Fiber Yum Substitute – Is This Product Great Product For Your Health?

fiber yum substitute

Two types of fiber that nutritionists recommend focusing on eating a lot are soluble and insoluble. Soluble fiber can increase the number of beneficial bacteria in the gut, boost the immune system, fight inflammation, and even improve emotions. Insoluble fiber will not be broken down by gut bacteria and will not be absorbed into the bloodstream. Let’s check our review below to get more detail about the best fiber on the market nowadays- Fiber Yum substitute.

Currently, the situation of children suffering from constipation is quite common. When your baby is constipated, fiber supplements are essential, especially soluble fiber. So how is fiber supplement for baby, and what is soluble fiber good for the baby? Join us to explore more clearly in this article

Somethings You Should Consider Before Buying This Product

fiber yum substitute

Fiber, also known as dietary fiber or raw foods, is defined as the edible parts of plant foods such as vegetables, roots, fruits, grains, fungi, etc., they are not. Digested and absorbed in the small intestine, which is partially or completely fermented in the large intestine. Fiber consists of carbohydrate molecules such as monosaccharides or polysaccharides.

Adding fiber to your body through your daily diet not only keeps your digestive system healthy and functions more efficiently but also provides many other great benefits for your body.

Insoluble fiber is a type of fiber insoluble in water and does not ferment with other bacteria in the colon. It is thought to help prevent diverticulosis (small bulging sacs that push out from the wall of the colon) and hemorrhoids while wiping carcinogens and toxins from the digestive tract, helping to strengthen and improve the functioning of the digestive system.

Supplementing with insoluble fiber helps increase the amount of waste while balancing pH levels in the gut. It promotes regular bowel movements and helps prevent and reduce constipation.

The top foods to help your body supplement insoluble fiber include nuts, seeds, potatoes, peeled fruits, and leafy green vegetables.

Unlike other carbs, your body can’t process fiber, and your digestive system can’t absorb it. Instead, the fiber will slowly move through your body and help slow digestion, making the waste products in your body soften and making it easier for you to digest.

fiber yum substitute

Most high-fiber foods contain both soluble and insoluble fibers. The main difference between these foods is the ratio between the two types of fiber. Let’s learn about both soluble and insoluble fiber, as well as the difference and benefits they bring.

How to add soluble fiber

You can incorporate fiber into your daily diet with these simple tips:

  • Add pureed psyllium seeds to your dish
  • Add fruit soup to your diet
  • To increase the amount of fiber, you can use broth, carrots, barley, peas, and other legumes.
  • You should also snack with fruits high in fiber, such as apples, oranges, grapefruit, especially if you crave sweets.
  • You can make your own dried fruit at home, add fiber to your body, and feel secure about the product’s quality.

So how much fiber is enough for the body every day? The American Heart Association recommends at least 25 grams of fiber in an average 2,000 calorie diet. Specifically:

  • Women under 50: 21-25g per day
  • Men under 50: 30 – 38g per day
  • Children 1 to 18 years: 14 – 31 grams of fiber per day

Besides, scientists should also supplement fiber with a ratio of insoluble fiber to soluble fiber should be 25% to 75%, or 3 parts insoluble fiber to one part of soluble fiber.

However, the vast majority of us get less than half of the recommended daily intake of fiber. Without fiber, the gastrointestinal tract is affected and can lead to high cholesterol, increasing cardiovascular disease risk.

For people with gastrointestinal conditions, fiber supplements may help relieve symptoms caused by these diseases. High fiber intake helps change the balance of bacteria, increase healthy bacteria while reducing unhealthy bacteria that can be the root of several digestive problems.

  • Natural fiber should be used more than processed fiber since fiber in nature comes in two types that are water-soluble and insoluble. In contrast, processed fiber usually contains only a small portion of the required fiber and sources. This fiber is also often not guaranteed.
  • Overcooked fiber should not be eaten as it turns into a sugar-powdered form. It is best to eat well-cooked vegetables and, if possible, raw vegetables if they are hygienic.
  • If you eat raw fruits and vegetables, make sure to wash them thoroughly under running water. It is best to eat fruit that should not be peeled, as the peel is often a source of other insoluble fiber.
  • Should increase the amount of fiber in the daily diet slowly so that the digestive system gets used to these foods gradually, avoiding constipation and bloating.
  • Drink plenty of water, eliminate caffeinated beverages and increase exercise with more fiber because fiber absorbs a lot of water in the gut and can cause gas and gas.
  • People taking drugs to treat diabetes, cholesterol-lowering drugs, antiepileptic drugs, and some antidepressants… should not supplement fiber. This is because good fiber has the ability to interfere with the absorption of these drugs and some other minerals.

Although fiber is seen as a natural gift from God to humankind to improve health, as Dr. Denis Burkitt said more than 30 years ago, most of us do not take advantage of that gift. According to experts, every day, men should consume 30 grams, women less: 21 grams of fiber.

fiber yum substitute

However, many people eat very little. Perhaps many people find that fiber benefits are only known through observations of people’s diet, on trials but not scientifically proven. Meanwhile, according to statistics, the older man seems to know the use of fiber for health, so he is very active. It is due to the experience of old age.

So they use a lot of vegetables and fruits to have more fiber for better health. Things to keep in mind when planning on taking more fiber

  • See how much you need to eat each day and increase gradually, not overeating in the first place.
  • Be sure to drink more water as fiber is very absorbent.
  • Use just enough for your needs.
  • Eat a variety of different types of fiber.

What Is The Fiber Yum Substitute?

FiberYum Pre-Biotic Soluble Fiber Syrup from Tapioca/Cassava, New Formula, No IMO’s, Non-GMO,...

Fiber Yum is a popular soluble fiber currently on the market. 

Yum fiber is sticky and soft, can absorb water, and become a gel-like substance inside the digestive tract. Food sources of soluble fiber include legumes, oats, barley, fruits, and avocados.

Soluble fiber-Fiber Yum also helps soften the stool to move through the digestive tract more easily. Soluble fiber also binds with other substances such as sugar and cholesterol, helping prevent or slow the absorption of these substances into the bloodstream. This is why soluble fiber can help regulate blood sugar levels while protecting you from cardiovascular disease by lowering blood cholesterol.

Besides, soluble fiber can increase the number of beneficial bacteria in the gut, boost the immune system, fight inflammation, and even improve emotions.

Besides, soluble fiber also helps you lose weight. For beginners to lose weight, soluble fiber helps you feel full for longer, which helps you reduce cravings and better weight control.

According to one study, eating an extra 10g of soluble fiber per day reduces belly fat by about 4% over a period of 5 years.

Fiber Yum’s benefits are many for health, from protecting heart health and in foods that help you lose weight and maintain a slim shape.

Fiber Yum is a type of fiber that is water-soluble, soluble fiber. After being taken into the body, it creates a clear gel by binding to fatty acids. Soluble fiber prolongs gastric emptying to allow for better nutrient absorption.

Fiber Yum has been shown to help lower cholesterol and regulate blood sugar in people with diabetes.

Some foods high in soluble fiber include beans, oats, barley, berries, and some vegetables. It ferments in the stomach, which can lead to flatulence and gas. Insufficient water intake, lack of exercise, and a high-fiber diet can increase these symptoms. To achieve the desired health benefits, you should gradually increase these foods and drink plenty of water while increasing exercise and sports to ensure a healthy body.

Both soluble and insoluble fiber has recently been shown to help control and manage hypertension, so it’s best to have a mix of foods containing soluble fiber and insoluble in the daily diet.

Fiber Yum supplementation helps increase the amount of waste while balancing pH levels in the gut. It promotes regular bowel movements and helps prevent and reduce constipation.

The top foods that help the body supplement insoluble fiber include nuts, seeds, potatoes, peeled fruits, and green vegetables

Fiber Yum will not be broken down by intestinal bacteria and will not be absorbed into the bloodstream. Instead, Fiber will contribute to increasing the volume of excess product in the digestive system, help you bowel regularly, and prevent constipation (as well as diseases associated with constipation, such as hemorrhoids. ).


  • Reduce the risk of diabetes
  • Lose weight and maintain weight
  • Protect the heart


  • Can cause flatulence

Outstanding Features Of Fiber Yum

Fiber Yum IMO fructose is a groundbreaking substitute to sugars with a quick, bitter smell and nutritious news! It is perfect for people who need a low amount of cholesterol in their nutrition, working as a prebiotic to help balanced gut bacteria. High synbiotic fibers rates

This luxury IMO syrup contains approximately a quarter of the salt’s strength. It could be used to substitute stevia, maize syrup, tea, rice powdered sugar, oil palm juice, and every other flavoring. Do not restrict the possibility of FiberYum IMO to sweet the water or create your own power bars, potato chips, oats, sugar, milkshakes, biscuits, pastry goods

Fiber plus baby soluble fiber for babies

May 14, 2015 Fiber

Constipation is a widespread problem among children. Children with constipation often have symptoms such as: passing out less than 3 times / 1 week, when they have to defecate, they have to struggle to urinate, and sometimes they may also bleed a little from the anus. Stomach pain, loss of appetite, irritability, etc …

The main cause of constipation is the lack of fiber. So how to add fiber to your baby quickly and effectively to treat constipation?

Fiber Yum is a portion of food containing natural fiber insoluble form that helps children digest food well, balance intestinal microflora, increase bowel movements and help prevent and treat constipation effectively.

Fiber Yum is a fiber with no nutritional value. However, it is essential for health. Fiber prevents constipation, supports heart disease, diabetes, obesity, … and prevents some cancers. Fiber is found in vegetables, fruits, and nuts. However, the diets of busy people in modern society are most likely to lack fiber. That is why Kirkland – the leading reputable pharmaceutical brand in the United States, formulates soluble fiber supplements with Fiber Yum to serve everyone’s needs. With good quality and many conveniences to use, Fiber Yum supplement powder is popular on the market with positive reviews.

Protect the heart

In your digestive system, the soluble fibers in Fiber Yum will cling to cholesterol particles, thereby helping you to get rid of cholesterol through the digestive tract. As a result, the amount of cholesterol in the body will be significantly reduced, helping to protect your heart from the health problems caused by cholesterol. Among foods, oatmeal is believed to be one of the best foods for protecting heart health.

Reduce the risk of diabetes

The body, including soluble fiber, cannot fully absorb fiber, so consuming foods containing fiber will not increase blood sugar levels in your body. This will lower your risk of diabetes or even heart disease.

Furthermore, if you are a patient of diabetes, regardless of type 1 or type 2, consuming soluble fiber can help you better control your illness and condition.

Lose weight and maintain weight

The soluble fiber in Fiber Yum also helps you lose weight and maintain a stable and healthy weight. The fiber will help slow down the digestive process. Besides, you can’t absorb fiber, so you will feel full longer and reduce the amount of food you eat each day. From there, the number of calories you eat will be less, making it easy to achieve the desired weight.

Helps digest easier

The soluble fiber in Fiber Yum absorbs water in your intestines, thereby making the waste products in your digestive tract easier to form. Besides, it also helps fight diseases such as constipation and diarrhea.

The fact that you consume more insoluble fiber improves the function of the digestive system. Besides, you can eliminate constipation by increasing the amount of insoluble fiber in your daily diet. Not only that, but insoluble fibers can also improve gut health problems such as constipation and hemorrhoids.

Fiber plays an important role in the functioning of the digestive organs. Every day, the average human body needs 20-30 grams of fiber. However, not everyone provides this sufficient number. It is necessary to quickly replenish the amount of fiber needed by the body for your constipation to be completely resolved. Fiber Yum helps fight constipation – Reduce Cholesterol – Prevent obesity. Researched and manufactured in the United States. It contains high fiber content, quickly replenishes the body. The soluble powder helps the body absorb it faster. No more fearful times when going to the toilet. His body is also slim, and his health is much better. You can confidently eat the foods you like without worrying about constipation, obesity … always a burden.

Weight loss

Fiber Yum also plays an important role in weight control by preventing hunger. Certain types of insoluble fiber also act as a natural laxative, helping to reduce the incidence of constipation and diverticulitis. This also makes it easier for you to lose weight.

As a dietary fiber supplement for the body, Fiber Yum has the main fiber component essential for the body. Soluble Fiber Polydextrose.

It is a natural source extracted from plants. If they maintain a healthy daily intake of polydextrose, it will create an effective equilibrium for health.

For the elderly and people with high blood pressure, soluble fiber Polydextrose effectively reduces cholesterol in the blood.

Besides, soluble fiber Polydextrose also helps to absorb cholesterol in the intestine, excreted outside, to reduce the maximum amount of cholesterol in the blood.

Our Recommend For Other Fiber Substitutes

Probiotics 60 Billion CFU – Dr. Approved Probiotics

Probiotics 60 Billion CFU - Probiotics for Women, Probiotics for Men and Adults, Natural, Shelf...

In reality, our probiotic is 60 trillion cf per consumption. Other companies say it but take care to disappoint. Some goods say ‘comparable’ or don’t indicate a Cfus quantity. We have seen the need value nutrients, which function and meet their demands. With 10 bioactive components, 60 billion Cfu, and a natural synbiotic mix, our most famous antibiotic is just as it is on the bottle.

Our authorized doctoral tests have been made based on clinical studies with antibiotics and probiotics. A full supplement with probiotics for the final dental system. It is made of 10 bacterial bacteria & additives Non-Gmo. No, excessive additives, soy, sugar, dairy, egg, rice, almonds, mollusks, or preserve products are safe vegan antibiotics.

It appears to contain a Patented Shelves container that guarantees product consistency and 10 varieties. Our regular acidophilus mix plus herbal microbial fiber combination actually strengthens the abdomen’s digestive system and strengthens the equilibrium of natural stomachs. It is excellent for gastrointestinal well-being, mild gas suppression, bloating, indigestion, heart health, and bowel well-being.

Every container is made using local and imported materials in the United States. Our probiotic products are designed for males and females. At the beginning of manufacture, they produce 60 trillion Cfu, almost as much as the normal 50 trillion Cfu and our regular natural prebiotic mix!

100percent pure supplement of probiotics: 10 varieties plus a proprietary window sill bottle to ensure the formula’s longevity. Normally, our regular acidophilus mixing plus the organic canned tomato fiber blend goes to facilitate the uterus’ environment and the stability of the uterus pure. Good for the well of the bowel, help in fuel, indigestion, indigestion, the leaky gut, digestion

The energy conversion efficiency of 60 billion viable cells: our antibiotic always accommodates 60 billion CFU’s per serving. But prepare for disappointment. Multiple companies announce it. Some goods are saying “similar to” or do not specify a cause amount. We have found a need for natural foods of excellent quality which really function and support their statements.

Probiotics and organic antibiotics: Prebiotics and biotin are mainly scientifically focused on our physician-approved antioxidants. A complete probiotic supplement for maximum excellently gastrointestinal. Made of non-GMO 10th grade antibacterial agents. Non-binder, soya and wheat, dairy, eggs, grains, nuts, shelves safe vegan probiotics

60 Day Supply – Earth’s Pearl Probiotic & Prebiotic

Prebiotics and Probiotics for Women and Men, Gut Health Probiotic and Prebiotic Blend, Kids...

Probiotics are helpful bacteria present in some products or medicines, while antibiotics are forms of fibers that always supply digestion with pleasant bacteria. Basically, the FOS probiotic bacteria in such Perl nutrients will enable you to provide healthy safety and relaxation with the healthy bacterias your intestinal system requires to shoot on all levels.

These products are developed primarily to relieve inflammation and pressure pain and avoid potential complications. These pears have also been built to relieve time, allowing you to take 1 am and feel relieved all day long essentially.

Were you aware of something like healthy intestinal bacteria? This is real! This is true! Well-healthy microbiota performs several key roles, including bacterial crowdedness, improved mineral uptake, and improved overall safety. Bacillus is the most important bacteria forming the Digestive system, which is one of the main elements of this introduction.

A “Gummy candy” chocolate has a creative pearl shape. Consume on it for a few minutes to make swallowing unbelievably simple. They are also 15 times more efficient than your typical capsules because four times more active bacterial are delivered right to the source. Our pearl antibiotics are really something because the distribution mechanisms in this model do not function like any other.

Probiotics are helpful microorganisms with food or food additives in general, while probiotic bacteria are different types of fiber that always serve fun microbes in the intestinal tract. The fos probiotic bacteria helps project a major microbe in those herbal remedies to fire your digestive system on all platforms

These prenatal vitamins are specifically developed to help with blowing, and fuel cough and are also developed to help prevent potential problems. However, these pearls are built to provide time-consuming assistance so that you can only take one in the evening and feel help all over your week.

High Fiber Keto

High Fiber Keto: A 22-Day Science-Based Plan to Fix Your Metabolism, Lose Weight & Balance Your...

For the elevated diet, we’ve just been keto nuts. Strict carbohydrates and fiber laws are not for daily consumption. That’s not you if you’ve already attempted to offer up. As we learn, the physiology of a female struggles to satisfy its needs.

The best in all realms is High Fiber Keto. By incorporating high fiber berries, plant and synbiotic fibers, you transform nutrition and absorption while feeling happy, invigorated, and balancing your testosterone.

Our scientists choose the patented blend of high antibacterial agents in our sports nutrition formulation to give young people around 12 months and four years maximum benefits. That’s why many of our products are non-GMO, allergens safe, and do not represent any unnatural colors or tastes, and we take everyone into account. The beginning phase is tiny stomachs…

Twelve months quite enough as 4 years intended for kids: Small stomachs are intended to support a complete intestinal system for the first time development stages. The flavor-free stick package can be applied to any fun meal or drink for an acidophilus supplement each day, specifically for kids from Twelve to four years old.

Thirty files, 1 area Lovebug small stomaches for children between the ages of 12-4 months. Non-Gmo, sodium artificially flavored. Four billion vibrant communities and multi-string help to support children’s nervous and reproductive wellbeing, along with the bifidobacterium 

This product has ingredients extracted from kale, young barley leaves, angelica, vitamins, minerals, and fiber, helps the body absorb easily, supports digestion, prevents and improves. Constipation, beautifying the skin, for healthy skin from the inside.

This product contains ingredients such as chalcone, potassium, and fiber that are always highly effective for detox processes, promote the rapid excretion of harmful substances, waste from the body.

Ingredients are rich in vitamins, minerals, and high-fiber fiber work to slow down the skin’s aging process, reduce freckles, and enhance the body’s excretion to keep the skin healthy from the inside.

Watching the video for more detail:


Fiber is essential for the digestive system. For those who eat poorly or absorb it well, it is imperative to supplement fiber with dietary supplements to enhance the body’s nutrients and support digestion. Above is a review of today’s most popular fiber yum substitute and digestible fiber supplement soluble products. I hope the article will help you.

Finally, Let’s explore products that simplify our lives here.

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