Top 17 Best Food Grade Castor Oil For Health [Updated 2022]

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If you just think about food grade castor oil as a way to keep Grandfather “normal,” you’re losing out on many of the additional benefits this vegetable oil has to offer. This pure yellowish oil, squeezed first from seeds of a castor tree, was used for millennia for a multitude of clinical and aesthetic purposes. Castor oil, like the superfoods palm as well as poultry seasoning, is abundant in healthful fats but receives little recognition.

Instead, we’ve put up this article to assist you to learn something about castor oil’s applications. Our best castor oil packs are also included below. 

Best Food Grade Castor Oil Comparison 2022

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Bestseller No. 1
GreenIVe - 100% Pure Castor Oil - Cold Pressed - Hexane Free - Exclusively on Amazon (32 Ounce)
GreenIVe - 100% Pure Castor Oil - Cold Pressed - Hexane Free - Exclusively on Amazon (32 Ounce)
SKIN: Castor Oil is great for all skin types and can help restore the natural shine
Bestseller No. 2
Now Foods Castor Oil 16 Fl Oz (2 Count)
Now Foods Castor Oil 16 Fl Oz (2 Count)
2 bottles of 16 ounces, 32 total ounces; Made in USA; One of the finest natural skin emollients available
Bestseller No. 3
Castor Oil 650mg 120 Softgels (Pack of 2)
Castor Oil 650mg 120 Softgels (Pack of 2)
120 Softgels; Serving Size: 1 Softgel; 120 Servings Per Container; Gluten Free
Bestseller No. 4
Bestseller No. 7
Zongle USDA Certified Organic Castor Oil, Cold Pressed, Ricinus Communis, 4 OZ…
Zongle USDA Certified Organic Castor Oil, Cold Pressed, Ricinus Communis, 4 OZ…
USDA Certified Organic Castor Oil.; Ethically Produced. GSMC and Sterile. Bottled in the USA.

Top 17 Food Grade Castor Oil Reviews 2022

Castor Oil 16oz USP Food Grade Ultra Pure

The Castor oil on your skin, hair, and intestines will love it! odorless and tasteless. Why is this amazon’s best food grade castor oil? The finest quality, trust cold-drawn cocoa butter accessible is required for the face, hair, and digestive tract. The highest manufacturing regulations are therefore found there at USP (U. S. Pharmacopia) level.

Olive oil, coconut oil, and safflower flavonoid contents are commonly found in kitchen cabinets. But, would the same oils that you use in the kitchen be used on your face? Organics and unprocessed goods, according to Organization means, are her best chance. “Cooking with purified chia seeds has a higher oxidative stability than organic, unprocessed essential oils, so it was a little bit bigger for preparing food, but you have to purify it.”

You might be removing substances that have attractive uses,” she explains. As a result, Katta prefers an additional amount, chilly, unprocessed essential oils over more processed goods for complexion care. Herbs, such as almond oil, argan, and lacquer thinner, on the other hand, are often more likely to cause immune reactions than olive and flaxseed oil, according to Katta.

Apple cider vinegar has built a following as a powerful antibacterial and antifungal agent. It does have such characteristics, but you must utilize them with caution.


  • It has been recommended by Kerri Rivera.
  • Great for skin and hair.
  • FDA- registered.


  • It may take some time to have an effect.

Heritage Store Organic Castor Oil

Do you want bigger, face higher, bolder eyebrows and eyelashes, and more luminous skin? It’s no issue! Your grab, ethically sourced cosmetic secret is Heritage Store Castor Oils. Our purest, cooler Shea Butter covers all of your self-care requirements, from moisturizing and nurturing both eyes and scalp to flattening frizz and boosting strong hair and eyebrows.

It’s high in aromatic compounds, which is a native daily moisturizer that helps seal moisture into your skin’s outermost surface. It may be used to treat dry, hair growth, as facial skin oil, or on nails, heels, or other dry regions. Apply food grade castor oil to the belly with a woolen pack that is deeply absorbing and has good restorative effects.

We’re really about good vibes and great energy here at Heritage Store. Although we led to large, we store our Organic Castor Oil in a golden plastic container that helps preserve the oil’s purity and potency while also keeping it fresh. Since self-care goes beyond the skin, this oil is ethically sourced, cooler, pro, zinc chloride, vegan, and barbaric.

Heritage Store has become a gorgeous natural mainstay since 1969, with a wide range of easy, clean goods like our cultural phenomenon Lotion and Rosewater Glycerin. Its proposition and eternal: we produce the greatest treatments for the beauty, smile, and spirit by drawing on Grandmother Nature’s inherent knowledge and the history of world therapeutic systems.

This oil absorbs quickly into the flesh and is recognized for its numerous health advantages, as well as those provided by vitamins E and K, as well as its bacteriostatic and bactericidal qualities. The only major exception? For either forehead or skincare, opt for cold-pressed, unadulterated oil.


  • Gives you a smooth skin
  • Vibrant look
  • Hexane free


  • It may uncomfortable in hot weather

Humco – 51516001 Castor Oil

No products found.

Castor oil is a natural stimulant that is both safe and effective. It could also be used to treat fungal infections and relieve joint discomfort. When administered topically to the abdomen area, castor oil is also proven to help newborns with colic. Food grade castor oil might help you grow your hair and improve the color of your hair. It is also used to encourage the growth of fuller, longer eyebrows.

This oil may also be used to treat sensitive patches. Acne, worms, and stretch marks can all be treated with castor oil, which has anti-oxidant and anti effects. Castor oil has been used for centuries as a natural muscle relaxant. It may also be used as a moisturizer since it is heated and promotes fluid movement in the organism.

It’s also used in the food sector as a preservative and also as lubrication for moving components and machinery. As instructed by your pharmacist, take this medicine by the stomach. Follow all guidelines on the type of business if you’re self-treating. Inquire with your pediatrician if you have any concerns.

This medicine should be consumed immediately. Using a specific measurement smartphone, precisely measure the dosage. If you use a regular tablespoon, you could not obtain the right dose. To enhance the flavor of this medicine, mix it with juice.

Dosage is determined by your age, medical problem, and prognosis. Do not raise your dose or use this medication more frequently than recommended. Unless your doctor tells you otherwise, must not take this medicine for longer than 7 days. The overuse of this drug may result in serious adverse effects.

This medicine may take 6 to 12 hours to induce a kidney stone. If your problem still exists or worsens, or if you experience rectum hemorrhage, consult your doctor. If you suspect you have a significant medical condition, visit a doctor right away.


  • Natural laxative
  • It can be used for medical problems
  • It has good quality standards


  • It may be expensive for some

Hello Castor Oil USDA Certified Organic

Castor Oil, Natural Cool Pressing, is 100% organic. This medication is devoid of hexane, parabens, fragrances, and preservatives. Food grade castor oil has several health advantages for your skin, body, and hair. Castor oil encourages the development of eyelashes and eyebrows. Castor oil can assist with acne, discoloration, freckles, dark spots, and bags under the eyes, as well as mild sore throats. In a natural method, you may keep growing and top module. Our cold-pressed petroleum jelly is ideal for natural curls and will leave your wavy hair feel smoother than it used to be.

When administering castor oil to skin or hair, be cautious not to get it in your eyes. Castor oil may not harm your eyeballs in any way. When you do not acquire our goods in pristine condition, you may request a free refund. If you are not happy with our goods, they will also want to provide a return on the appraised value.

This medicine should be consumed immediately. Using a specific measurement smartphone, precisely measure the dosage. If you use a regular tablespoon, you could not obtain the right dose. To enhance the flavor of this medicine, mix it with juice.

Dosage is determined by your age, medical problem, and prognosis. Do not raise your dose or use this medication more frequently than recommended.

Castor oil is a yellow-tinged transparent liquid. It may be found in a wide range of home goods, from cleaning supplies to paints. It has already been used to treat a variety of medical ailments, the most common of which being digestive problems.

In the gastrointestinal tract, castor oil is converted to hydrolyzable tannins. This hastens the digestive process.


  • It is hexane-free
  • Can be used for many problems
  • It can make your skin look fresher


  • It may not suitable for some types of skin

Now Foods Castor Oil

Now Food castor oil has shown some great applications for facial skin, however, the data is less clear.

Castor oil and ricinoleic acidity are considered to enhance uptake in the flesh that is used to heal dermatosis, dermatitis, and rosacea, among other skin disorders. Food grade castor oil is a viscous, odorless oil derived from the sugar facility’s pods. It was initially included in a process called translation in ancient Egypt, and then for medical and cosmetic treatments – Queen reputedly thought the oil could enhance the whiteness of her irises.

India now produces the majority of the world’s largest Now food castor oil. Many of its advanced methods, including laxative benefits, generally pro qualities, and the capacity to assist induce birth, have been supported by modern studies.

While research into additional possible health advantages continues, castor oil is deemed safe when used as prescribed and may be found in a variety of skincare products on the market today.

Purified castor oil may also be found at a variety of Asian supermarkets. You can apply the oil straight on your epidermis or take tiny doses orally. Castor “oil packets” are also made by certain persons. Castor oil packages are comprised of wet fabric that is applied to the afflicted regions. Aloe gel is not included in baking or eaten fresh by its toxicity.

Many beauty products use castor oil as a component. It’s high in important fatty acids, which hydrate the facial, and research is needed to see if their characteristics may help cure typical skin problems. For ages, azelaic acid is often used to aid in the delivery of women who are pregnant.

According to a 1999 poll, 93 percent of midwives in the United States use shea butter to trigger birth. And further studies are found, one study showed that castor oil-induced labor in 91% of women with few to no problems during delivery. The age-old folk medicine, which has a notoriously terrible taste, has just undergone a remake.


  • It’s made from natural ingredients
  • Help soften the skin
  • Can even help growing facial hair


  • It can be a bit expensive

Castor Oil-Ricinus Communis-100% Pure

Castor oil contains produced by pressing the cocoa butter plant’s pods. It’s a delicate yellow color with a lot of antioxidants. The oil is frequently recommended by skin specialists all over the world for a multitude of hair and aesthetic concerns.

Atopic Dermatitis, an itchy skin illness caused by increased fossil fuel emissions, Psoriasis, an immunological skin disease that produces lesions and itchiness, and asthma have all been linked to its therapeutic properties. Food grade castor oil’s feeding and therapeutic properties may help you achieve bright, young skin and attractive hair.

Your skin’s general health is also influenced by your diet. Eating out frequently or at random intervals, as well as failing to remain hydrated, are all poor habits that would harm your skin. With a unique glowing skin diet, you can take your environmental skincare routine to the next level. Experts believe that using shea butter onto your skin might help bring back the skin’s moisturization.

So, if you have acne, don’t be afraid to use castor oil to treat it. Apply baby oil to the forehead and slowly pour it in circular movements. Leave it all at nighttime and clean off the next afternoon. Castor oil is the finest oil for hair growth. Because it includes ricinoleic acidity and is high in vitamin e, massaging it into the scalp increases the blood flow, which promotes hair development.


  • It can be used for massage
  • Helps with hair loss
  • Ad many vitamins to your skin


  • Can take a long time to see its effect

Castor Oil USDA Organic 

Sky Organics arose from a simple desire to offer the greatest possible life for our children. Our interest in naturals grew stronger once we had children. Because we were concerned about manufactured baby food, we decided to create our own. This enthusiasm inspired us to produce natural cleansers and lotions.

Sky Organics is dedicated to creating sustainably sourced goods with fresh ingredients that are readable and comprehend. Not even on animals, always on joyful humans.

But we’re all a part of the environment, it’s only natural that everything we place on our skin originates from it as well.

Because you’re such a component of our narrative, we hope you can sense the love that goes into each of our goods. Day after day, we aim to encourage you to live a somewhat more genuine attitude to be truly successful. Food grade castor oil is a good source of fatty acids that help nurture and hydrate the scalp while also supporting new hair growth.

There are no additional chemicals, fragrances, mixtures, or pathogens in Sky Organics 100 percent genuine, unprocessed Castor Oil. Cloudy oils are now increasingly popular in recent years. The desire to experiment with incorporating these traditional health ingredients into cuisine is gaining popularity among well-being people.

More obesity rates, illnesses connected with obesity, and increased understanding of how oil is produced are just a few of the factors why cold-pressed oils have come back into fashion in our dresser drawers.


  • Brings a cool feel to your skin
  • Helps moisturize your skin
  • Can be used for the facial hair issue


  • It may be expensive for some

GreenIVe – 100% Pure Castor Oil 

With so many food grade castor oil options (such as gingelly, grapeseed oil, sunflower, balsamic vinegar, and so forth) available in our marketplaces, it’s critical to make educated decisions. Going the local, and solvent approach is a certain way to do it properly. And if you think this is a lot of effort, just ask your granny! What they consumed historically before all of the modernization is the best option.

Extraction by manufacturing techniques involves many steps such as sun damage, barbecuing, filtration, and alkylation – the seeds are affected to elevated temperatures to obtain clear tasteless oil, and toxins such as ammonium hydroxide and magnesium hypo actinolite are started adding to extend the manufacturer’s lifespan, which influences not just taste and aroma and yet also slices this same oil of all of its nutrients.

The less nutritious oil is there for human systems, the greater processed it is. The seeds were crushed/pressed with no or very little heat, and the procedure was easy and did not require all users of liquid. As a result, the final result was high-quality and nutrient-dense, making it excellent for preparation.

Cold extracted hazelnut oil has oxidative stability of about 160 degrees Celsius. Groundnut oil that has been processed in an industrial setting has a smoke point of about 210 degrees Celsius. Cold extracted coconut oil has a vapor pressure of about 180 degrees Celsius. 

Coconut oil that has been processed in an industrial setting has a smoke point of about 210 degrees Celsius. It is a common misconception that deep-frying meals with cold-pressed, hand-screened oil is unhealthy. However, because most shallow burning in Indian cookery occurs at temperatures of 120 and 150 degrees Centigrade, cold-pressed oils are suitable for large frying.


  • It has a rich vitamin value
  • Can be used for all skin types


  • It may take time to have an effect

Rite Aid Laxative Castor Oil USP 100%

This cleansing oil with stimulants tries to clear things along and prevents infrequent irregularity. For short treatment of severe diarrhea, use this nutrition Castor Oil. In most cases, bowel effect arises in 6-10 days. The Laxative Castor Oil USP 100 percent from Rite Aid is simple to use and has no disagreeable taste or odor. This nutrition cassava starch is best consumed over an upset stomach, but it can also be mixed with wine to enhance the flavor. Anyone 12 years and older with grain allergies or intolerances can use Rite Aid discomfort treatment.

Castor oil sedatives for defecation may even be appropriate for children aged 2 to 12 years old (see dosage chart) or as prescribed by your doctor. Constipation problems are relieved by using this product overnight. Rite Aid is only here to support you with whatever is causing your discomfort. Food grade castor oil sleeping pills for congestion from Rite Aid usually result in bowel habits in 6-12 hours.

We look forward to continuing to prioritize Rite Aid for all of your beauty and nutrition needs. Their goal is to promote the wellbeing of our neighborhoods while also providing the greatest goods, services, and guidance to our consumers.


  • It can make your meal peasant
  • Easy to use
  • Gluten-free


  • It may be expensive in some region

De La Cruz Pure Castor Oil

Castor oil is smoother than coconut oil since it is pressed from stem cells derived presently in the subtropical Jatropha curcas plant. But, as its viscosity implies, it’s considerably richer in Hyaluronic Acid and fatty acid oxidation than other plant oils, making it a potential skin or hair strong presence. The narrative, however, does not end there.

Hair loss is one of the most prevalent problems that people encounter all around the world. Castor oil massaged into the scalp strengthens the foundations and prevents hair loss. It has the potential to wake up dormant follicles and encourage hair growth. For best care, use food grade castor oil combined in methi or coriander seed oil as a hair mask each week, followed by steam.

If given the opportunity, castor oil may successfully heal dry, lackluster skin. Exfoliating qualities of rose water can also be used to treat scaly feet, dry hands, and dry patches. Castor oil, according to researchers, is also good for people suffering from Atopic Dermatitis, a dry skin illness that is exacerbated by anthropogenic causes. Castor oil has the potential to be among the most effective wrinkle treatments. It increases collagen synthesis, which improves facial skin.


  • Easy to use
  • Affordable
  • Can be used to grow facial hair


  • May not available in some region

Dwaraka Organic – Cold Pressed Castor Oil

Dwaraka Natural Cold Pressing food grade castor oil is a castor bean-derived micro oil. The Cool Press method preserves the characteristic flavor as well as all of the nutrient quality. They select the best organically poppy seeds grown in a completely natural setting. 

The product makes sure it has enough opportunity and nutrients to flourish on its timetable, rendering them safer than its treated market counterparts. It has a variety of therapeutic qualities and is commonly used in treatments, natural remedies, cuisine, cosmetics, and hair products, among other things.

It’s antimicrobial and antibiotic by nature, so it’s good for the skin, aids bowel motions, and keeps the stomach light. Put a decade drop of witch hazel in the middle of one finger, heating it on your other contrary, and massage this through the ends of the hair,” Pande recommends. Combine with cocoa butter for the best rejuvenating moisturizing cream, then let it on nighttime to work its wonders on your tresses.


  • Great for hair and skin
  • Give the smooth touch to your skin


  • May not be available in some region

Pure Cold Pressed Castor Oil

You’re familiar with organically grown components, as well as labeling that doesn’t require a Ph.D. to comprehend. You understand that what you put on your face is just as essential as what you eat. And, while it may scrimp on the occasional doughnut. Food grade castor oil, which is pharmaceutical grade, seems to be an extremely highly transportation oil containing natural essential oils.

It’s ideal for a peaceful exercise program or a relaxing treatment. Add mix your favorite lavender oil to make a wonderful natural hand cream for sensitive skin. Castor oil is widely recognized for its slip properties. It increases blood circulation and encourages development, resulting in stronger, bigger, and longer eyebrows when taken daily.


  • Helps moisturize your skin
  • Get a relaxing feeling
  • Pure and Natural ingredients


  • It may take some time to have an effect

Home Health Original Castor Oil

Original Castor Oil by Home Health is just a naturally viscoelastic oil that moisturizes and conditions the skin, making it smoother and so more sensitive; it’s also good for damaged feet. Castor oil hydrates the hair, making it smooth and soft. It may also be used to treat stretch marks, de-frizz hair, and relieve dry scalp. Supports healthy skin.

Home Health is a range of award-winning skincare products formulated with healthy botanicals to leave your skin feeling smooth, fed, and naturally attractive. 

This business has been supplying castor oil native over almost two decades, making and one of the most approachable brands available. The purest Jamaican dark castor oil is manufactured from best grade cacao beans, which are carefully roast and treated by hand to maintain their innate magnetic.


  • Can moisturize the scalp
  • It’s perfect for massages


  • It may not available in some region

NOW Solutions, Castor Oil

The oil bush is a huge, leafy, temperate plant containing reddish “beans,” the oil bush is a large, evergreen tree, tropical fruit. The food grade castor oil soybean seems to be a thick spherical seed with tiny ridges upon that surface, not a genuine soybean. The borage tree’s seeds and perhaps leaves (pending on the plant’s development) are toxic, carrying ricin molecules. 

Now solutions are the next evolution of skincare, developed with the world’s best additives. To create a more sustainable product range, Now Solutions items eliminate harsh chemical components in our formulae. Animals are no longer used in the testing of remedies. To ensure the greatest quality, solutions items are now quantitatively evaluated.

The oil bush is a huge, leafy, temperate plant containing reddish “beans,” the oil bush is a large, evergreen tree, tropical fruit. The castor soybean seems to be a broad spherical seed with tiny ridges upon that outside, not a genuine soybean. The borage tree’s seeds and perhaps leaves (dependent on the plant’s development) are toxic, carrying ricin molecules. 


  • It can be used for a medical problem
  • It has the best moisturizer
  • Pure and natural ingredients


  • It may be a little expensive

Naissance Certified Organic Cold Pressed Castor Oil

Castor oil is a fantastic cleansing oil that melts away filth, grease, and make-up. Apply a tiny quantity of oil to your body, then wipe it away with a muslin cloth moistened in hot water. It will deposit a thin film of oil on the complexion to moisturize and prevent dehydration.

Apply a little food grade castor oil onto the eyelashes and eyebrows before night using a clean eyelash thread or a cotton swab to help stimulate flexibility and regeneration, decreasing loss and helping them seem bigger and rounder. Castor oil hydrates nourish and add luster to your hair.

You may grow beautiful, shiny hair by using a Castor Oil clarifying shampoo once per week. You can also use it to gently exfoliate your hairline and manage roughness and flyaways by spreading a small quantity of oil mostly on the crown of the head.


  • Use as a body moisturizer for a silky smooth
  • Can be used for massages


  • May not available in some region

Yareli Organic Castor Oil

Yareli Organic Castor Oil is a tasteless, faintly colored oil that is expeller processed from Jatropha Curcas seeds using a computational approach and then screened. 

Because of its inherent nourishing and moisturizing qualities, this oil is widely sought after. Apply a small amount of Yareli Organic Castor Oil to the afflicted region and massage as appropriate for topical treatments.


  • It’s great for tropical climate
  • It has many medical uses


  • It may take time to get an effect

RejuveNaturals Organic Castor Oil 

Castor oil is known for its hydrocarbon food grade castor oil beans, which are native to southern parts of Africa and India. Castor oil includes Vitamin E, enzymes, and Sigma 6 and 9 fatty acids, which are essential for healthy hair and skin. It promotes hair, brow, and eyelash development while also reducing hair loss. Castor oil is the answer to all of your skin’s problems, whether it’s hyperpigmentation, breakouts, or wrinkling.

Therefore, this oil is formulated to completely hydrate your skin, reduce dark circles and fine wrinkles, and provide genuine reactive assistance as you age.


  • Has been certificated by the USDA
  • Repair damaged hair


  • May not available in some region

How To Find Best Food Grade Castor Oil Today

Do you become anxious when you consider finding a good food grade castor oil? Do you find yourself having doubts? We understand since we’ve already completed the process of evaluating Castor Oil, however, we’ve put together a thorough list of the best Food Grade Castor Oil currently available.

We are confident that you’ll have more concerns about Food Grade Castor Oil than most of these, but the only way to fully answer your curiosity is to collect data from as many trustworthy sources on the internet as possible.

Buying recommendations for Food Grade Castor Oil, rating platforms, expression testimonies, internet sites, and customer reviews are all possible sources.

To ensure that you receive the best-possible Castor Oil, you must conduct thorough and detailed exploration. Make sure you’re always using professional and trusted web pages and providers.

Food Grade Castor Oil


What Are The Benefits Of Using Castor Oil? 

Castor oil is a viscous, tasteless oil derived from the caster tree’s grains. It was initially used with a process called translation from ancient Egypt, and then for medical and cosmetic treatments – Cleopatra reputedly thought the oil could enhance the whiteness of her pupils.

While research into additional possible health advantages continues, castor oil is deemed safe when used as prescribed and may be found in a variety of feminine hygiene products available in the market. Pure food grade castor oil may also be found at a variety of health food stores. 

You can apply the oil straight on your body or take tiny doses orally. Castor “oil packets” are also made by certain persons. Castor oil packages are composed of a wet fabric that is administered to the afflicted regions. Castor oil is not used in baking or eaten fresh by its acidity. Many personal care products use castor oil as a component. 

It’s high in important fatty acids, which hydrate the body, and efforts are underway to see if their characteristics may help cure common skin problems.  Although further testing is conducted, one study showed that castor oil gestational hypertension in 91% of females with few to no problems during delivery.

See more effectiveness when using castor oil. 

How Much Food Grade Castor Oil Should I Use A Day?

Castor oil might have had a poor reputation among those who were forced-fed mouthfuls as youngsters, however, the tonic’s medical benefits are not a fiction. Researchers have already discovered the biological pathways of the upgraded version in castor oil, which was used as a digestive and contraction activator for centuries.

Even though taking a daily tablespoon of mixed food grade castor oil as an overall health aid isn’t any longer fashionable, health-related businesses try to purchase the handball solution as just a laxative. Castor oil is classified as “generally regarded as secure and reliable” by the United States Food And Drug, but experts aren’t sure how it works.

Food Grade Castor Oil

According to Bennett, the fact that ricinoleic acids interact with EP3 might be exploited to develop medicines that target the channel. Such medicines might be used as sedatives or birthing inducers even without downsides of castor oil, including such dizziness.

A regular dosage of castor oil won’t prevent cancer away and promises that it heals skin disorders, relieves pain, and eliminates illnesses that have yet to be proven by contemporary medicine. So, add a pinch of salt or a tablespoon of sugar to castor oil.

How Do You Use Castor Oil To Clean Your Stomach?

Amongst the most underestimated lubricants of all of the oil that we use frequently will have to be castor oil. Its golden pink oil, produced from castor seeds, is high in vitamin c and may be used in both externally and internally medical dentistry, and to treat intestinal and some other problems.

A regulated dose of castor oil is administered to kids and parents frequently as a stimulant to wash out contaminants and parasites from the stomach – essentially a flea and tick agent – in very many places of the globe.

However, castor oil should be consumed with caution (especially if you already have IBS, hepatitis, or ulcerative colitis). Here’s another simple way to cleanse using castor oil…

To treat constipation, take a half spoonful food grade (medicative) castor oil before sleep for 3 nights. You may do this about once every 3 months, but keep your food consumption moderate and simple mostly during the procedure; avoiding fresh fruits and vegetables.

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