De’longhi Ec155 Review- Is This Product Really Good?

De'longhi Ec155 Review

You want to own a coffee machine for business purposes or to quickly enjoy a delicious cup of coffee every morning. But you are feeling confused by the wide variety of options available. Below is the de’longhi ec155 review- the best-selling coffee machine on the market today with a note when buying a coffee maker. If you are wondering or have questions about buying this product, please refer to our article.

You need to buy a coffee maker, but you do not know what type of coffee machine to buy to match your model of the coffee shop. Here we will share and guide you on some experiences, how to choose to buy a coffee maker? For your reference, before going to the stores that sell coffee makers.

Somethings You Should Consider Before Buying De’longhi Ec155

It would be best if you did not listen to advice from the seller (because most say it is important to sell).

A genuine coffee machine is always full of accessories such as manuals, genuine warranty books, power cord, box and IMEI number to coincide with the machine (some places will import used goods, After that, the refurbished manuals will be sold as new machines, there will be a lack of manuals, wrong boxes, if you ask, they will say the customs keep the manual, but you should know that customs keep those things For what purpose? this case is like you will buy a laptop, or a phone, also full of accessories like anyone …)

Warranty and maintenance for the machine (usually semi-automatic machines have very high durability, some machines after 10 or 15 years still run well).

Think about long-term value

Buying a coffee machine isn’t the only expense that needs to be spent. If you are going to buy a capsule coffee machine, like Nespresso or a Keurig, you’ll need to spend extra money buying coffee tablets for around $ 100 a box. If you buy a coffee filter, you will have to buy new filters and coffee powder, and you may also like to buy whole beans and separate coffee grinders. Consider carefully your needs and your budget to choose the right choice.

Check the brewing temperature.

The ideal temperature for making coffee is between 90 and 96 degrees Celsius, so if you are really passionate about the taste of coffee, you should consider choosing equipment that can make high-temperature coffee. You suggest that modern coffee machines have the machine’s operating temperature on the product box or in the description on the sales page. If you don’t have any information about the temperature, it’s best not to buy it.

Reserve coffee according to your needs

If you rarely drink coffee, then a tablet coffee maker will probably suit your needs. If you need coffee for a whole day, you will probably want to buy a device with a large storage tank. You can find one that can mix about 12 cups at a time, for example.

Consider special features

Do you want to wake up to have a cup of hot coffee in the morning? You can choose from an automatic coffee machine and a pre-timer each night. Or in school, you have a habit of getting up late, so you often rush to work. You can choose the version with the auto-off feature. That way, you will have less of a concern in each hustle morning.

Choose the right equipment for the kitchen space and easy to clean

If the machine needs to open the lid to add more coffee, the lid is blocked by the shelf above, not to open it all. You wouldn’t want anything more inconvenient than that. Make sure the device you choose is right for your kitchen as well as your lifestyle. This means that if the appliance you want to buy has a hand-washable container and you don’t have time to do this, it’s best to choose one that has a dishwasher-cleanable container.

Select the type of jar you want

Glass or steel thermos isn’t only different in appearance. The transparent glass bottle allows you to see the amount of coffee inside. At the same time, it gives a sense of space and allows the scent of coffee to spread throughout the kitchen. If coffee is an important part of your life, then the choice of coffee flavor is no doubt there. A glass jar can only keep coffee warm for about 20 minutes, while a steel jar can stay warm for up to an hour. In addition, the conical flask needs to be washed by hand, while you can clean the glass jar with the dishwasher.

Compare shopping options

You will not be much interested in drinking coffee from an unsatisfactory pitcher. Therefore, choose a store that has a return policy in case you change your mind after buying. For example, the Macys sales site has a return policy of up to 365 days, so you will need to keep the box if you need to return the item. Some other sales sites also have returns policies when you are dissatisfied for any reason.

What is the capacity of the machine?

Depending on your coffee-making needs for how many people, you can choose the right capacity for the machine. The most flexible type of machine is the one that can make 8-12 cups, can serve the needs of the crowd but can also be adjusted down to 4 cups. You can also choose a machine that can only brew 1 cup/time if you do not need to use much.

How long would you like the coffee to be kept warm?

Some coffee machines have a warming plate that will help you keep the coffee heat longer. If you want to buy this, you should ask about the warm-up time and how long can the jug keep your coffee warm?

Do you use coffee beans, filter bags, powder, or pellets?

Coffee machines using coffee beans, filter bags, or capsules are mainly distributed in Europe and America. And coffee machines using powdered coffee are more popular in Vietnam.

The specifications of the coffee machine

You need to learn the machine’s specifications such as pressure, temperature, compression, amount of coffee … because it mainly affects the quality of the coffee you enjoy.

Instructions on how to use the coffee machine properly

After each use of the machine, you should clean it immediately because the coffee is too long to deposit, and the glue will affect the quality of the machine. For an espresso machine, you should choose quality raw coffee. Because coffees are made from many other ingredients, they can clog and damage machine parts.

If you use a filter coffee machine when you first bought it or have not used it for a long time, the first thing you need to do is run it off with water to clean it before using it. If you find that the machine is not working, you need to check that the machine parts are properly closed and sealed to operate properly. To make sure the drawer holds enough water, you need to check the amount of water in the drawer before turning on the machine. If you leave the engine running without water, the engine may burn out.

Instructions on how to use the coffee machine properly

After each use of the machine, you should clean it immediately because the coffee is too long to deposit, and the glue will affect the quality of the machine. For an espresso machine, you should choose quality raw coffee. Because coffees are made from many other ingredients, they can clog and damage machine parts.

If you use a filter coffee machine when you first bought it or have not used it for a long time, the first thing you need to do is run it off with water to clean it before using it. If you find that the machine is not working, you need to check that the machine parts are properly closed and sealed to operate properly.

 To make sure the drawer holds enough water, you need to check the amount of water in the drawer before turning on the machine. If you leave the engine running without water, the engine may burn out.

An equally important note is that it is not advisable to re-add previously brewed coffee to the machine because it is easy to choke the machine parts and cause the machine to damage quickly. You should only use clean water when making coffee. When it is necessary to store for a long time, it is necessary to run the machine idle with water to clean completely before storing.

Hopefully, we can help you choose a quality coffee machine to create excellent cups of Espresso, Cappuccino, Latte with the above sharing.

What Is The De’longhi Ec155?

You should float your eyes if you are new to the coffee community. It’s difficult to find from the variety of features each version has to the wild price change. You would like to begin on the big toe in your coffee journeys. This is why we ensure you may not waste a dollar to decide if this device is correct for you in our De’Longhi EC155 Coffee and Mocha Creator study.

If you want the comfort of a simple mocha and electric kettle at work, you have to try it out. The De’Longhi EC155 is ideal for a limited-experienced novice coffee fan or someone who has small floor space – it is pleasant and lightweight!

And you’ll get more choices, not just a white chocolate mocha or a coffee shop in your inventory or a bigger espresso drunk’s home. This might not be for you. Let us then think about what to do if we are searching for a brewed coffee creator to determine if De’Longhi EC155 m ought to be one of your brewing toolkits or not
It can sometimes appear hard to believe the complexities of one coffee shot to another. I realize how many tension points (8) are suitable and how warm the coffee is (88°C) at just the start of a few of the challenges you are going to race.

We will ask you all you really want to hear about the DeLonghi EC155 coffee neutralize device so that you can plan to buy a device knowledgeably in our DeLonghi EC155 motor Coffee and Macchiato Machine analysis.

At last, with a De’Longhi EC155, the caffeine and mocha creator, you will end up being rich, creamy, and each day after countless visits to the coffeehouse! As you understand, good coffee begins as warm water specifically. The De’Longhi EC155 is fitted with a polished nickel heater, controlled by an electronic air conditioner that monitors the dairy heat when sprinkling with the heating system.

The DeLonghi EC155 is intended to make lives simpler and comfortable as a coffee and coffee unit. In addition to the simple working of the brewing phase, the ego device produces a beautiful initialization without explicitly having to predetermine. Please switch it on, begin the brewing and quit when the coming times of Caffeine are available.

De’Longhi could be consistent with E.S.E. instant coffee and regular black tea, allowing you to select the kind of espresso that best fits your needs. Naturally, we like to use newly roasted coffee grounds. The consistency of a cuppa made from fresh cocoa powder could not be overcome. New land creates bigger espresso for them and the world as it produces much less pollution than seeds.

Last but not least, we will not overlook the easy De’Longhi interface – it’s all regulated by a tiny button. The EC155 has found it highly simple to switch on your rig, mix, fume, and rinse, making it unforgettable over different frameworks. In reality, this De’Longhi has not much to say since it was conceived as a task with clarity.

Without government milk gibbering, no macchiato device will be full to make your visions microfoam. A constructed tilt jet glass carafe is available for the De’Longhi EC155. The brother is linked to the coffee creator beside the pour spout and built to be damped and fried naturally.

As with the baking process, it is not very effective to clean De’Longhi EC155. The product has a washing beam to inform you whenever your computer needs to be detached.

A manual system is still possible (the system can notify you when required but will not instantly), and the drain tank and flood control tank. However, both are suitable for the washing machine, can be removed easily.

Also, a dual container creator allows the portable device simple to clean. The durability of the system and the consistency of your drink are critical to maintaining your tank and vandal dry. This ensures that no old espresso is combined with the new material and does not adhere to your brass tools

The DeLonghi EC155 is an expresso computer device and is based on a plan. The exterior of the EC155 is manufactured, apart from a few sheet metal, including a cleaning solution and heat wall. At the same time, the elevated caps, such as GaggiaClassic Professional, have carbon steel heads.

On the side of the distiller’s party is a rubber handle, which we might not like especially. Besides the plastics becoming far from the prime setting for manipulation, the leveling task is rather embarrassing. Although not our preferred plastic pieces, the EC155 has a boiler of steel material.

Outstanding Features Of This Product


  • Stress 15 bars
  • The pots or fields are used
  • Glass carafe Pivoting Plane
  • Super value


  • Efficiency variable of mediocre

We will go through all the functions you have to know the advantages and limitations of DeLonghi in this chapter. That’s the flesh of our DeLonghi EC155, so be careful.

Construction of quality

The standard of construction of the DeLonghi is nothing dramatic, but at the cost, it isn’t terrible, either. The device’s shape factor is gray, rough, and structural weight, the pieces touching the coffee itself. The titanium components would not crack or be bent, and the same could be said of the plastic chord length of the unit. You won’t have had any issues if you handle the computer properly.


To create toast, instead of regular coffee, a large amount of heat is needed via wood chips. The resultant fluid will not be as compact and fluid if a Coffee maker does not bring enough energy to carry. Espresso lovers could feel the difference very quickly.

Due to the size and cost of the unit, the DeLonghi device has a stress of 15 bars. This electricity is mainly used for much greater and more costly devices like a restaurant.

According to Italy Universidad Maggiore Coffee, coffee should be produced with 9 bars of stress, which can fluctuate between 6 and 9 bars, and the Italians responsible for implementing the property of coffee.

Therefore, the DeLonghi is more than strong enough to render approved Austrian coffee music for coffee fans.

Even so, it has repercussions to cram 14 bars full of energy into an Espresso worktop. As reported previously, DeLonghi is neither more accurate nor more effective than other Coffee countertops that pass much less stress via the bovine beans.

This is really a compromise — a reduced lifetime control over the main parts of the computer. If you ever do not make a hundred coffee shoots a day, likely, you would not find any role in the level of life of your unit.

Component for heating

The DeLonghi Warming Component is one of the weakest levels of scale. Still, due to the extreme colder bowl, which we will come into earlier, you’ll probably not be frustrated by a hot championship espresso.

The DeLonghi requires about 45s to warm water at a temperature since turning off a toggle like many justify coffee machines.

There is a lighting indication telling the client when the computer is ready.

The first blast of the system might be the strongest, but the temperature probe can be prepared again but if you are waiting for quite a while. Although it claims that the device has a distinctive promotion that holds the heat exchanger ready to quickly re-pull a quick picture, it does not attract enough energy to be successful.

So it’s going to be hot your next round. But it will likely not be as hot as the genuine coffee performance coffee shop, as is usual for worktop coffee makers. The excellent thing is that the DeLonghi is sufficiently successful in obtaining the first drop or the double dose of espresso.

Big size

The DeLonghi does have a decent rainwater tank, a capillary tube, and a range to shoot. The computer will concurrently take two hands, even if you can notice that the push is strong and quick when you push two hands concurrently.

The 35-ounce liquid reservoir of the unit is more than enough for several 1-2 oz coffee shootings.

Easy to use

The DeLonghi EC155 is not the most usable expresso, but it is not daunting. When you boot the computer auto primes by pressing the button, it is simpler to use than difficult and costlier devices.

The DeLonghi EC155 is also quite simple to wash, with no problems with the cleaning solution and the storage tank. The DeLonghi EC155’s internal structures can also be cleaned with protocols from the supplier, which seem to be sufficiently simple for most clients.

Accessories included

A further, a cup heater and a simple container and tube are included in the DeLonghi EC145. The container and filtering device is well designed, and it will last forever than the physical structures of the Coffee machine themselves since they are just solid wood parts. This is common for such parts. It’s good for the brother, but it’s not planning to score a prize.

You’ll likely need to use the brother’s forearm rather than DeLonghi if you’ve had a different brother stick and are selective about the consistency of your filler. The glass carafe arm of DeLonghi’s has been more than efficient for your requirements and if you’re not selective on silicone.

The DeLonghi cup heater is a victor since it can offset the warming function of the unit. When you hold the drink warm, you’re not going to find that it was not as warm whenever the sputter is gone, and when it reaches the liquid, it won’t defrost quite so much.


As I said even further up the list, the consistency of the initial beverage has a huge effect on the stress of the electric kettle. The more stress the espresso is put under, the better the production.

At 15 kph, the EC155 run, which is quite remarkable for a computer in this segment of the world. No other device is near to that capacity, and I’m not sure of it.

At the bottom of each day, so you won’t get the same performance that an elevated device might. It’s always very amazing stuff! I could characterize this device’s coffee as more than appropriate to your expenditure.

Because I still suggest utilizing fresh coffee grounds, the EC155 is compliant with ESE capsules, if necessary. Because you’re in a hurry in the day, that is useful! The last word, nevertheless, about brewed coffee. There isn’t a constructed blender, so you will have to purchase it individually or keep it.


Of course, you wouldn’t have to think about the ability of the water tank when taking tiny coffee shots. For the EC155, a total capacity of 35 oz is available. This is sufficient to shoot up to a hundred expressos.

Ours Recommend For Other Alternative Products

De’Longhi La Specialista Espresso Machine

Cutting of sensors: Proprietary sensing technique uses accurate, reliable rectifying and an optimum coffee dosage throughout all times. Moreover, the sensor for beans guarantees that when you mill, you never get out of beans.

The clever leveling bus stop: Just press the button and push the coffee grounds with the correct ability to succeed great results. The portafilter doesn’t need to be removed so you can appreciate an unsafe environment.

Active double heat device cooling system: best breakfast processing and dairy postprocessing control. The excellent connectivity consistency. Two separate warming systems are available for La Specialist. An extraction thermal block and a separate heat pump to steam dairy or sprinkle guarantee prompt drink planning.

Select your foam aesthetic: The Latte Art Nano or the rich macchiato fume. Immediately place your cups below the spew and choose flat or spray. After that, you can either appreciate your plain, heavy cream or the ideal paste to convey your imagination in latter music.

Put the dosage on, melt and churn the unit, and brush the genuine espresso immediately – no system back up for heating. You wouldn’t have to hesitate until you boil your coffee due to a new water heater devoted to specialized latte systems. Once you are, the expert is prepared.

Breville BES878BSS Barista Pro Espresso

The Breville Starbucks Exactly happened home caffeine with the fourth wave specialization version of the 4-key product and is a member of the Barista sequence, offering everything from boots into coffee in less than one minute in one coffee maker with an incorporated mixer. 

A capacitive touchscreen gives you the right amount of calories on request, for full-flavored news, by the incorporated conical burr grinding machine with dose command.

The low-temperature post raises tension at the beginning and processes to maintain that all tastes are developed equally for a healthy taste container in the extraction method. With the immediate change from coffee to air, the revolutionary ThermoJet heat pump reaches an ideal particle size in three seconds. The strong vent can handle friction efficiency compared to dairy that improves the taste and makes the espresso arts possible.

Barista success with a new open platform providing all the details you need for domestic espresso from 3rd wave specialties. The constructed blender provides for maximum taste the correct amount of material coffee on request. You have to go from beans to the cup quicker than ever a 3 secondary heat and accurate coffee removal.

7 Pc All-In-One Espresso Machine

Thermoblock coffee device is suitable in less than 45 seconds. Both 15 bar. This potent device looks amazing with its carbon steel finished in every bathroom and enhances your whole enjoyment of coffee, coffee, and espresso. The 15 bar pumps produce the ideal cream for an audacious experience.

Electrical grinder, hand cleaner, carbon steel smoothing cup, weighing spoon and handle, all-in-unit accessories. No new items have to be purchased. The press is solid but lightweight and seats on any worktop. It is convenient.

Installed with the front-view swimming pool, Espresso Works can easily and conveniently track water temperatures without trying to change your rig.

The Espresso Works package contains a constructed vent wall to ready your preferred Espresso-derived beverage, whether water or heat water. The kit contains a container for your comfort of Titanium Dairy Foaming! Simple to use and very strong are our connector electronic blender. The solid wood blades are quick, sustainable, and simple to wash. Installed with a mechanical turn edge. Don’t brush again without new peas!

Choose your beloved beans and browse them with the fast mixer for electric pods (125v). Crush for 20-25 minutes for best performance. Siphon tube the beans tightly into the filter holder with the Spoon/Tamper provided. Squeeze the pour spout into the console and drive straight.

The light source will brighten up after clicking the On/Off key, which means the computer is prepared to create. Flip the switch to the Espresso and start extracting the coffee. Flip the switch down to the middle position if you have achieved your optimal level.

If you enjoy espresso drinks of all types, you may also think of making an espresso drink of your own value as you enjoy your own espresso. There seems to be a variety of machinery available to be used in your own kitchens, and the All-in-One Brewed coffee Device Package Package from Espresso Works 7 is only one of those on the marketplace. This review helps you to determine if the All-in-One Espresso/Cappuccino Device Package Package of Espresso Works 7 pcs is or isn’t the one that you want.

Watching this video for more detail


Coffee is the most popular drink today. Owning a coffee machine can save you time and money. de’longhi ec155 review below can give you a reference. I hope the article is useful to you

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