How To Sharpen A Global Knife: Useful Tips For You

how to sharpen a global knife

If the fire is the soul, then the knife is compared to the life of a cook. If you go into the kitchen without a knife, it’s like going to school and forgetting to write. That knives, even if purchased from genuine brands to the beginning, after a while, they will appear blunt if not properly maintained and sharpened. How to sharpen a Global knife thought simple, but it turned out to be very meticulous.

Needless to mention, we are sure you also know about the effects of knives: Knives to cut, to trim, to chop,… ingredients after food. Every day in the kitchen, from housewives to professional chefs, everyone needs knives so the frequency of using them is extremely large.

This explains why even if you buy knives from famous brands like Global, after a while, they will also show signs of bluntness if you do not know how to sharpen and cherish. So, how to sharpen knives so that they are always sharp when using them? Follow us to learn tips from experts right now.

how to sharpen a global knife
How To Sharpen A Global Knife: Useful Tips For You 20

After reading our article, you will easily understand:

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  • What should you pay attention to when sharpening the global knife ?
  • Steps to sharpening global knives
  • Features of the global knife
  • How to use the global knife safely
  • Q&A

What Is A Global Knife ?

Global knife was first designed by Komin Yamada in 1985. Yamada was tasked with designing a completely new and innovative line of knives, using the finest materials and engineering forms. latest production techniques. And he created a new line of knives that meets the most demanding of professional chefs.

Inspired by the idea of ​​innovating knife sets, the Company created a line of stainless steel knives. This new idea has impacted the cutlery industry around the world, known for its “stainless steel” trend. Today, knives Global is appreciated by chefs and their customers for their innovation, distinctive and not obsolete.

Global knife is manufactured by Yoshikin company, Japan. Yoshikin used Cromova 18 stainless steel (the alloy of Molybdenum, Vanadium and Chromium) when manufacturing this line of knives. Cromova 18 creates sharpness for the blade, helping the knife retain its sharpness for a long time and easily regain sharpness when sharpening. Furthermore, this steel is highly resistant to rust, wear and dirt.

The importance of how to sharpen a global knife is the blade. Global blades are sharpened on both sides, similar to Western knives. However, the edge of the blade is sharpened, this sharpening will make the blade much sharper than the edge sharpening of Western and European knives.

From very humble beginnings, Global knives have grown to become a world famous kitchen knife line. These knives are handcrafted at the Yoshikin factories in Niigata, Japan, meeting high technical standards and precision.

Dao Global has received a lot of support and has won many awards since its launch in the market:

1990: Awarded the Japanese Good Design Award (from the Ministry of Commerce and Technology of Japan)

1992: Awarded the best kitchen knife in Benelux

1995: The Global G-2 knife was voted the best knife by UK magazine

1996: Dao Global was voted by La Carte magazine (Germany) as the sharpest knife line

2001: The knife GS-29 won a design award at the Frankfurt International Trade Fair

2006: The Global Knife was selected as one of the 100 modern award winning products of Japan

2013: Dao Global was voted as the most popular knife brand at Create Chi Restaurant.

how to sharpen a global knife

What Should You Pay Attention To When Sharpening The Global Knife ?

You can ask where to buy a few sharp knives, famous brands that professional kitchens often use. I do not discuss the price, but only suggest that even though the knives of brands such as Global, Wüsthof, KAI … are very good, if you buy them, you must know how to keep, know how to sharpen a global knife, take care of the time. How good a knife is if used without sharpening it will still be blunt in no time

What Type Of Knife Can Be Sharpened With A Grinding Wheel?

Depending on the condition of the knife such as being too blunt, blunt, or having used it a few times, it is also necessary to choose the right grinding wheel. But not all knives are suitable for any grinding wheel.

You can check the knife condition by cutting through a tomato or piece of fruit. If it takes a lot of effort to cut, your knife is too dull.

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how to sharpen a global knife

Suitable Grinding Wheel

There are several types of grinding wheels, including natural and synthetic, but there are two most common types: water grinding wheel and oil grinding wheel. The name says it all.

For a water grinding wheel, you must soak the stone under water for at least 45 minutes. With the advantage of sharpening quickly and making the knife sharpener, many chefs love it but easy to wear due to its soft stone and stone powder, so it should be cared for with a knife sharpener or industrial sandpaper.

Oil grinding stone, you have to sprinkle oil on the stone to sharpen the knife. The advantage is hard, durable, hard to wear, but not very sharp, only suitable for Western knives.

Selection Of Grit (Roughness Of The Grinding Wheel)

The higher the grit level, the finer the surface of the stone, the sharper the sharpening knife will be. But not so that you buy a high grit grinding stone to finish the movie. So you’ll see how to sharpen a global knife.

From 200 to 1000 grit: for knives from blunt to acceptable, ready-made knives are forbidden to use because at this degree the grinding wheel will dart and sharp knives when sharpening will lead to chipping.

From 1000 to 1200 grit: for “a few new knives” that have not been blunted yet. You can use a sharpening stone to sharpen the knife. The dull knife should not sharpen this stone because the surface is too smooth, the blunt the grinding.

3000 grit: This level is used to sharpen knives further, suitable for chefs in small, small-scale restaurants, cooking dishes without knives. Or the housewives who want to keep the knife sharp, they should stop at 3000 grit.

If you pay a little attention, you will notice that each sharpener has a grit rating, indicating how rough the stone is. The higher the grit, the smoother the surface of the stone will be, the sharper the sharpening knife will be. But that does not mean that you can just choose the grinding wheel with the highest grit, but also based on the type of knife that is being sharpened because his father has a saying “pot upside down”, applies to the grinding wheel and The knife is also very suitable.

how to sharpen a global knife

– 200 – 1,000 grit: The stone with the lowest grit, slightly lumpy, specialized for sharpening knives from blunt to acceptable, sharpened knives that are sharpened into stones with this small grit are easy to make knives. crack.

– 1.000 – 1,200 grit: The sharp knife that has been used several times but needs to “correct” should use this grinding wheel. They have a smooth surface, just soak in water or pour oil on the stone, you can put the knife at the right grinding angle and then “practice” only. This blunt knife that uses stones is not very good because the surface is so smooth, remember.

– 3,000 grit: Knives are sharp, but if you want to be sharper, use this sharpening stone. Chefs in small restaurants, often making super-sharp star-free dishes, can stop at 3,000 grit.

– 6,000 grit: This grinding wheel is often used for Professional Chefs, the knife after grinding will be bright, if it is said that it will make you dazzle, the sharpness is off the table, do not carefully touch the person that is that creature.

– 8,000 – 12,000 grit: Knives extremely sharp, so sharp that people are afraid are often reserved for Super Chefs who will use this grinding wheel.

According to the price, rocks with a grit level of 6,000 or more are more expensive than the money to buy a knife and are quite laborious and time-consuming, so it is necessary to consider making a decision.

Whether it is a professional Chef or a housewife, a knife is still an effective cook’s assistant. Once your “comrades” show signs of “sickness”, you need a way to fix them immediately and the grinding wheel is the best medicine when the knife is blunt. Hopefully, with the above sharing, Chefjob has helped you gain more knowledge and skills in choosing the right grinding wheel for each type of knife.

how to sharpen a global knife

Read The Instructions For Use And Prepare

You need to read the manual carefully to know if your grinding wheel is an oil stone or water stone and how to soak it in water, how to apply oil to the stone.

how to sharpen a global knife

Practice Holding The Knife At A 20 Degree Angle

Most blades need to be sharpened at an angle of 20 degrees. You need to place the blade on the surface of the grinding wheel and gently raise the blade about 2.5 cm to an angle of 20 degrees.

If the blade is large and thick, a larger angle of inclination is required.

Soak Ice In Water For 45 Minutes

If you are using water ice, you should soak the ice for 45 minutes in a water bath or in a tray and cover the ice with water.

If the ice is too dry, it can scratch your knife.

how to sharpen a global knife

Place Ice On Damp Cloth

Placing stone on a damp cloth will help keep it in place as you sharpen the knife. You can put any kind of abrasive on the fabric.

If you are using an abrasive with two different faces (smooth surface and rough surface) then you should have the rough face up and up. After grinding, you will flip your face using a smooth surface to polish the knife.

how to sharpen a global knife

Use Oil To Apply On Ice

If you use oil stone, you can flake or pour the oil on the stone, then use your fingers to smooth the grinding wheel.

You must use an oil-based abrasive. Because they are usually made of mineral oil and non-petroleum materials. Also contains additives to protect your blades.

Avoid using cooking oils and vegetable oils to apply.

Do not soak oil stone in water.

how to sharpen a global knife

Steps To Sharpening Global Knives

Place And Hold The Knife At The Correct Angle

how to sharpen a global knife

You will need to place the knife on the rocky surface at an angle of 20 degrees. Use your finger on the knife to control the force when sharpening the knife.

Sharpening Knives

Press lightly, slide the blade over the stone surface about 10 times and make sure the entire surface of the blade is rubbed against the grinding wheel. Next, flip the other side and do 10 more times. Be sure to scatter the ice and add water or oil to the ice when it feels dry.

how to sharpen a global knife

Sharpen The Knife

After grinding on the rough surface of the stone, turn to the smooth surface to polish and refine the blade. And don’t forget to always do both sides of the blade.

Check the sharpness of the knife by trying to cut a piece of paper, if the knife is sharp enough it will easily cut through the paper, otherwise you need to sharpen a little more iron.

Check the sharpness of the knife.

how to sharpen a global knife

Clean Knives And Stones

After grinding, wash and dry the blade. You should also follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

To clean the oil stone, sometimes use a brush to scrub it and soak it in oil.

As for water ice, scrub with water to remove residue and wrap around a dry cloth when not in use.

To prevent tarnishing knives, keep them in the knife holder for storage.

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Features Of The Global Knife

Global knife was first produced in 1985 in Niigata, Japan. Currently, GLOBAL has hundreds of products with a wide variety of models to meet all your needs.

The top consideration when choosing a knife is the blade part. GLOBAL has made a great breakthrough to the world cutlery industry. It is the stainless steel blade.

The knife is made from high-quality Japanese steel CROMOVA 18 – with a hardness of up to 56-58 HRC. Thanks to that the knife has a high sharpness and retains its durability for a long time. With the needs of home use, about 5 – 6 months you need to sharpen the knife. But according to the manufacturer’s advice: Global knives (except for serrated knives) should be sharpened regularly for maximum efficiency.

how to sharpen a global knife

The Global range of knives features a luxurious monolithic design that offers longer durability than wooden or plastic handle knives. The handle is also a special mark of Global: It contains sand inside for better balance, prevents hand fatigue when using a knife for a long time; The indentations in the grip provide anti-slip, grip for easy grip and absolute safety.

Global knife is resistant to stains, easy to clean and preserve. Immediately after use, wash knives with warm water or mild detergent, dry the knife, store in a cool and dry place.

You invest in a quality knife and with the right care it will last a lifetime. GLOBAL brings quality knives, has received many awards and is the choice of many famous chefs, customers around the world.

For everyday kitchen tasks, Dao Global is your # 1 choice!

How To Use The Global Knife Safely

Having a good knife is one thing, using the right knife is another thing, we often get to the point where we can use that knife, use whatever knife we ​​have in our hand for any purpose, in some cases we can use it. The whole knife was thinly sliced ​​to cut the bones, cut down, knocked down with a pestle, and worse still, used another knife to knock the other knife, as a result, the slicing knife damaged the blade severely and quickly blunted, The live knife is severely damaged.

The blunt knife is the leading cause of the condition .. getting rid of hands, ironically is not it, very practical, not theoretical, you must hear and see quite often someone says that they are scared when found the knife too sharp and they intentionally used a little blunt knife, but the blunt knife still cuts off their hand as usual and they become even more afraid of the knife.

how to sharpen a global knife

Why is that? Definitely due to the following 3 reasons:

Using the wrong knife: Using the wrong knife for each ingredient

Using a knife that lacks quality: The knife hits the handle, the knife is burrowed, the knife is too blunt

Using the wrong knife technique: The wrong way to handle the knife, the wrong way of handling the ingredients, the wrong place to cut the ingredients, the wrong way of the knife.


Batonnet, also known as slicing thick sticks. This style is often applied to cut all kinds of sweet potatoes, potatoes, kohlrabi, carrots … to process fried and stir-fried dishes. The requirement of this way is that the ingredients after being sliced ​​must be 4 – 5cm long and 1 cm thick.

how to sharpen a global knife


Slice is a sliced ​​style that is used when slicing kohlrabi, sweet potatoes, potatoes, and cucumbers to prepare deep-fried dishes, stir-fries, salads or as garnishes.


Chiffonade is finely sliced. This shredded style is often used for vegetables, leaves such as lime leaves to sprinkle on chicken or cabbage to make salad …


Shred is a long-strand cut, or shredded. Often used to process salad dishes, salads. The requirement of cutting long yarns is to be uniform, not to break into fine filaments.

Large Dice

Large Dice is a way to slice large pomegranates, often used to cut kinds of carrots, potatoes, beets … to process soups, soups.

how to sharpen a global knife

Small Dice

Small Dice is a small diced style. This style usually also applies to vegetables such as potatoes, carrots … but with a smaller size than the Large Dice and used to process porridge, soups.

Brunoise Dice

Brunoise Dice is the smallest diced way. Normally, people will cut in the form of small sticks and then cut into this smallest pomegranate seed. Bruinoise Dice-style vegetables are often used to make soups, fried balls or to decorate dishes …


Mince is a chopped type, often used to chop garlic, chili, lemongrass to make ingredients to marinate fish, meat or to fry, to make a sauce …


What are other famous brands of Japanese knives

GLOBAL knives were first produced in 1985 by leader Komin Yamada of Yoshikin Corporation, Japan. This series of knives is made of steel CROMOVA 18 (the alloy of Molybdenum, Vanadium and Chromium) that is more resistant to rust and wear than other steels, hardness up to 58 HRC. Today, GLOBAL has more than 100 items and is appreciated by customers and professional chefs around the world. It is no coincidence that Global’s knife became the best-selling knife model among a series of other world-class Japanese knife manufacturers.

All Japanese stainless steel knives have been introduced in the market. Tojiro is a series of previous generations of knives with excellent sharpness and grip strength.

Cobalt alloy stainless steel is extracted impurities from the ore by a low temperature monkey elimination method. This degassing method is also used for Yanaga and Takohiki materials. Using 13 layers of stainless chromium as a raw material for sharpness and durability. Molybdenum and Vanadium are added to make the blade sharper and more supple.

how to sharpen a global knife

The Tojiro knife retains its sharpness for a long time and easily regains it when re-sharpening. The handle has a combination of layers of stainless steel. This is very common in Europe. The Tojiro line of knives is truly a global standard for Japanese knives. Tojiro won the Good Design Award with the Tojiro Pro line of knives in 2000.

Also a brand product from Japan and originating from Japan. However, KAI SEKI MAGOROKU kitchen knives have many different types, with good quality and extremely reasonable price.

how to sharpen a global knife

The corporation was founded in 1908 in Seki City, Gifu, Japan and has its headquarters in Tokyo. The origin of the corporation is a city with 800 years of history in the cutlery industry. Here, the company started as a folding knife factory only. The traditional craftsmanship, the spirit of the smiths, and the manufacture of intimate tools are rooted in everyday life. Creative spirit, technological innovation and positive efforts are the essence of KAI Corporation. It is also a passion for the corporation to continue to develop more on each product. quietest washer machine

How to distinguish real and fake knives ?

Packaging: this is a bit difficult, it takes Japanese products to detect it regularly. But there is a way to differentiate: Japanese people appreciate nobility, so their designs are very elegant, not complicated, the colors are courteous, not brilliant, somewhat sunken, dark. Usually just a plain box and a line of text running from top to bottom.

Different from China and Vietnam: loves to eat bones. The Japanese rarely eat bones, so cutting knives are very few. Only a few places of production are intended for those who make Chinese food and the prices are expensive. So Japanese chopping knives are sold widely in Vietnam and cheaply, there must be question marks

Cutters with holes: 90% are Chinese or Thai knives. Japanese knives do not have holes because Japanese people do not have the habit of hanging knives after using them. The Japanese have finished using it, cleaned it, and put it in the closet. This hole is used to hook up. This is the habit of the Chinese people.


I think the knives are very respectful of chefs, so they put in great effort to forge such amazing knives  and how to sharpen a global knife, because knives are tools for chefs to practice and find a livelihood. When bringing the knife home, it becomes a tool for the housewife to feed the whole family. Attending a knife is our way of showing respect to those who are dedicated to making a good tool for us to use. Some products you should consider using the same Global Knife to get the best effect: best drawer dishwasher

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