Top 10 Best (And Affordable) Microwave Waveguide Covers To Make Your Microwave Work Like New 2022

microwave waveguide cover

Are you looking for a way to calm down the bolt of lightning in your oven? It’s not a big problem. All you need might be just a new slice of microwave waveguide cover. Replacing the cover can solve your problem and save you a hundred-buck call for service.

A new waveguide cover can be also an easy, inexpensive way to “renew” your oven, boost the operating, and extend its service life. If your microwave creates some internal flames, you should check the inside waveguide cover. Don’t trash your microwave oven way too early. He just needs a new accessory.

Whether it’s the first or nth time buying a new waveguide cover, you may feel dizzy while there are bunches of offers on websites. Here are the 10 best options that we carefully selected out of hundreds of candidates.

Best Microwave Waveguide Covers Comparison 2022

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Bestseller No. 4
2 PCS Microwave Oven Parts Mica Slice Super Thick Heat Insulation Accessories,Waveguide Cover for...
2 PCS Microwave Oven Parts Mica Slice Super Thick Heat Insulation Accessories,Waveguide Cover for...
Super Thick Heat Insulation Accessories,Can't fold.; MM823EA6-PS KD23B-AH,Waveguide Cover for Frigidaire 5304464061
Bestseller No. 5
BOJACK Microwave Waveguide Cover Universal Cutable Mica Board for microwave 117 X 64 mm (Pack of 6)
BOJACK Microwave Waveguide Cover Universal Cutable Mica Board for microwave 117 X 64 mm (Pack of 6)
【SIZE】117mm x 64mm/4.6in x 2.52in, you can cut it to other size you need.; 【PACKAGING】Mica board X 6. Satisfy your needs.
Bestseller No. 6
Microwave Waveguide Cover Mica Sheet Replacement Part Suitable for MM721NH1-PW MM721NG1-PW M1-L213B...
Microwave Waveguide Cover Mica Sheet Replacement Part Suitable for MM721NH1-PW MM721NG1-PW M1-L213B...
Material: Mica; Size: 2.53" x 4.17" (64.5 x 106mm); Thickness: 0.4mm; The Mica Suitable for MM721NH1-PW / MM721NG1-PW / M1-L213B 211A...etc Microwave Oven
Bestseller No. 10
2 Pcs 5.1' x 5.1' Microwave Oven Repairing Part Mica Plates Sheets Waveguide Cover 2Pcs for...
2 Pcs 5.1" x 5.1" Microwave Oven Repairing Part Mica Plates Sheets Waveguide Cover 2Pcs for...
Product Name : Microwave Oven Mica Plates;Material : Mica,Paper, Silicone Resin; Net Weight : 110g

Top 10 Microwave Waveguide Covers Reviews 2022

Frigidaire Microwave Waveguide Cover

Frigidaire specializes in energy-efficient kitchen appliances. If there is a need for a new waveguide cover, Frigidaire Microwave Waveguide Cover is an ideal choice. I tried this product and it absolutely did not let me down. 

I was startled by the firebolts in my microwave, thinking I had to buy a new one. But my friend told me to buy a new waveguide cover instead and I got this. The cover was far more convenient than I expected. 

I didn’t even have to use a tool. It fits perfectly in my microwave. It only took me only 2-3 minutes to install the cover for the first time. And when I turned on the microwave, the result was amazing like there was a miracle. The sparks completely disappeared and my oven continued to work like new. It saved me a call for service that would cost a hundred dollars.


  • No need to cut
  • Very easy to install
  • Sturdy
  • Long service life


  • None

Waveguide Cover (2pcs)

This microwave waveguide cover has received compliments from hundreds of buyers and many of them promise to buy it next time. It is 0.05 inches thick, and this really helps to protect the magnetron from moisture, oil and stuff while cooking, prevent the flashes and let you enjoy your meal in safety. This is the thickest cover on our list. This is a must-have item in your kitchen.

Despite its super thickness, it is sturdy enough not to snap and crack while installing. The size is perfect for multiple microwave oven models. In case there is a need to adapt, you can easily cut and trim with the help of a razor knife or a household pair of scissors.

When you receive the package, you will find that there is an extra waveguide cover. That means you have a spare one if some unlucky mistake happens or simply just for the future.


  • Sturdy
  • Easy to cut
  • Suitable for multiple models
  • Extra piece


  • may need some adjustments

Frigidaire Waveguide Cover Unit

This is another product from Frigidaire. It works like a charm, wiping out all the fireballs. For most microwaves, it is a perfect size. For some ovens, they may not completely fit in. Luckily, the material is easy to cut so you can make some adjustments with a pair of scissors or a craft knife.

The cover can be installed manually without the use of other tools. However, there is an important notice: you should be gentle and take your time. Avoid bending it too much. As the nature of the material, the cover may be cracked if there is hastiness and too much force applied. So if you’re not a handyman, be patient.

In general, although the installation may be a bit challenging, the cover is worth the effort and it works quite well. It is an affordable and effective solution for the annoying arcing problem and saves your microwave from ending up in scrap yards.


  • Immediate effective
  • Easy to cut and trim
  • Perfect size for many models


  • Can be cracked if bent too much

Microwave Oven Parts Mica Slice (2pcs)

If your oven is shooting flames with sizzling noises and a burnt smell, this waveguide cover will make it a cinch to fix your own. It is 0.04 inches (that is 1mm) in thickness, and that gives the cover an excellent ability to resist heat and insulate the magnetron in your oven. 

The cover really does work. No more fire sparkling. No more grumbling noises. No more nasty smell. And it fits perfectly for a wide range of microwave oven models. In the other case, you may have to trim just a little bit to install. But, bear in mind that you should be careful when building this into the microwave. The slice is slightly brittle. It might crack when you bend it to fit the tabs.

In the worst situation, when the cover snaps, you still have an extra one to try. Take your time and you will have your oven fully working again.


  • Moderate thickness
  • Usable for many models
  • Clearly effective


  • A little bit brittle, need gentleness while installing

VINFANY Waveguide Cover (20pcs)

This kind of microwave waveguide cover is universal for ALL models of the microwave. Why? Because you can easily trace and cut it out to any size and shape. Adjustments can be made easily based on the shape of the original pattern that was once in your oven, by just a pair of scissors or a craft knife.

As you can see on the name of the product, there are 20 sheets per package. Yes, I’m not making typos. What’s more? Amazingly, each sheet is enough for 2 waveguide covers. There is a little caution that you should notice: be careful during installation because the material is relatively fragile. You should avoid bending the corners, otherwise, it will snap and crack. 

The manufacturer confirmed that each cover is capable of a 3-month service lifetime. Frankly, to say, that is an acceptable life span for such an affordable and instant solution for arcing flashes without taking the oven apart.


  • 20 pieces per pack
  • Usable for all models
  • Easy to trace and cut


  • Pretty delicate, easy to crack if lack of carefulness

Waveguide Cover Mica Plates Sheets With Scissor (4 pcs)

These waveguide covers are made of high-quality mica paper and silicone resin, which makes them a long-lasting insulator and heat resistor for your microwave oven. The product has a wide range of usage: it can be inserted in ANY ovens and other household appliances like hair-dryer, toaster, warmer…

It is very easy to trace and cut out the covers from the sheets. You can do that by an Exacto knife or a pair of scissors. In case you have none of them, the package gives you an extra pair of scissors to help you with the adjustment. The sheets are stiff like thin cardboard, so some patience while the installation is essential. The customers were pleased to find that the covers work flawlessly.

Another amazing thing is that this effective solution is quite affordable, much less costly than the original brands’ replacement (well, at least 5 times lower). A purchaser said the covers saved him 650 dollars for a new magnetron.


  • An extra pair of scissors
  • Universal for many models of microwave
  • Easy to trace and cut


  • Fairly brittle

Svance Waveguide Cover (5pcs)

A package of this product contains 5 slices of microwave waveguide cover, so you can spare 4 for the next time of usage. The covers can be inserted into multiple models. The installation is incredibly simple. You can push the cover in the tabs by hand within just a few seconds. In most cases, it perfectly fits in, otherwise, you may need to trim a bit. But the task is super easy as well. A craft knife or a pair of scissors will do. For me to say, I prefer the knife.

The product’s performance is excellent. Once you put it in the microwave, you can be confident that the terrifying fireworks go away and continue to warm up your meal in relief. A package of 5 pieces can be afforded at a reasonable price. This is a good bargain that can change your intention to throw away your microwave and buy a new one.


  • 4 extra covers
  • Wide use
  • Affordable


  • May need some adjustment.

Waveguide Cover (5pcs)

This product is made from the common materials for most waveguide covers: mica paper, and silicone resin. This is a non-toxic and durable product. The cover protects the magnetron from steam and food particles, stimulates the microwave’s efficiency and lengthens its lifetime.

The cover performs high heat resistance and excellent heat insulting. Due to such properties, it can be a useful accessory for other heat appliances. It is so simple to install that you may not even need the instruction. For many oven models, the cover perfectly fits. If you need to have some changes, use a craft knife or scissors. The cover is easy to trace and cut into smaller sizes for different needs.

 You will get 4 extra covers per package for backup usage in the future. At an inexpensive cost, the cover is really what you need to extinguish the fireballs and boost your lovely oven.


  • 5 pieces per pack
  • Simple to install
  • Easy to cut


  • May need some adjustments

Fashionclubs Microwave Oven Repairing Part (4pcs)

This type of waveguide cover has left buyers flooded with satisfaction with their decision to get it. It works in a flawless way, completely solves the firebolts raging in your microwave and it lasts for months. I often call it a trick to tame the wild roaring ovens.

The installation is as easy as a piece of cake: you just have to trace, cut, and put in. It doesn’t take much time and effort to do tracing and cutting. All you need is a box cutter. As you can change the shape of the covers, these slices can be said to be universal for all models of microwave ovens. 5 minutes of installation brings your oven other months of working correctly.

These waveguide covers are really worth trying. It can save you 10 times the cost of a new microwave. I remember a comment saying “Great product at a great price”.


  • 4 pieces per pack
  • Easy to cut
  • Affordable


  • Brittle, easy to crack by bending

 Waveguide Cover (5 pcs)

When I was researching this product, one of its features captivated my attention: its thickness of 0.04 inches (1mm). This is really meaningful in defending the magnetron against the moisture and greases that spit out from the warmed leftovers in the oven. And you don’t have to be skeptical about the heat resistance and instance performance of these covers.

For those who are annoyed by the burnt smell and fluctuating noises from the flames-shooting oven, this is one of the easiest repairs that you can find. It is super easy to use. It can directly fit in the tabs of the oven. If it does not, don’t worry. You just need to adapt it with a pair of scissors. I remember a comment saying even “a four-year-old” can make the replacement.

The covers are not only effective but the price is also amazingly reasonable. And you can have 4 extra pieces to spare. In general, it definitely will make you happy with the purchase.


  • 5 pieces per pack
  • Easy to cut
  • Moderate thickness


  • May need some adjustments

Complete Buying Guide: How To Choose The Best Microwave Waveguide Cover

microwave waveguide cover

Most of the microwave-users are not aware of the waveguide covers in the oven until their microwave conducts some “chemistry experiments” inside. When they receive a box of a new ovens, they often mistake the backup waveguide cover with cardboard and throw it away. And when the terrifying fireworks are on display, they often end up saying goodbye to the young beloved oven, not knowing that the right solution was thrown out at the beginning.

Or, in a little more positive case, the householders have to replace the expensive magnetron or spend nearly hundred buck of dollars for a call of service. However, those solutions are unreasonably costly. Luckily, a new appropriate waveguide cover will renew your oven at a price that you cannot bargain anymore.

Thus, choosing a new waveguide cover for your oven is a considerably worthy affair. And knowing how to choose the right cover for the microwave is essential as well. Here are some key factors that you should elevate when it comes to the replacement of the old waveguide cover:

microwave waveguide cover


There are thousands of microwave models from a wide range of manufacturers. The dimensions of the ovens are different, so the size of the microwave waveguide covers are not the same for all of them. You should make sure to have the original cover’s exact numbers about dimensions. This is very important because it would save you both time and money.

Ignoring the step to identify the size of the right cover can lead to wasting. If the slice is too large, you can still make some adjustments with a craft knife or a pair of scissors. That is still better than the case that the newly-purchased cover is too small for your oven. If the cover is tiny to fit in the tabs, the magnetron is not fully insulated and the flashes may not go away. You will face trouble again right after the installation and have to order another pack of waveguide cover.

On the contrary, if you detect the right size for your cover, the installation will be much easier. It may be a perfect match for the tabs. In either case, it does not take you much time and effort, compared to the consequence of not having the right size.

The good news is that you do not have to take out the rulers and make the exact-to-millimeter measurements. For your convenience, the stores have already adopted a new method that simplifies the task of size determination for the oven-owners. You just have to remember the brand of the manufacturer and the name of your microwave model. Type it out and poof! The results are just what you need. But I still recommend checking the original cover and grabbing the size for your microwave waveguide cover. Better safe than sorry, right?


After having the detailed dimensions for a new suitable waveguide cover, jump to the next step: Choose the right shape. This is as important as the stage of identifying the size of the cover that I mentioned above.

If you do well at this step, I can say that it will smoothen your process of inserting the cover. It might take you just a few seconds to put the cover in, given that you have the right size and shape.

Some models are designed with slots to insert the cover. Some others have tabs to keep the slice. Some microwaves hold the pad with plastic rivets.

Due to such a variety of designs, shapes for each microwave may not be the same. After studying the waveguide covers, I found that these are the 3 most common shapes for all microwave models:

microwave waveguide cover

In case you feel like doing some DIY stuff and creating your own waveguide cover with mica sheets, these shapes may not be a big problem. It is quite easy and simple to trace and cut out with a box cutter of a pair of scissors. But be careful with the holes. The cover may break if you apply too much pressure.

Ease Of Installation

The oven-owners can be divided into 2 groups. The first one concludes that the installation of the waveguide cover is so easy that an unskilled innocent 4-year-old or even a  77-year-old can do it.

They told their stories in jubilance, saying it took just a few seconds to fit in. And the second one finds the task quite challenging. They like the insertion like it was an impossible mission. Most of them had a couple of times breaking the covers and only succeeded at the nth time of trying later.

Although most of the covers are made of mica paper and silicone resin, the extent of complexity during the installation somehow is not the same.

I found some products suffering from complaints about the fragileness of the cover, describing how it easily snaps with just a bend or a drop. Yet there are products that receive no negative comments about the installation. There are even compliments for its flexibility, showing that it fits well.

If you are a handyman, congrats, you are able to pass this test of skillfulness. If you are not, don’t worry at all. The recommended waveguide covers that I mentioned above may help you avoid the risk of broken covers. But you still should keep in mind that it is very important to take your time. Be patient and you will make it.

microwave waveguide cover


I suggest that this is an optional factor, but it is still helpful. Let’s have a quick review of how the waveguide covers work. The covers are not big, but they have a big function.

The mica paper protects the magnetron from heat, greases, and food particles, by resisting heat and bearing the spinouts. Sooner or later, when the old cover has sucked enough in moisture and oil, the magnetron exposes the spinouts and causes the dangerous arcing.

There are stereotypes that insist on most of the buyers’ minds. One of them is, the thinner the cover, the more flexible it is so it will make it easier to install; and vice versa, the thicker the cover, the more brittle it is.

Actually, I discovered that the thicker ones are sturdy enough not to crack and have a larger capacity for greases, while the thinner ones turn out to be more brittle and they do not stay long.

As the thickness also contributes to the ease of installation, I don’t recommend you to buy too thick covers that make your installation more difficult. Choose the moderate thickness that is suitable for insertion. An appropriate thickness means a reasonable service life for the waveguide cover.


You should have a couple of backups in case of over-cutting or breaking. Be careful with the sharp corners, you can have it ground for safety. During adjustments, it’s better to use a box cutter or a craft knife than a pair of scissors.

Cutting and trimming may create some dust. You had better do that on a spreading sheet of old newspaper to avoid it dropping on the floor.

If you need some reference and want some visual learning about the installation of a waveguide cover, this short video will give you some extra useful experience:


Picking up the best waveguide covers for your microwave oven might be a strange experience for those who have just got to know it. Yet it is worth investing time in consideration and giving your microwave a gift of boost.

A new waveguide cover lets you and your family enjoy safe meals in a carefree way, lengthens your microwave’s lifespan, and saves you hundreds of bucks.

We understand that there are a breath-taking number of offers that you can find on the websites. You may find it time-consuming to wander and check the products. Some people may become indecisive when there are too many choices.

However, not many people have enough time to spend on such a small affair. For your convenience, we have carefully done research to find the best products for you. Based on our experience, here are our top 5 pickups that we recommended for you:

Despite the differences in everyone’s intention and skill, we believe that these are the best choices for you to make. We hope that our article has provided you with all the necessary information, clear images, and useful tips to select the most suitable waveguide covers for your microwave oven.

Which one is your favorite choice? Do you have any other suggestions?  What tips do you want to recommend? Or do you have any interesting experiences with waveguide cover to share? Feel free to express yourself in the comment section below.

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