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Best Way How To Clean Cotton Candy Machine – Instruction Step By Step

Using your machine to make cotton candy with your family on the weekend, can be very thrilling and enjoyable. This candy, which is approximately 100 percent sugar, can be added in a number of food colors and scents.  After a period of use, dirty lines stick to the machine and you find it difficult to handle those plaque. Don’t worry you have got us. We will give you some tips on How to clean cotton candy machines.

The device spins sweets at high speed, shaping them into small, unpacked strands. Essentially, most of the things you get are air, the strands are easy to compact to sweet lumps and will put in your mouth in a magnificent blast of colossal sweetness, the adversary of diabetes patients. 

Melting candy can be a chaotic operation and a cotton candy machine needs care to maintain it working properly. One way to keep your equipment is to clean it properly after using. 

Reading all our post, which show you how to clean cotton candy machine easily: 

  • Construction Candy machine
  • Using cotton candy machine 
  • The best machine
  • Why should you regularly clean the cotton candy maker?
  • How to clean cotton candy machine step by step
  • Maintenance Tips Cotton Candy Machine
  • Some notice when we use this equipment to make snacks.
  • Candy Machine with Tips for Part Cleaning
  • Conclusion 

Construction Candy Machine

Over the 19th century, the new sweets industry was established. Particular candy making equipment was developed at this period. These machines were semi-automatic and permitted large-scale manufacturing. The first sweet cotton machine was built in the late 19th century. This unit was composed of a big pot in the center with a revolving heating heart. Operators could create portions individually, and as it was compact, it became a common preparation in circuits, carnivals and ball parks.

Before the 1970’s, only small-scale cotton sugar was made. This was because there were no mechanical devices capable of producing enough goods for widespread delivery. An electric cotton candy production system was then patented in 1972. This system was effective for automated production and processing. It resulted in the industrial manufacture of cotton sweets.

Cotton candy ingredients are diversified and abundant such as sugar, hard candy, malt

The machine’s extraction head has a smooth, stainless steel base that effectively grinds sugar, and hard sweets, malt and helps candy turn cotton evenly and perfectly. The steel core is closely covered to ensure the protection of the customer with little trouble with the mixer inside. The case is in stainless steel with tempered glass, the outside is the adjustment button and power switch.

The body is equipped with a real tough plastic sheet that is temperature and damage prone.

The stainless steel container above is removable so it is convenient to wash and clean with a little excessive amount of time. A tiny round hole is within the stainless steel pot. Here’s where the cotton candy is produced.

There is also a substance section and a useful sugar spoon on the front of the unit.

Using Cotton Candy Machine 

The cotton soft is not only sweet, it is also a successful company, so you must first know how to produce it so you can join the market.

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You likely had pink when you attended a carnival, tasted it and began a relationship with it. And then you thought how they could do such a wonderful thing. Ok, it’s not complicated at all and you can be confident you get the sweet thing after taking a few quick moves.

The sweet cotton colour, of course, is white, although sometimes manufacturers chose to apply various colours and flavours to the white sugar so that consumers and their children would feel more attractive.

The modern world helps us not understand those little aspects we use every day, but a few decades ago they were very difficult to grasp. In 1904, for instance, candy floss first existed, although only a few people could appreciate it. Today, you will find them for as low as one dollar at any carnival, festival or major case.

Since its production, cotton candy has experienced several adjustments, but the latest is the eruption of flavors. You can purchase cotton sweets in any flavor that you want, from the most famous blueberry to caramel or peppermint. Or you might also find a bacon taste if you’re a pork lover.

Ensure That It Is Clear

Before beginning the Candy Floss Machine, please ensure that any remainders since the last period they were used are entirely visible within the cup. So, continue we search how to clean the cotton candy machine

Follow Guidelines

The Machine would be leased with directions about how to assemble it. They should be easy and straightforward, but please contact the rental shop for assistance if you have trouble.

Make It To Heat Up

It’s time to insert and warm up the Cotton Candy Device. It requires you to warm up at least ten minutes and when you are using the device. It is the most relevant recommendation that we will offer you for the cotton candy machine or any kind of little candy floss table top. You could most definitely wind up with burnt sugar melting at the surfaces of your processor if you bring it in until it gets heated up. Be certain the gadget is warmed up before you place something in it.

Stir In The Glucose

You can use the prefabricated flavored sugar or create your own blend (for that, regular granulated sugar is the best).. A few bits of artificial flavoring in the sugar could go well with the cup used in the unit.

Get The Sweet Cotton

Now that you have added sugar, the candy floss can stick to the bowl line. Keep one to two inches between two fingers and a thumb at the tip of the paper cone. Roll the cone in the network of the floss in the pan with a light flicking gesture. Lift the come up to the flow ring and turn the cone to wrap the floss.

If the floss doesn’t stick to the cap, move the cone near the spinner head and take the molten sugar to keep the floss. Lift the cone from the pan and wrap the pan in a “figure 8” hand action. Put the stick in the device and crack the candy stick of cotton and take it with the point out of the pan.

Smooth Up

After all steps, you have completed the cotton clip creation process, before stopping the machine, you let the machine continue to operate without material for 2 minutes. That helps your machine burn the remaining sugar in the pot on its own. Make the road impossible to pile on the reel. After the sugar has been completely burned, turn off the engine and continue to cool down. Make sure your machine has cooled down before removing any parts for cleaning.

Washing Up 

After making candy, you can wash it carefully. So you must find the best way to clean the cotton candy machine. 

A few of our greatest products with this gadget are washing up- and you’re finished quickly rinse in the wash! Please be aware of monitoring this system with babies! The machine’s head turns fast and gets sweaty, child supervision is highly advised. We still advise clear eyewear for utilizing this and other cotton sweeteners.

The manufacturer of cotton sweets flips and heats up. The sugar is applied and heated up and pushed to produce the long flakes of sugar into a disk or cylinders, perforated by hundreds of tiny holes. The sugar floss mix is essentially transferred to a central storage tank where it is gently heated to a liquid condition.

After it has been liquefied, it is driven through the holes compartment. The key is to have a kit at hand to extract the strands from the cylinder. The individual collecting the sugar is required to operate rapidly and securely and often to act on a rotating movement, normally on a tiny wooden stick or paper tube or in a plastic container to collect the cotton candy.

The candy must be gathered and consumed rapidly since it consumes air moisture easily and falls to its liquid form. 

The Best Machine 

VIVO Pink Electric Commercial Cotton Candy Machine

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Your Purpose

It is important to think of what you need for the ideal cotton candy machine before you start to look. Is it a matter of regularly enjoying a dessert or being happy to label visitors at your gatherings (married couples, birthday parties, etc.)? You always find a device which is comfortable and easy to use. This is a chance, you and your family enjoy together.

A mid-range computer can be enough for a family reunion or for a few mates. When it comes to delivering candy floss to several visitors, it is crucial to choose a system capable of continuous operation and of generating very quick flows.

Investing in an elevated and powerful system with a huge sugar tank is also preferable. This model style is heavier (over 10kg) and less transportable.

Important Characteristics

Any of the cotton sweets are easily fitted with the on button. There is a thermostat and/or heating switch only for high-end equipment. It must be quite secure, regardless of the sort of system you chose. Choose a foot computer with an aspiration cup if you choose a small template (2kg less than). Non-slip feet are suggested over 2kg. If you adhere to the prescribed dosage of the maker, you shouldn’t get too much moving sugar. But safety from splashes is still essential.


What is the use of candy floss sugar? This is a crucial query you can pose yourself until you contemplate picking your computer and producing sweets. The solution to this query would take account of the preferences of the resulting sweets for all customers. It is best to take a computer which is characterized by its simplicity.

You may have any of your visitors or children with no great sugar tolerance. It is therefore necessary to choose a flexible machine that uses sugar free candies and various types of syrup. There are a lot of options to satisfy all. You can convert with a flexible cotton candy machine:

Hard sweets

Standard sugars


Particular starches

Sugar And Hard Candies

Cotton candy is produced with the most natural quartz sugar. Sweets cotton mixes are just glucose, colour and taste. And you must know they’re pretty costly. You may use traditional sugar and add artificial flavoring or fruit juice, as an alternative. It would be cheaper and better in this manner.

Design And Construction Material

A manufacturer of machines requires high heats to achieve performance. Terrible quality plastic materials will then dissolve under that heat. The sweets will also contain leech toxins. The recommendation is that you use only products that are crafted from stainless. When choosing plastic, make sure that it is free from Bisphenol A (BPA), in particular around the dispensing region for cotton sweets.

The machines are usually colored to suit the festive nature of their purpose. You can go for red and white scarlet, reminiscent of the Circassian paint, or rose cotton sweets of previous years. They add to the environmental esthetic element even before planning!

This criteria is essential if for a specific occasion you are searching for a cotton candy machine. But first of all, the candyfloss machine is a food processing device, and it is essential that security and efficiency be prioritized before esthetics are considered.

Conclusion: The first requirements to be examined are the type of use and the total measurements for usability and convenience. Furthermore, the tank and the control and the maintenance and cleaning choices of the unit are critical considerations.

You will locate a machine that better serves you by thoroughly searching. However, you ought to make a reasonably wide budget if you intend to focus on a full model. Yet certainly it’s likely to be useful.

Some Notice When We Use This Equipment To Make Snacks

  • Try running the device outdoors to reduce the mess if nature allows.
  • Check carefully to see what kind of sugar your equipment can handle.
  • If you plan to use hard cubes, use only forms made of corn syrup.
  • You can make a range of delicious, strong flavors using hard candy bars instead of sugar.
  • You can move your hands equally as you spin and rotate to one edge, not reverse at all, so it won’t stick candies opposite. To develop the required form, you can turn horizontally or in any desired direction.
  • Not pick the spinning head of the device. Always use hands all the time 
  • You shouldn’t want to replace your particular unit. Remember that any further maintenance shall be reserved to a licensed service technician. It is better to visit the manufacturer’s website for the correct sanitation of the component. Not at all candy floss machinery adopt the same protocols for cleaning and repair, so it is essential to know the manufacturer’s home page for notification, maintenance and cleaning points, procedures, etc.

Why Should You Regularly Clean The Cotton Candy Maker?

A candy creator is an electrical item, and it requires repairs like most equipment.

In addition, sugar crusts develop on the pieces of the unit by daily usage. The bowl, splashing guard and spin bowler are eventually dirtied without daily washing.

The accumulating crusts influence the effectiveness of the candy producer parts by covering and obstructing the device’s tiny aperture. In addition, the condition will trigger the system to fail.

You also will note that the floss made with a dirty machine eventually loses consistency.

You discourage the soil from collecting and creating these issues by brushing the machine regularly.

Daily maintenance helps to preserve the device’s regular operating conditions. It ensures that the produced floss is of high consistency, and that the flavor remains excellent because outdated sugar does not influence it. It also helps the system last forever by stopping premature collapse. if you don’t no right way, reading all article to know how to clean the cotton candy machine

How To Clean Cotton Candy Machine Step By Step

There are two washing types. First of all, the basic cleaning process, and secondly, part by part method. The first way is applied after each use. The method doesn’t take very long and is really easy for everybody. It could be called a quick cleaning.

Quick Cleaning

The process consists of 5 steps:

Ensure that the device is disconnected from the connector and that the component is not linked to a power port. Wait about several minutes to cool off the machine. The tub and the splash guard must be extracted and separated to be cleaned individually. The splash guard may also be removed from the bowl by gently gripping the slashguard via its highest point and then increasing it upwards in order to detach the locking latches. The head of the floss can be cut and thoroughly cleaned.

  • Step 1

Clean the bowls in hot water. You don’t have to use soap, water is sufficient. After all, hot water melts sugar, but food service devices like candy floss manufacturers should also be liquid-cleanable. Then turn on the device as if you made food. This is to remove all the remaining to guarantee the glucose is really gone. You will check that there is no more sugar on your head.

An easy approach is to put some warm water slowly into the container to remove some sugar crystals on the top. Just add water to the pot bit by little. This generates steam while the system is working as the operation is being done. Allow the pot to refresh and do this again. Sprinkle several water onto the head of the floss and let the unit go for 20 seconds.

  • Step 2

Turn the heating function button clockwise to the optimum position to start a warm up as soon as possible. Control the temperature to the maximum degree and enable it to last approximately 60 seconds. The high temperature rate can baker some left sugar

  • Step 3

When the unit no longer has identifiable food parts, remove the carbon ribbons. To do this, first, transform the unit for 60 seconds to the maximum temperature level.

Then get some water in a cup and gently spill it into the hot bowl of the gadget. This would remove any sugar crystals which will bind to it. When you pour hot water to the machine slowly while it is operating, you can see sulfur generated. Continue to do that for around 30 seconds, then wait for the system to work for another 30 seconds without any additional water.

  • Step 4

Disconnect the machine and wait until it becomes cool.

  • Step 5

Using a paper cloth to scrub any residual moisture out of the tank and flow head, until the pump is cold. Sugar might stay on the sprinkler or bubble, so as well wipe it off.

The modules ought to be dry till the equipment is stored until next time the equipment is run.

Note: You can not wash the engine base with liquid. A warm and moist cloth could instead be used to clean the part.

This is normally enough when you vacuum regularly, but you have to go a step more to clean the pieces once in a while. And after a lengthy usage of around 2 months, the second method is used. For this way, we must disassemble and clean each portion. This then needs a certain level of knowledge and concern in the implementation phase. I called “the cleaning part to part”.

The Cleaning Part To Part

Although you are using a large or small cotton candy maker to create delicious and beautiful cotton candy. Then you must comply with the recommendations that the manufacturer has given you such as heating up the machine within the allowed time, then adding sugar and the last one is when finished using it to give the machine time. appropriate cooling time to protect your machine.

Step 1 – Disassembly

In order to release the splash guard, just take it by its highest stage, drag it off the locks and remove the unit.

The next section is the stator. The stator  generally has screws inside it, and can be quickly removed using a screwdriver. And if the slots of the screwdriver are filled with sugar, you can wash it with the tools.

If the stator is down, the spinner must be removed. At the top, the spinner has a cap added that can be connected to the belt for long operating periods. So press the spin bowler cap with a silicone or a rubber object to back away it after cutting the screws.

You may need a screwdriver or clamp based on the engine’s configuration to remove the spinner. Usually, a central bolt goes into the spinner or screws on the ends. It should be quick to remove them with a tool. Make sure that the computer is removed from electricity before starting to remove some pieces.

Step 2 – Rinsing Sections

Soak the pot, stator and spin bowler cap for around a minute in warm water. This eliminates any glucose that is hidden in them. And carefully clean them. Again, just liquid, you shouldn’t need detergent.

Step 3 – Engine Base Cleaning

The electrical portion of the engine base might be a stupid move to wash it with liquid. Get a wet rag, damp it and then take it to scrub the engine building down.

Step 4 – Reassemble

After washing the machine parts, we can eventually use a soft cloth to dry the machine parts. Make sure there is no steam in the machine.

Next, we have to reassemble and store the machine without dust. Be careful when assembling the components properly and tighten the screws. You should check the instructions while purchasing the machine if you don’t know the sequence they were installed in.

Maintenance Tips Cotton Candy Machine

The most critical maintenance activity you can do is cleaning. When the device is cleaned daily, it works well and well so it runs longer. Beside, we provide tips on how to clean the cotton candy machine, we help you find some tips for maintaining.

The Machine Isn’t Activate 

Other than that, the other popular issue facing consumers is that the system does not react when control is allowed. If this appears, try the following adjustments:

Check Wiring System

Test the connection – insure that both cables are strongly correlated.

Test The Machine’s Fuse

Guard the trigger – it could have exploded the fuse. Screw it off and ensure that it doesn’t get it.

Engine Is Stuck 

Inspect the engine and be sure it isn’t trapped – spray WD40 or some other acceptable lubricant to release it. Allow the engine to swallow and then turn it by touch until reactivating the engine.

The Motor Does Not Spin (No Heating)

Check this temperature switch light up 

If not = the press is damaged or bad switch 

If Yes you continue see this voltage meter  

  • No = lost wiring or connector between meter and turn
  • Yes = test the lines in the electrical brushing box of the voltage meter to insure they are linked.

Electrical Brushes 

One blue and one red wire from the meter to the brush boxes could

  • Check linking 
  • Copper bands are capable of creating carbon from tools and will “sparkle” on them. 
  • Use a scratching pad to wipe off carbon created when rotating head-on-head.

Heating Head

  • A blue and a red wire behind bands. Heating Head (removes fixed screw and reduces warming head off) Take warming unit voltage.

THE Check wires search for frayed wiring or loose links

The heat limit check (white circle with two terminals)

  • Inspect shorter link from heating element to limiter

All cables and links look just fine…

Heating System

Using a multimeter and control for continuity and The most reliable way to verify a heating device is by (approx. 13 Ohms)


Can you clean the inside of cotton candy machine?

Cotton candy machines are not only delicious but also easy to clean! The first step in cleaning your machine, unplug it and allow it cool down. Once its cooled remove the top part of you’re cottton candy maker with an flat instrument such as a brush or rag so that all sugar residue can be cleaned off easily next put back together after finishing this process simply plugging into wall socket once again.

How do you get burnt sugar off a cotton candy machine?

To get burnt sugar off a cotton candy machine, you’ll need to use something with a strong affinity for the sugary residue. First of all, remove any that’s still stuck on there from top-to-bottom and side-to-side before spraying some cleaner onto it; let this sit awhile if possible. Then wipe away using a paper towel.

Why is my cotton candy machine not making cotton candy?

Your cotton candy machine might not be making the sweet, fluffy treats because it’s not heated enough or there is something blocking its spinning head from releasing. The sugar won’t dissolve properly which will prevent the formation of these delicious candies!


This is more about how to clean cotton candy machine. I think that this thorough guidance was beneficial. Remember, the unit should be cleaned periodically. Do deep clean when putting the device after any use. As mentioned above, general cleaning does not disconnect the device. I urge you to read the suggested cleaning solution and rate in the user guide. Since there might be few cleaning combinations that are unique to your unit, for example different ways to remove the container and spin bowler.

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