The Easiest Way On How To Use Cheese Slicer

how to use cheese slicer

Yes! Cheese is the new sprinkle of salt, making even the most basic food more palatable. Whether you’re looking for the juiciest patties in your beloved hamburger or the creamiest pasta in town, I’m willing to wager that when the cheese is missing, none of the products will please your taste buds. 

A beautiful slice of cheddar is all you need, especially when baking pasta or cooking a burger. So, if you’re a cheese enthusiast like me but aren’t sure how much cheese to use, I strongly advise you to get the ideal cheese slicer on the market. 

To be honest, when compared to a cheese knife, cheese slicers serve to bring cuisine to perfection in a couple of moments. Because most people can identify with a cheddar knife, it’s time to show you how to use cheese slicers.

What Is A Cheese Slicer, And How Does It Work

A cheese slicer is essentially a gadget that assists us with our hectic schedules. Keep thickness, uniformity, and safety in mind when using a cheese knife. When cutting with a knife, there’s always the chance of harming yourself, and the proportions may not be consistent across all slices.

The cheese blade has been transformed into a cheddar slicer to avoid self-cutting and consistent slicing. Regardless of the type of cheese, you can effortlessly cut any size slice or block with the slicer. Typically, the slicer has a handle and is constructed of durable material. 

As a result, the user can hold the gadget casually and effortlessly cut the desired slice for a burger, spaghetti, or sandwich.

How To Use Cheese Slicers Of Various Types

When looking for cheese slicers, you’ll see that they come in various shapes and sizes, depending on the type of cheese. Even though different slicers have varied features, they are generally divided into three categories. 

So, regardless of what cheese you’re going to slice, you may pick the one that’s right for you based on your needs and the hardness of the cheese.

how to use cheese slicer


If you need to slice soft mozzarella or semi-hard cheese, a rolling type is a way to go. The T-shaped handle, rollers, and wire on this rolling type are all stainless steel. The roller helps ensure that the slicing is smooth. The cheese will be chopped into various thicknesses by the wire.


The wire slicer is the most common of the three kinds of cheese slicers. It requires extra storage space but can slice and grate cheese with one tool. It’s also meant to be different than the competition. The slicer includes a chopping board and has a handle for cutting.  

If you’re looking for a single instrument to cut a variety of cheeses, such as mozzarella, a wire type is a good option. If you use a cheese chopping board and a wire slicer together, you can slice your cheese into even slices. So you can pass through different kinds of cheese to grate, chop, or slice while holding the handle. 

A cheese cutter with a cheese chopping board makes it easier to cut cheese slices with a thick rind or a heavy body. You can chop the cheese into even pieces if you’re using a wire cheese slicer. However, only cheese with a low moisture content should be cut with a wire one; soft cheese should be sliced with a knife. 

Follow the simple procedures below to use a wire cheese slicer to slice cheese. 

  • The first step is to choose a cheese knife that is appropriate for the cheese blocks you have. Some cheese knives can only cut cheese up to 6 inches broad, while others can cut cheese that is more than 2 feet wide.
  • If you’re going to chop a big chunk of cheddar, make sure it’s on a firm work surface like a countertop. Decide on the thickness of the cheese slice and mark it on the cheese block with a butter knife. If the cheese block is tiny, place it on the cheddar cutting board after choosing the cheese slicer type. 
how to use cheese slicer
  • If you’re making it for snacking, I recommend setting the width to a quarter inch. If you’re going to cut parmesan, though, it’s best to start near the center of the block. Cut the cheese in a smooth and solid motion by pushing the wires with even force on all edges of the cheddar until it reaches the cheddar cutting board. 
  • When cutting parmesan, ensure to twist the cable down a tiny bit so that it goes down thru the cheese to the finish.

You may use a wire-type to slice cheese if you apply the easy instructions mentioned above. A wired cheddar slicer has been discovered to be the most excellent way to cut cheese. Everybody should have it in their home for easy and painless slicing.


The plain slicer functions similarly to a peeler. It’s simple in design, with a handle and a stainless steel blade on top. The slicer will slice a wide and thick chunk of cheese as it slides down through the cheese block. The basic cheese slicer is primarily used for thick slicing, but the flexible, pointed, angled blade can also be used for tiny slices or grating.

How To Use Cheese Slicer

Cheese is a sensitive foodstuff that can be easily broken if not correctly sliced. You are now acquainted with a cheddar slicer and its various types due to the preceding talk. Now it’s time to learn how to use it effectively. The following are among the stages to creating the correct slice of the favorite cheese.

Step 1: Get To Know The Slicer

When you buy a cheese knife, you will also receive instructions. It will give us an idea about how to utilize it if you read it all the way through. You’ll also know what to do and not with your newly acquired cheese slicer.

how to use cheese slicer

Step 2: Remove The Cheddar From The Package And Set It Aside To Come To Room Temperature

If you want to chop a newly purchased cheese, you must first tear the package. Please do not, however, remove it entirely. Simply rip the opening of the packet open with a razor or knife, allowing the cheese to remain within. You can keep the cheese secure and dust-free this way. You would not cut the cheese properly if it is too firm or too soft. 

Even though cheese slicers may cut through any type of cheese, getting the right size and proportion is more accessible when the cheese is at room temperature. As a result, bear this in mind! As a result, I recommend taking this out of the refrigerator 15 minutes before serving.

Step 3: Use The Cheese Knife To Determine The Thickness Of The Slices

There are a variety of cheese slicers on the market that allow you to customize the thickness of your slices. What differs is the method for changing the setting. As a result, I recommend that you familiarize yourself with the tool beforehand. 

You can adjust the thickness by changing the wrist angle when utilizing a plain slicer or a wire rolling cheese slicer. Some slicers additionally have screws that can be used to modify the thickness. On the other hand, some slicers include a board and a lever that you may use to change the wire thickness to the desired consistency.

Step 4: Cut The Cheese Into Thin Slices

You’ve probably noticed that cheddar comes in a variety of shapes. If your chosen cheese has a sharp and blunt side, experts recommend using the sharp edge for cutting. Now, slowly glide the cheese slicer across the counter, and voila! You will receive a nice piece of cheese with the desired thickness. Now it’s time to put it in a sandwich or hamburger and eat it!

how to use cheese slicer

Step 5: Make Sure Your Cheese Slicer Is Clean

Do not leave the slicer unwashed, as you did with the slicing. This will not only collect bacteria but will also erode the slicer’s sharpness. As a result, always clean the slicer with the cleaning specified on the package.

The Advantages Of Using A Cheese Slicer

Now you know how to use cheese slicers. A cheese slicer assists you in slicing cheese. The smoothness of the slices of cheese is preserved using a cheese slicer. This tool can be used to make a variety of cheeses, including cottage cheese, parmesan, mozzarella, paneer, and a variety of others. The following is a list of the advantages:

Simple To Use

The majority of people find slicing cheddar with a knife challenge. You’ll love the procedure because the slicer saves you time, effort, and money.

Spend Less

When buying the same amount of cheese sliced manually, a decent quality cheese cutter can help customers save up to 30%. It also cuts down on food waste because you’ll get a whole slice of cheese rather than half.

There Will Be No Waste

The most significant advantage of this gadget is that it produces no waste. Around 25 percent of the product is wasted when purchasing cheese slices by hand. This means that as soon you buy a pound of cheese, you lose about 50 cents of cheese as soon as you buy a pound of cheese.

how to use cheese slicer

It’s A Lot Easier To Deal With

Rather than cutting cheese by hand, one can conveniently grip and operate a machine. This makes the situation a lot easier and more fun.


When manually slicing cheese, it’s essential to wash the hands frequently, especially when using sharp blades. The best thing about using a cheese slicer to cut cheese is how small it is. As a result, washing is a lot easier. Furthermore, you will receive the required results even when you are not wash it adequately.

Any Form Of Cheese Can Be Sliced

It’s among the most versatile instruments, capable of slicing nearly any type of cheese. In addition, there are many different types of cheese slicers on the market. Choose from them based on your needs.

Can Be Kept At Home

You can just leave it at home without fear of it being stolen. You can store it in a cupboard away from the rest of your kitchen utensils. As a result, it’s safe to conclude that a cheddar slicer is an indispensable kitchen tool.

Buying Guide For The Best Cheese Slicers

You now have a better understanding of how to use cheese slicers and the various types of cheese slicers and can determine which one is ideal for you. There are numerous factors to consider when completing your study and the number of cheese slicers before making a final purchase. 

how to use cheese slicer

Always check into the material used to make the slicer, the changeable thickness, the slicer’s size, and the required maintenance. After you’ve considered all of these considerations, you’ll be ready to make an informed conclusion.


After you’ve decided which type of cheese knife is best for you, it’s essential to focus on the cheese slicer’s specific features. The material is the most crucial of these characteristics since you want to ensure that your purchase quality is long-lasting and dependable. 

Stainless steel is the most excellent material to use because it is sturdy and will not rust, allowing it to maintain its pristine appearance.

Thickness Can Be Adjusted

Some cheese slicers may cut slices of varied thicknesses based on how you hold the tool when cutting. Others include knobs that can be adjusted to help change the slices’ width. If this is a factor in your decision, a wire cheese slicer would be the ideal option for you because it is the most adaptable. 

However, if you don’t modify the cheese blocks after each slice, the results will be inconsistent, so keep that in mind if you choose this choice.


The cheese slicer size is the next consideration. Naturally, cheese slicers having handles are much more compact in size, making them easier to store and transport, but wire cheese slicers with accompanying chopping boards occupy a lot more space and require a lot more space when storing or not in usage.


how to use cheese slicer

The cleaning and upkeep of the merchandise should be the last thing on your mind. Compact handled cheese slicers are usually dishwasher safe, making them simple to clean. On the other hand, mozzarella slicers with a chopping board and wire must be wiped by hand. 

A rolling cheese slicer and cheese plane are the finest solutions for you unless you want to end up worrying about washing the product.

Top Tips On How To Use Cheese Slicers To Maintain Its Durability

I’m a huge cheese fan, so I use the slicer daily. So, only careful maintenance can ensure its longevity, whether you use the slicer frequently or infrequently. To be honest, I haven’t used the same slicer in three years. Here are the maintenance secrets.

  • Ascertain that the slicer wires or knife are razor-sharp. When the blade is dull or blunt, sharpen it before cutting any cheese.
  • Because slicers’ materials and construction differ, you must be cautious about what you are using to clean them. I recommend that you follow the cleaning instructions that come with your slicer to ensure longevity and sharpness. Not only that but make sure the slicer is fully dry and free of dust and oil.
  • Do not use the cheese slicer to cut anything else.
  • Keep your slicer in its original packaging and store it safely.
  • When you buy a cheese slicer, make sure you get extra wires. In a while, you won’t go to the store as frequently.

You Can Repair A Cheese Slicer By Yourself

Your cheese slicer is simple to fix on your own. If you have a wire cheese slicer, its wire may weaken or break, necessitating replacement. The cheese wire can be found at any kitchen tool store, but if you can’t find it, don’t panic. You can substitute guitar string for it. Measure the length between the slicer’s arms first, then change the wire as needed.

how to use cheese slicer

Also, if you have another cheese slicer with a blade, it may lose its sharpness. You can easily replace the blade to restore it to a new condition. The methods for using those slicers are nearly the same. So, these are the measures to follow on how to use cheese slicers to chop through the cheese quickly.

  • To keep the cheese secure from the dirt and other substances in the kitchen, remove it from the packet and place it in the refrigerator. You may find it wrapped in a double plastic bag; if this causes you difficulty, simply break the bag and remove the cheese.
  • Place the cheese on a chopping board and keep it there.
  • It’s time to put the slicer to work. Hold the cheese in your left hand and the slicer with your right if you’re a right-handed person. If you’re left-handed, though, hold the cheese in your right hand as well as the slicer with your left.
  • If the cheese slicer includes an adjust feature, you can vary how thick or thin you want your slices to be. If you’re using the cheese to make hamburgers, make it thick. If you’re serving cheese alongside luncheon meats or soft beverages, thin slices are certainly the way to go.
  • The cheese cutter will be designed so that this is facing the cheese. Some cheese slicers have both a cutting as well as a stingless side. The stingless edge should face you because the sharp section can cut the cheese.
  • A good cheese cutter will glide effortlessly across the cheese. You don’t have to put in a lot of effort to slice your cheese precisely.
  • Now serve your cheese on a platter or in a sandwich.
  • After each usage, make sure to wipe the cheese slicer.

So there you have it, the fundamentals of utilizing a cheese slicer. It will make it easier to cut through your cheese and enhance the flavor of your foods. This is an excellent addition for cheese enthusiasts who want to make their favorite meals using cheese. So don’t expect to buy a decent cheese slicer and know how to use it to enjoy your daily meals.

Frequently Asked Questions About Your Newest Cheese Slicer

If you still have questions about how to use cheese slicers, check out the solutions to some of the most frequently asked questions below. Good appetite!

how to use cheese slicer

Do expert chefs use cheese slicers?

Professional cooks will always utilize the most appropriate tools to do the job. A specialist cheese slicer was ideal for the job it was created.

How do you use a cheese slicer to cut the cheese?

If using a tabletop wire cutter, slice the cheese in a guillotine-like motion. To cut slices, handheld models utilize a mix of pulling and pressing pressure.

How long do cheese slicers last?

The durability of cheese slicers is determined by how frequently they are used, the material used, and the construction. Stainless steel has been the most highly durable to cheese slicers compared to plastic. Wires or blades may not last as long when cutting harder cheeses, including Gouda or Romano.

Last Thoughts

It’s relaxing to slice cheese using a slicer. Isn’t that the case? It’s a good idea to do a few test cuts before making the actual slices for your food. Let’s try this in real life, as you also know how to use cheese slicers to slice the cheese into suitable sizes. After a few usages, I’m confident you’ll be capable of cutting cheese like a pro. Please share your story with me!

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