How To Melt String Cheese- Easy Ways To Melts String Cheese

how to melt string cheese

Many young people buy cheese to make their favorite cheese dishes. However, most of you are quite confused about how to melt string cheese evenly and cling to the surface of the dish. Let’s take a look at the following simple ways before the clumsy melt a batch of expensive cheese into the dish without taking any good pictures.

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How Nutritious Is Cheese?

Cheese is an important source of nutrients, and it contains high levels of protein and minerals such as calcium. In addition, using cheese also gives our health many benefits. Scientific evidence has shown that cheese can prevent tooth decay and is included in the diet to limit the risks of people with chronic diseases such as heart disease, obesity, and osteoporosis.

The calcium minerals in cheese aid in developing and maintaining bone, teeth, and overall body health. Besides, the elderly can still use cheese because the calcium in cheese is easy to steam and does not contain lactose.


Cheese is a good source of high-quality protein. Protein is the main structural and functional component of cells in the body. This nutrient acts as enzymes, carries cell membranes and blood transport molecules, and is also a major component of muscles, blood cells, skin, hair, teeth, and bones.

 Because the protein in “full” protein cheese contains all the essential amino acids in the right proportions for the body’s needs, cheese can be used to supplement a diet consisting mainly of grains containing “incomplete” protein. This high-quality protein source from cheese is easy to digest. New science also demonstrates the health benefits of proteins, including dairy proteins, in weight control, metabolic performance, and elderly health. Natural cheeses are typically gluten-free, except for cheeses containing wheat, barley, and rye.


Aged cheeses like cheddar contain little or no lactose, the main carbohydrate in milk. During cheese making, lactose is removed with the whey and/or converted to acid during cheese ripening. The level of lactose in some cheeses, such as processed and cottage cheese, is dependent on added ingredients such as fat-free milk and whey protein cheeses.


The amount of fat, saturated fat, and cholesterol in cheeses varies largely depending on the types of milk used to make them (e.g., raw, partially reduced-fat, low-fat milk fat, nonfat milk). Its fat content largely determines the taste and texture of the cheese.

Vitamins and minerals

The vitamin content in cheese depends on the type of milk used and the manufacturing process. Because most of the fat in the milk is retained in the curd, cheese has the fat-soluble vitamins of the milk used to make it (e.g., vitamin A). Water-soluble vitamins such as Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, vitamin B3 (nicotinic acid or vitamin PP), vitamin B6, vitamin B12, folic acid exist in whey protein. 

Therefore, the content of these vitamins in cheese is influenced by the amount of whey protein retained in the cheese. Some natural and processed cheeses are fortified with vitamin D to meet this need. The vast majority of cheese is an excellent natural source of many minerals, especially calcium. However, the calcium content in cheese varies according to how it is produced.


Salt (sodium) plays an important role in cheese making because it affects moisture, texture, flavor, functionality, and food safety. A fairly common view of consumers is that using cheese has added a significant portion of sodium salt to their daily diet

Delicious Dishes With String Cheese

String cheese is a line of cheese that was born after traditional cheese to help customers more easily make some dishes that need to be shredded. If you do not know what these dishes are, let’s take a look at these delicious dishes made from string cheese.


When it comes to pizza, it is certainly impossible not to mention an essential ingredient: the layer of melted, fragrant, and greasy cheese that makes up the characteristic of the cake from far away from Italy.

To make it more convenient for users in the baking process and without losing time to shred pizza from large pizzas, shredded cheese was born. After completing all the stages of making the cake, to the topping part, you need to open the cheese bag and sprinkle it evenly on the base of the cake, add other toppings and bake. Not only will it save time, but the cheese fibers will also creep into the empty nooks and crannies of the topping, allowing you to enjoy a vibrant cheese-soaked pizza.

Cheese spicy chicken

Spicy chicken with cheese is a dish that has been “hot” among young Vietnamese in recent years. On cold winter days like this, it’s okay to sit with friends, enjoy the hot, spicy cheese chicken pan but still not overwhelm the natural sweetness of chicken and the greasy taste of cheese. Isn’t it better?

Grilled oysters with cheese

Only grilled oysters are delicious, appealing to so many taste buds, now adding greasy cheese to cover each oyster makes this dish even more delicious and nutritious. Just smelling it is enough to taste. I was extremely excited.

Instead of carefully cutting cheese into small pieces to fit the oyster, things have become easier than ever when there is shredded cheese. In manipulating seasoning, sprinkling cheese, then grilling oysters, you have delicious grilled oysters with cheese right away.

Cheese baked sweet potato

Sweet potato is a very popular tuber in Vietnam and has been used and processed into many different dishes: sweet potato tea, fried potato cakes, boiled, baked sweet potatoes… However, the dish certainly has its name. Sweet potato cheese juice is quite strange to readers.

This dish is a variation according to the taste of the West. After the sweet potato has been boiled, the inside is scraped, leaving a crust, forming a mold. The grated sweet potato will be pureed and mixed with a few spices, oil, salt, and pepper and then put back into the skin. Finally, sprinkle with cottage cheese and parsley leaves and bake. The hot baked sweet potato with cheese will come out of the oven instantly, delicious and nutritious.

Mixed rice with cheese

A few steps to transform everyday rice into a completely new dish with shredded cheese will be an idea not to be missed for boring winter days.

First, you need to prepare half a bowl of rice, flatten the rice’s surface, pour ketchup on top, crack an egg, sprinkle with shredded cheese, and finally put it in the microwave for 1-2 minutes. , right after that, delicious, greasy cheese rice is ready for a warm meal.

Spaghetti with cheese sauce

Spaghetti with cheese sauce is also one of the successful variations from the classic spaghetti. This dish is a sweet blend of ingredients: spaghetti, bacon, vegetables, cheese, etc. With a simple recipe and quick preparation time, you’re ready to eat in just a short time. Prepare a delicious dish for your family.

Cheese fried chicken

If fried chicken is too ordinary, cover it with melted cheese, and that changes everything. It’s amazing how just one layer of cheese can change so many things. Tender cheese combined with deep-fried chicken, the softness of the cheese, and the crispiness of the chicken complement each other in taste and texture. Sometimes the inside of the fried chicken will be a bit dry due to overcooking, but adding a little cheese will make chewing the chicken “smooth” due to the extra moisture.

Snails with cheese sauce

Traditional snail dishes already have many sauces, many toppings are already delicious, such as peanut butter, sweet and sour tamarind sauce, or garlic sauce… But the types of snails covered Adding a layer of melted cheese makes people feel very delicious, eating will have a greasy taste, combined with sweet shellfish and snail meat. Just imagining it can make people salivate.

How To Melt String Cheese


This is the simplest and most ‘electrical’ way to melt the cheese. The microwaves will shoot through the water molecules (H2O) in the cheese, causing the cheese fibers to heat up, turning from solid to liquid. You just spread the cheese over the dish and relax for 1, 2 minutes. 

The cheese fibers will automatically flow out and cover the dish. Depending on the desired thickness of the cheese layer, you will add more or less. Note that too much cheese is not necessarily delicious but will be very boring.

Please set the highest power for the microwave to save time. Depending on the amount of food in the microwave, cheese can be fast or slow. Remember to set the time short and often check if the cheese becomes watery and melts into the dish’s sauce. However, you should not put your face close to the operating microwave to watch the cheese melt, in case the grease splashes up and startles you!


Steaming is a way of heating food with the heat of steam. Therefore, if underneath the cheese is a dish that comes in contact with the steam, it is not okay. For example, you cannot steam a cheese sandwich.

The cheese melted by steaming will also be the cheese that has accumulated water that condenses during the steaming process. In terms of time, this is the slowest way because the heat radiates from below, and the cheese is on top. Of course, you have to close the lid to expect the cheese to be hot enough and melt quickly.

Cook on a non-stick pan

First, you have to make sure that the non-stick pan is really evenly and well-stick because you don’t want the cheese to stick and burn on the sides of the pan. To prevent the cheese from burning, always stir. Molten cheese lava will be used as a sauce to cover the dish. It’s best to have a friend who’s willing to film the cheese pouring scene because the moment is just amazing.

Oven mitts

This is a common method when there is cheese in baked goods such as pizza. The baking process in the oven will both cook the dough and melt the cheese simultaneously. This method is not recommended for cheese coating on already cooked dishes such as tokbokki because it will take more time than the other methods.

Fire torch head

Not for amateur chefs. The flame burner is most commonly seen in luxury steakhouses when the chef uses this method to cook the meat evenly. This is a common way that restaurants and bars make cheese chicken. The chicken dish covered with shredded cheese and then melted by fire is very stimulating, but it’s really not for young people who still have to preserve their youthful skin and beauty.


Cheese is good for health?

It delivers a variety of calories and rich in caloric, which makes cheese a carbohydrate food. It is an eco-friendly material provider, and magnesium is a mineral to develop strong bones and muscles and cancer prevention.

Cheese includes large amounts and moderate fat of critical elements such calcium, phosphorous, copper, vitamin B, riboflavin, vitamin B11. Some cheese is being demonstrated to mitigate the chances of tooth caries, as Chard,  Blue, Havarti Cheese, and Americana process.

Research shows that dieting with three slices of dairy products per day – like reduced, chubby, minimum and maximum cheeses – and five to ten portions of fruits, veggies, and another coronary heart disease, including lowering serum cholesterol, significantly reduces heart rate and danger.

Furthermore, a new study shows that a healthy diet in milk products with calorie control, particularly modest cheese intake, has lowered weight gain and lowered the risk of metabolic syndrome.

Can people who are lactose intolerant eat cheese?

People who are lactose intolerant can safely consume cheeses such as cheddar, Colby, Monterey Jack, mozzarella, parmesan, and swiss, which contain little or no lactose.

Is organic cheese healthier than regular milk cheese?

Milk production in the United States, whether organic or conventional, is governed by strict government standards. This ensures a safe, healthy, and nutritious U.S. milk supply. There aren’t any nutritional differences between organic and conventional milk, so regular cheese has the same nutritional value as the corresponding organic cheese.

Watching this video to get more detail


Topokki covered with cheese, spicy chicken with cheese… and many other dishes really make us all crave, even fear, because of the fatness of the dish. It can be said that people can add mozzarella cheese to any dish and make that combination extremely wonderful. So after reading this article, do you know how to melt string cheese with an oven?

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