How To Store Matcha – Magical Secret For Women

how to store matcha

Were you aware that every day, one of the secrets of Japan is to keep the beverage Matcha, also called green tea? Yes. Matcha includes many nutrients that contribute to health promotion and illness prevention, which is why Matcha is beloved in Japanese culinary culture as an ingredient. But do we know how to store matcha?

Matcha is also one of the baking components that arrived in our nation just a few years ago but truly comes from the Japanese tea ritual. It is about 1200 years old. In addition to the typical yet pleasant smell of green tea, the bitter yet enticing flavor, matcha also offers tremendous health advantages.

High-quality, prestigious Matcha variations do not commonly utilize colors or preservatives. This product is therefore particularly “pleasant” to preserve.

Green powder is progressively oxidized when exposed to air. Usually, the substances in green tea powder, called antioxidant compounds that are found on matcha green tea powder, are oxidized quicker than catechin. The next thing is catechin after vitamin C has indeed been oxidized. Thus, the amount of green tea powder catechins is lowered, and the antioxidant impact is likewise diminished. Color and flavor alter from there, too.

Similarly, the moisture impact is the same. Tea powder is normally squeezed green to a certain degree to keep the tea powder fresh, but the green tea powder is quickly deteriorating as its humidity grows. So after opening the package, users would also worry about do we know how to properly store matcha??

  • Do you really know matcha well?
  • How to store matcha the right way and longest?
  • Wrap up all for you

Do You Really Know Matcha Well?

Modern cuisine uses and modifies Matcha Powder in several meals and pastries, with a range of tastes loved by many. In the Japanese tea ceremony, Matcha not only brings respect and purity but is also known as the “Japanese elixir.” This means that it delivers energy and nutrients to enhance health and make the skin lovely. Moreover, according to several studies, lifespan is increased by consuming Matcha green tea powder every day.

Matcha was one of the baking ingredients that arrived in our nation just a few years ago but truly comes from the Japanese tea ritual. It is about 1200 years old. In addition to the typical yet pleasant smell of green tea, the bitter yet enticing flavor, matcha also offers tremendous health advantages.

What Is Matcha?

Matcha means ground tea in Japanese, a kind of 100% natural green tea powder. Matcha is the soil of the early buds of the traditional green Tencha tea plantation in Japan. Matcha is powder ground from a classic Japanese tea type, the young buds of the tencha green tea plant. The following 5-step procedure processes green tea buds:

Step 1: Tea Leaves Harvesting

The period when tea maize begins to brew in Japan, tea leaves are often harvested around April. At this moment the tea field is covered in black mesh to keep the tea tree from direct sunlight, generating theanine which becomes a flavoring compound from tannin and is a component of the tea’s scent. Tea bitter.

Step 2: Drying (From Tea Leaves To Aracha)

Tea leaves are washed and boiled at a high temperature after harvest. after harvesting. This technique prevents fermentation, oxidation and keeps the tea leaves’ nutrients and colors as high as possible. The leaves are next dried in a big air chamber and the residual water in the tea leaves is removed.

Step 3: Remove Veins, Roll Tea Leaves

At this point, all veins are removed, all the leaves roll up and just the leaves are kept in order to make Matcha.

Step 4: Finely Grinding Into Matcha Powder

Next, the tea leaves are kept and brought to the Matcha plant in cold storage. Green tea, manufactured by Japanese craftsmen, is delicately mounted with a granite muffler.

In particular, Matcha green powder of high-quality tea is rigorously maintained in temperature. It normally takes 20-25 hours to manufacture only 1 kilogram of Matcha that is served during the festival.

Step 5: Packaging And Delivering To Consumers

Matcha is promptly packaged and then maintained in cold storage to guarantee quality after finely grinding. Matcha powder is then sent to users when there is an order. One particular element in the process of manufacture of Matcha is the constant occurrence of steps 1, 2, 3, and steps 4 and 5.

After grinding, it produces a fine powder with micrometers, melts in the air like a haze, and meets the standards known as matcha powder.

Matcha was a blend of sweetness and bitterness utilized in the Japanese tea ritual around 1200 years ago. Matcha is utilized for concentration in practice by Zen Masters. Matcha has been known for 750 long years as the secret tea of the Japanese aristocracy since Samurai utilized it as a vital drink in order to improve mental health and wellness.

Matcha Classification

Two types of matcha are classified: edible and drinkable. Matcha used to have a natural perfume, a powerful tea, a light, but extremely chilly, acerbic flavor. In contrast, Matcha has a stronger yet highly distinctive taste when it comes to cooking and is a particular component for many specific meals. While 

Notes When Using Matcha

While Matcha offers numerous health advantages, it also has detrimental effects if it is misused. Matcha includes caffeine, which makes it easier for the elderly and the pregnant women to induce sleeplessness or migraines. You must thus ensure you understand how to utilize Matcha to promote the advantages, not hazards, of Matcha, by selecting the proper quality.

Who Shouldn’t Use Matcha Powder

Green tea’s nice, but it can’t be used by everyone. Pregnant women, kids under the age of 3 years, patients with anemia, elderly people, poor health, and stomach ulcers… are all people not to use Matcha green tea powder.

Don’t Use Matcha Powder regularly

If made too vigorously, matcha green tea will have high caffeine levels causing symptoms such as nausea, dizziness, malaise, and sleeplessness.

Don’t Use Of Poor Quality Green Tea

Poor green tea quality powder, poor green tea percentage combined with several toxic substances to the body. Long-term usage can lead to cancer in extreme situations that may lead to food poisoning. You also have to be careful to choose the appropriate green tea powder, distinguishing between fake and authentic products to assure health.

How To Make A Difference Between Real And Fake Matcha

About Taste

The pleasant aftertaste of pure green tea powder is harsh. The imitation green tea powder has a harsh or acidic flavor.

About Color

Real matcha is green in the hue of jade since chlorophyll is high, false matcha powder is yellowish, others are overly green owing to the addition of several colors.

About Fragrance

The green powder of matcha tea has a highly aromatic and fresh sensation. In contrast, the fake powder is marinated in preparation with the scent of jasmine, vanilla.

Magical Benefits Of Matcha

Includes Strong Antioxidant Levels

Green tea includes one of the so-called catechins. Catechins have excellent antioxidant qualities among antioxidants that contribute to the fight against UV radiation, inflammation, aid young skin, and prevent illness. In Matcha green tea, 60% of the catechins are made up of specific catechin called epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG). EGCG is the best-known anti-carcinogenicity of all antioxidants. Scientists have concluded that 100 times more EGCG is present in Matcha Green Tea than any other tea on the market.

Improves The Brain

Studies have revealed that green tea catechins can help prevent amyloid and protein plates from building up. These two are processes that lead to decreased memory and cognitive function in Alzheimer’s disease (thinking, reasoning, learning, etc.). Studies also reveal that L-theanine, the green tea and matcha amino acids, helps us to remember and boosts our cognitive performance with age.

Boost And Lose Weight Metabolism

In a study of 35 obese men and women, two groups were segregated. The results revealed that persons drinking four cups of green tea a day for two months had shed considerably more weight than persons drinking a placebo. In another 10 men’s experiment, who drank matcha in the morning, 4% more calories have been burnt than with placebo. These studies demonstrate how green tea supports metabolism in a variety of ways: improved thermal genesis (increased burnt calories), enhanced fat oxidation, reduced absorption, fat consumption, and even reduced hunger.

Relieve Stress

In our lives, most of us are really stressed. Many people use coffee to fill up their energies when weary or dehydrated. However, excessive doses of caffeine and other coffee stimulants might raise tension in the body and cause restlessness. It’s a fatal circle. And a cup of matcha would definitely be a lot better to disprove since that matcha has a little caffeine but less than coffee. However, the tea includes L-theanine, which relieves the mind, decreases anxiety, aids concentration, and causes no drowsiness. Therefore, you will feel more awake without feeling jittery instead of drinking coffee in the morning. Try a cup of matcha.

Increase Energy And Durability Of The Body

Samurai, aristocratic medieval and early modern Japanese warriors, before fighting, consume Matcha green tea with the energy of the match. While all green teas naturally contain caffeine, a special mixture of additional nutrients is responsible in large part for Matcha’s energy boost. The improved stamina from drinking Matcha Green Tea may last up to 6 hours and Matcha does not have the same adverse effects as other stimulants such as stress and elevated blood pressure owing to L-Theanine effects. It’s a good clean energy source.

Strength Of Bones

Matcha is especially good for females with menopausal bones. Several studies have shown that EGCG can reduce osteoclasts, osteoclasts in matcha and boost osteoblast quantity and activity. For individuals who wish to retain their strength, avoid bone loss, or speed up the curing process of fractures, it is also a fantastic decision to drink matcha, Teo.

Reinforce The Immune System And Cleanse The Body

Matcha green tea powder antioxidants work as a natural antibacterial to promote the immune system in the body. The catechins have proven antibacterial capabilities for general health in Matcha green tea. This green tea also can produce considerable levels of the positive effects of potassium, A&C vitamins, iron, protein, and calcium. employed to enhance the immune system of your body. More study has further revealed that Matcha ingredients can suppress HIV assault on cells of human T.

Provide Clean Energy

Japanese green tea, like other green teas containing caffeine, owing to an unusual mixture of many other nutrients, also contributes to increasing energy. Matcha hence provides pure energy and lasts for hours after you have enjoyed your tea.

How To Store Matcha The Right Way And Longest?

How Long Is The Shelf Life Of Matcha Powder?

We believe that the shelf life of green tea matcha powder only varies between 6-12 months when stored under normal conditions through the research and manufacturing process, utilizing matcha powder and getting customers’ feedback. After that period, matcha powder will surface on the outside with unusual indicators and changes in quality.

You could have gotten bad if the matcha powder that you used begins to lose its scent, and weird colors form on the surface. It’s better to cease using your tea powder and see whether it has expired.

Why Should You Discover How Green Tea Powder May Indeed Be Preserved?

Unlike chemically based items, the 100% natural product line is green tea powder, which is only then able to optimize its high usage. This is also why green tea powder does not usually have a lengthy shelf life but only spans in a few months, which relies on the preservation of the user’s shelf-life and use of this powder. Unless properly stored, green tea powder spoils more quickly and the impact isn’t as excellent as the original.

Many people still consider it is not vital to preserve green tea powder in the permissible shelf life, as many people also do not know about it since green tea is left in an uncertain environment. The quality of this magic powder is affected substantially by fit. Therefore it is vitally vital for those who were, will be and will be using green tea powder to know how to preserve green tea powder effectively.

Why Should It Be Maintained With Matcha Powder?

Inherently Matcha powder has a mild scent and a really attractive, luminous and green colour, but it will get old if you don’t keep it correctly, with a really terrible musty scent. The tea powder color also changes from luminous green to shriveled and dry.

A product that is readily harmed if it is susceptible to several factors from outside such as temperature, light, moisture and the scent of other foods. Therefore, you must scientifically and appropriately store Matcha powder for extended usage

Mattcha oxidizes when exposed to external air. In particular, the natural vitamin C in tea is first oxidized and the finest antioxidants for human health, followed by catechins. The longer the matcha powder remains, the more effective the flavor, the color is not as fresh as the hue.

When left in the air, molding and hazardous germs will swiftly absorb the air’s moisture.

The correct storage of matcha green tea not only helps to maintain the tea’s excellent taste but also keeps the nutrients to your health.

What Variables Influence The Powder Of Matcha?

Environmental variables such as humidity and storage temperature impact Matcha powder as a packaged product.

Inherently, green tea powder has mild aromas with a wonderful bright green tone, but it’ll be old, with a really nasty, musty scent if you don’t take care of the tea powder. The tea powder color also changes from luminous green to shriveled and dry. Even dangerous microorganisms are produced.

How To Store Matcha

  • Aluminum jars, tin, or Japanese silver 3-layer Zipper bags are the perfect material to preserve the quality of green tea unchangeable.
  • You can also preserve them in glass jars if circumstances are not acceptable.
  • In order to restrict air pollution, the material containing the matcha powder should be black in color.
  • Use colored glass while utilizing glass.
  • After each use, close your tea lid securely, so that air doesn’t enter the container.
  • Store tea at around 5-6°C (temperature of the refrigerator compartment).
  • In addition, avoid combining the matcha with aromas from other plants or spices. After every usage, close the bag firmly.
  • Take out the tea pouch approximately 15 minutes before removing the lid to minimize the differences in temperature causing the tea pouch to be moldy and moist.

Some Matcha Product Suggestions Perfect For You

MatchaBar Ceremonial

The color, taste, and texture of our unique mix of matcha green tea are unparalleled. The taste is sweet as well as earthy and has a smooth tongue feeling with a touch of umami.


  • Energy and focus boost
  • Powerhouse antioxidant
  • Do not crash, do not jitters.


  • Smooth but cumbersome taste

Matcha Sense 

Imagine never again dealing with brain fog, anxiety or coffee crashes! Our ceremonial matcha grade has the best quantity of l-theanine to provide laser concentration and long-lasting energy without feeling bad afterward!


  • Many matcha consumers experience a sensation of „calm bliss.” Sometimes after
  • consuming their first cup, they experience a considerably elevated mood.
  • Matcha leads to increased creativity and productivity. Perfect for employees that need laser focus and fresh ideas.
  • Matcha green tea has a component called EGCG to trigger the release of hormones to transform fat into energy!


  • The color is also not as vivid as the photos are.

AprikaLife Organic

Matcha tea leaves from Aprika Life are meticulously hand-picked and stone soil to ensure that each powder scoop has 100% plant nutrition. This is like your soul’s warm hug!


  • Not smooth, not bitter taste
  • High antioxidant content
  • Energy boosts without crash or rush
  • Combat tiredness
  • Compensates stress


  • A bit too bitter

Wrap Up All For You

Surely you have heard of the great uses of green tea powder, in addition to being a unique flavoring ingredient, green tea powder also has the effect of beautifying skin, beautiful hair, anti-aging, and preventing cancer. That is also the reason why green tea powder is more and more popular. However, not everyone who is using green tea powder also knows how to store matcha, many people mistakenly believe that and do not attach importance to the preservation process, causing the powder to quickly lose quality or be damaged. It is easy to see that you can put them in a fridge to maintain the quality

We always note that maintaining details about the matcha up to date is a high priority so we update our websites continuously. Learn more from online sources regarding us. Please let us know promptly when you think that something we have about matcha here is obsolete or inaccurate. You should check our purchasing advice before you start to decide about how to store matcha if you’d like to understand more about this option. We’ve always been here with you. Please contact us here. Or to see our view, you will learn everything about us.

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