings depending on the choice. This type of sushi is prevalent on Hinamatsuri – a holiday for Japanese girls, so it is often decorated to be beautiful and cute.


Another sushi roll, but this one is special in that it’s “upside-down.” If other sushi rolls have seaweed rolled outside with rice inside, uramaki is the opposite, rice on the outside, seaweed and filling.


Chirashi Sushi is served in a bowl of rice, placed at the bottom, topped with some ingredients (usually Sashimi, vegetables) served with a spicy Miso sauce sprinkled on top of the dish. Eating, making the dish and the taste more attractive and hard to resist.


As mentioned above, maki only refers to sushi rolls, and temaki is no exception. However, a little different here is that the temaki is shaped like a funnel, only lightly rolled at the end. The inside contains rice and covered with different toppings such as salmon, salmon eggs, vegetables 

With the above distinction, we firmly believe that you will not be confused when naming sushi types. If you have a chance, do not forget to enjoy the 10 types of sushi above!

How To Make Fried Sushi

Ingredients for deep-fried sushi 300g sticky rice

  • Dried seaweed
  • 5 chicken eggs
  • 5 pieces of crab sticks
  • Sausage
  • 1 carrot
  • 1 cucumber
  • 200g spinach
  • 100g salted radish
  • Roasted sesame seeds
  • Crispy fried dough
  • Sesame oil, mayonnaise, chili sauce …

A Step-by-Step Guide to Homemade Sushi

Step 1: Cook rice

You should choose a bowl of fragrant sticky rice for rice. After you buy it, wash it and put it in a rice cooker to cook. Requirements with this rice dish must be sticky, fragrant, cooked, not too dry, or too soft. When the rice is cooked, put the rice in a large bowl, add 1 teaspoon of sesame oil, roasted sesame oil, and a little salt. Then, mix well to make the dish more flavorful.

Step 2: Preliminary processing of raw materials

  • Chicken eggs you break into the cup, add a little fish sauce and beat well. Put the pan on the stove, add oil. When the oil is hot, add the eggs and fry. Note, you should use a small pan to make the egg thicker when the sushi roll is not crushed. When the eggs are fried, you cut them out into a chopping board and cut them into long strands, about 15cm.
  • The sausage you cut into evenly long strands. Or you can also replace the sausage with sausage and cut the same thread.
  •  Your crab sticks peel off the plastic crust and cut into beautiful long strands.
  •  Cucumbers you peel off, wash, cut long strands.
  •  When you buy radish, wash it with water many times to reduce the salty taste and then cut it into long strands. It would help if you cut radish and cucumber to the same size.
  •  Carrots you bring peeled, washed, and also cut long strands. Then, you put the pot on the stove to boil and then boil the carrots. Next, when the carrots are just cooked, take them out and immediately put them in cold water for about 15 minutes so that the carrots are crispy and retain their natural color.
  • – Cut spinach, remove the root, remove the dead leaves and wash them. Similar to carrots, you add spinach to a little bit and then in cold water.

Step 3: Sushi rolls

  • After preparing the ingredients, prepare a tray and spread the bamboo blinds in the middle. Next, you put the seaweed leaves, leaving the rough part facing up. Then, you take a sufficient amount of rice spread evenly over the seaweed, leaving only a small portion of seaweed to roll.
  •  Next, you put carrots, cucumbers, spinach, yellow radish, crab sticks, sausages, fried eggs, each a little horizontal place of seaweed leaves. Then, you gently roll the bamboo blinds, roll you just edited so that the ingredients are in the middle of the rice for the sushi to be beautiful. Next, you roll your hands tightly until all the leaves are gone. Sushi rolls are an important step, so be careful and skillful

Step 4: Cut the sushi

 To add evenly and eye-catching sushi pieces, you should use a sharp knife, apply a little sesame oil on the knife and cut the sushi into bite-sized pieces. Or you can also cut it in half if you like.

Step 5: Frying sushi

  • First, you put the cooking oil in the fryer and wait for the oil to boil. You break 2 eggs into the bowl and then beat. Crispy fried dough you put on a plate.
  • Then, dip the sushi into the egg bowl and roll the sushi over the fried dough to make the sushi dough evenly. When the oil is boiling, add the sushi to the deep fry. When the sushi is deeply fried, place each piece on a plate lined with oil blotting paper.
  • Done. Just serve it and eat it with sushi with mayonnaise or chili sauce!
  • With’s delicious deep-fried sushi, we hope you will be able to bring your whole family delicious food! Good luck.

*To reduce the smell after frying, you can use a hood vent to make the air more comfortable


  • Cooking oil when making deep-fried sushi must be sure to cover the entire sushi roll. When frying, remember to turn the sushi rolls back and forth so that the sushi is crispy, even yellow on the sides.
  • Once the sushi is golden and crispy, remove the oil blotting paper. Then you put sushi on the cutting board, cut it into slices to taste, arrange it on a plate and decorate a little chili, cilantro for a beautiful look. This dish with chili sauce is delicious.
  • Use bell peppers because when fried, chili will not be soft like cucumber or cauliflower. You can replace it with carrots or shrimp, meat for this crispy fried sushi dish more enriched.

Some Of The Best Sushi Sheets On The Market

Daechun(Choi’s1), Roasted Seaweed, Gim, Sushi Nori (50 Full Sheets)

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Our burnt sea algae have a delicious flavor and are often rusty. We have a comprehensive framework of food protection that satisfies our consumers’ specifications. We placed the date of production and expiry on the back label for your knowledge.

Wir sind ein Familienbetrieb. Min Soon Choi owns and operates DAECHUN LAVER (CEO). In 1977, his dad began the food industry. Over the upcoming years, we gradually added our brand recognition in Korea.

We dedicate ourselves to becoming a business that always gives our customers the highest value. We are constantly exploring and working on our business’s image through the best algae processing and basic sanitation.

Tokyo Nori Sushi Nori Sheets – 50 Full Sheet – Medium Roasted Seaweed Sheets

Thirty decades of experience in nori production has enabled us to love nori and its nature. Our nori coffee company leader checks raw algae batch at water content then utilizes the hair shape to make our Tokyo Nori moderate Roasted Sushi Nori trademark with the intellectual property.

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Sushi is spinning a whirlwind with the majority rule. No more damaged nori. Taste the fuss-free sushi. Up to or within rolls of uramaki. What should take the form of nori used into account in particular? For the complete enjoyment of the roll, the correct nori must be gentle.

Annie Chun’s Organic Seaweed, Sea Salt

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SeaSnax Organic Roasted Seaweed Snack Original, 0.18 oz (Pack of 12)

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Seasonal SeaVegi is a mixture of nutritionally loaded algae, free of vegan and gluten, that contains 5 distinct kinds of seafood

Hydrate in a few seconds, add a tasteful baked potato to your favorite sauce.

Sunshine. Bouillon cube is a kind of dark grayish brown plankton. Kombu has been valued for its nutrients, nutrients, phosphorus, arsenic, iodine, and A and C heavy metals as a sea crop. It is very flexible seafood applied to chili, broth, soup, preserves, and plates.


How much time is bad before sushi?

Period of 3 days. (In particular, 3 days of crab meat cooked is healthy. Sushi produced out of raw salmon or vega, if kept in 41 degree F or under or around 5 days, or if your domestic refrigerator is adjusted to 45 degree warmer (F.) can be consumed for up to a complete week.

Will the next day be all right to consume fresh sushi?

If your sushi has seafood, it’s all right to take any remains and store them up to several hours in a fridge. The flavor and aroma of sushi can vary (such as sweeter sushi, loose seaweed sheet, rough rice). However, eating them 1 day after it is produced should not be harmful.

Could you eat sushi three days old?

The FDA requires packed sushi to be cooled. (In particular, 3 days of crab meat cooked is healthy. Sushi produced out of raw salmon or vega, if kept in 41 degrees F or under or around 5 days, or if your home’s refrigerator is adjusted to 45 degrees colder (F.), can be consumed for close to a complete week.

How To Make Fried Sushi- Turn Sushi Into Delicious Crunchy Sushi 25

How are you aware of the poor sushi?

Push the flesh softly with your upper pointer finger. Your finger shouldn’t be indented because it’s not really new if you keep your finger on your shrimp. You’ll become a regular at a poor sushi bar when you get this technique off.

How would you make cool sushi soft?

You will get a restaurant roll of great quality in moments by cooking the raw cuts with your grain in the oven. The technique involves nullity or culinary delicacy. The journalist Meg defrosted her salmon for thirty minutes at 500 watts.

Will you get sushi food toxicity?

Anisakiasis is one popular sushi-related disease. It is associated with the consumption of fish that have been contaminated with a parasite worm that attaches to the esophagus, belly, or gut and may lead to food toxicity. Avoiding raw or uncooked fish or calamars fully The only approach to avoid the infection is

What are Sushi’s best-known types?

While the prevalence of sushi and Japanese foods have generally increased considerably lately, some items have become much more common than others. California rolls, Salmon Hands Starts rolling or temaki, Salmon Strawberry Season Roll, Seafood Sashimi, Crabs and Tofu Charishi, Broccoli Grain Scallion Pancake and, of all, the Strawberry Sushi Burger are by far the most common types of dishes among longline fishing.

Why gets rice tough with sushi?

You can pulse rise when you find the rice is much too soft for salmon after it has really been long since left in cooler conditions. Usually, you have to relive grain’s lightness when purchasing pre-made sushi kept in the USA’s fridge. I assume that this Japanese handy tip supports sushi enthusiasts around the globe!

Could you prepare the remaining sushi?

It would be better to throw it out. However, in a medium tempura batter, you should start frying it deeply. It should only take a few days to prepare the fish. As Hobodave pointed out, the meat must be fried since the remaining food is not important to eat raw.

Is tomato sauce supposed to be soaked before cooking?

You would like to ensure the rice is cleaned and rinsed for many resources to thoroughly fry Japanese rice until no further grain falls out of the water. Afterward, just let the rice sit for at least a few minutes. This enables a better shape for corn kernels.

Does the purchasing and eating of different sushi have some specific rule?

You may feel that there may be a lot of things you can do to buy and eat pizza to buy and eat them for beginners. Ok, with most longline fishing, this is not necessarily true. You can typically start with darker flavors and move on to darker or thinner flavors. 

That being said, consuming arrives with a couple more laws than buying. You are frequently placed on the side in the casual dining Asian restaurants and, as such, should feed on the bottom to top. That being said, relaxed Japanese establishments have more choices to think about your sushi.

Is there really vegetarian sushi?

People become increasingly aware of the importance of medical services as we recognize it, particularly when unsafe living creates an increasing amount of new diseases and chronic illnesses. Vegan and vegetable sushi quickly became one of the most common forms of wellness consumers around the world.

 But are they really there? A certain amount of sushi joints are now available for vegetarians or vegans as prices increase and the vision of the diner shifts. California is a vegan palm roll, vegan fall throw, and black vegetable.

Some sushi shops now offer vegetarians and vegans because of the rise in prices and the change in the diner’s sight. The Sushi Counter’s vegan hand-rolling, vegetarian summer rolling, and dark vegetable California rolling are excellent examples of the well-documented vegan food sushi.

Some sushi shops now offer vegetarians and vegans because of the rise in prices and the change in the diner’s sight. The Sushi Counter’s vegan hand-rolling, vegetarian summer rolling, and dark vegetable California rolling are excellent examples of the well-documented vegan food sushi.

How are salmon and grilled fish different?

Sashimi is much wider than the Sashimi word. The above applies to raw fish that are typically cut and consumed without the grain. Sushi would not have to be produced from fresh fish, nevertheless. Essentially it can be regarded as a salad if it is eaten with root vegetables.

How is the sour cream added to your sushi?

Soy sauce was a good addition to sushi meals, particularly for those who first tried the Japanese curry. How you add soy to your sushi is dependent on the form, food taste. By sinking the sushi part, you could attach the soy sauce. 

While dipping, you must remember that it can cause your sushi to include quite enough soya if you are careful. Notice that you dip the sushi’s tuna hand, not the grain. This prevents the sushi from breaking apart, particularly if the salmon are loosely arranged.

When eaten with sushi and what’s the meaning of pickled ginger?

Pickled ginger, which is known in Japanese as ‘Gari,’ is typically served at the dinner’s start and end. It is to be used as a taste purifier in bean paste. This form of a carrot also has certain anti-microbial characteristics, which are important for consuming raw foods.

Should Sushi be eaten by pregnant women?

The nutrition you may or cannot consume during this time is one of the biggest mistakes people make when pregnant. This rendered the moms shortly scared to eat fast food because their innocent fetus could be at risk. 

Although mothers and babies are unsafe for raw sushi, your favorite sushi meal is not prohibited from eating. The idea of eating sushi during your childhood is to ensure that the fish is the first preserved or preserved, as the larvae are killed. It is cheaper to order organic or vegan sushi rather than ensuring you eat nutritious and safe food.

Can Sushi be eaten either by the side or with chopsticks?

Sushi was intended to be consumed by the hand as something of your sushi manners, so you could particularly pull the sushi over if you dive it in soy sauce. The chopsticks may be a little difficult to fill. However, as the world’s appeal has started to grow, sushi lovers now recognize that they can eat it even with knives and forks.

Who’s California Rolls Developed?

The California Roll is amongst the most common sushi types among longline fishing. Two separate sushi chefs say that they were responsible for who made this incredible sushi dish. The born and raised Japanese Chef Hidekazu Tojo says that tourists from Los Angeles enjoyed his ‘indoor’ versions of sushi. 

Rotsky’s sushi is a mixture of fried lobster, strawberry, and grapefruit and then rolled into pasta in the sea algae. Chef Ichiro Mashita, who operates in San Francisco, Little Tokyo, has the rival argument.

In the 1960s, he pretended he created it. Yet, given the continued discussions about who actually began to produce this contentious but awesome sushi platter, the Japanese Officials remembered Chef Hidekazu Tojo who also selected him to be among the Japanese food representatives courtesy.

Watching video below to get more detail:


Thanks for your interest in this article. We hope after reading this article, you will know how to make fried sushi. If you have any questions, ask us a question. We are always happy to help.

You can find a good fryer to make your fried sushi here.

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