15 Best Scissor Sharpeners That Save You Tons Of Time and Money (Updated 2021)

best scissor sharpener

Annoying that every time your scissors get dull, it takes 30 minutes to go to the supermarket to buy a new one, especially while cooking? Want to buy a pair of scissors that can last a lifetime? The problem may not be price, even a multi-million dollar car needs maintenance, your scissors need a best scissor sharpener.

There are hundreds types of scissor sharpeners with hundreds of prices? Wondering how to choose the best scissor sharpener with affordable prices? Don’t worry, we will do the hardest work for you. Just sit back and take a look at our top 15 best scissor sharpener reviews.

Best Scissor Sharpener Comparison 2021

best scissor sharpener
best scissor sharpener
best scissor sharpener
best scissor sharpener
best scissor sharpener

Best scissor sharpener for electric type

Best scissor sharpener for electric type that is affordable for you

Best scissor sharpener for manual type

Best scissor sharpener for quality and versatility

Best scissor sharpener for convenience

** Below, you will find our detailed reviews of the best scissor sharpener, but you can also click these following links to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.

SaleBestseller No. 1
Fiskars Desktop Universal Scissors Sharpener (198620)
Fiskars Desktop Universal Scissors Sharpener (198620)
Fiskars-Desktop Universal Scissors Sharpener; Restores blades to the perfect cutting edge; This product is Imported
Bestseller No. 3
Wolff Twice as Sharp Pro Scissor Sharpener
Wolff Twice as Sharp Pro Scissor Sharpener
Free Floating Arm System & Sealed Bearings Provide Years of Maintenance Free Use; Honing Wheel Makes Scissors 2 to 6 Times Sharper
Bestseller No. 4
Fiskars SewSharp Scissors Sharpener (98547097)
Fiskars SewSharp Scissors Sharpener (98547097)
Ideal for sharpening scissors; Ceramic rod restores a sharp edge in just a few passes and lasts for years
Bestseller No. 6
Ultima Scissor Sharpener - Benchtop Grinder & Polisher with Convexing Clamp for Prossional Quality...
Ultima Scissor Sharpener - Benchtop Grinder & Polisher with Convexing Clamp for Prossional Quality...
The free-floating arm system and sealed bearings provide years of maintenance-free use.
SaleBestseller No. 9

Top Best Scissor Sharpener Reviews 2021

If your concern is not only about your scissors but all the cutting tools in your home, Tormek HTK706 could be the answer. It contains all you need to sharpen your knives, axes, hatches and of course, scissors. One special thing about this product is that although there are many tools, they all can be folded into a single box made of foam, absolutely convenient and safe!

For those who just care about your scissor, Tormek’s specialized tool for sharpening scissors can deal with all types of scissors and shears with all sizes.

Also, for those who don’t know, Tormek is a famous brand in the industry and is trusted by carpenters, wood turners,cabinet makers, woodcarvers, as well as chefs in households, industrial kitchens and restaurants across the world


  • Complete sharpening solution. Use for all cutting tools
  • Convenient design
  • Easy for storage and carrying
  • Excellent quality, popular among people


  • Expensive
  • There are some tools that are not necessary for most people

This is a wonderful manual sharpener with 3-stage sharpening. Stage 1: Reshape the deformed blades. Stage 2: Restore the V-shape. Stage 3: Clean. It also has a grinding slot specialized for scissors, helping you maximize the effectiveness.

This product has high-quality non-slip silicone base, providing you absolute stability when moving your blades. Also, this sharpener’s handle is intelligently designed. It has a specialized point for your thumb to put in in order to further maximize the stability.  If you are concerned about the safety of this product, forget about it!


  • Complete solution for your broken cutting tools
  • Light and quality handle
  • Compact and portable


  • A bit expensive for a manual sharpener
  • Can not deal with serrated blades

We present to you the first electric sharpener of the list! This product offers you all the function you could see in a manual one with, of course, higher speed, better result, and most importantly, totally no effort. All you need to do is to enjoy a 2-stage professional sharpening system for crude and fine by gently pulling your cutting tools several times.

Struggle to find the best angle for your sharpening? This sharpener will do that part for you. With the 15 degree sharpen design, your scissor will reach the sharpest status ever that you must be surprised

Worry about safety when it comes to electric stuff? This product’s 5-minute protection will wipe out your concern. When the sharpener’s temperature exceeds the allowed heat, this machine will stop and wait about 10 minutes for the next use, assuring you with absolute safety


  • Better speed, quality result
  • Effortless
  • Compact and portable
  • High level of safety


  • Expensive compared to manual sharpener
  • Safe mode might be annoying

This could be the complete solution for your concern. Grocery Art Electric 3-in-1 Knife Sharpener has all the features of a best scissor sharpener. In addition to the ability to sharpen a variety of knives, scissor, the two-stage sharpening of this product is great. It can hone and polish simultaneously, what a fantastic function it is! 

Moreover, this product is almost perfect for people who hate the complexity, because it has auto-angle design. It means you just put your knives or scissors into the grinding slots and don’t need to  worry about the right angle for the best result, as this machine will do it for you automatically.

For those who are concerned about the electrical issue, this product has an on/off switch, which is totally safe. Its speed and convenience have been verified by many users. The only drawback of this product is that some people may find it unaffordable. According to our advice, however, just pay a little more than the common manual sharpener and enjoy all of the superior functions, why not?


  • Can deal with many types of knives and scissors
  • Two-stage sharpening: honing and polishing
  • Auto-angle design
  • Safe on/off switch
  • Compact, convenient design


  • Can not bring to place with no electric power

Another product in the electric scissor sharpener category. Electric products are gradually becoming prefered choices of consumers when it comes to seeking a best scissor sharpener. Thritop 3 in 1 Electric Knife Sharpener offers you 40W power sharpening, which is really fast. The multi-function design helps you both honing and polish, increasing the level of convenience.

Electrical issues are not a concern with a safe on/off switch. Also, the round design with four non-slip feet helps this machine occupy little space and maintain safety. This is another product that customers are very satisfied with and the feedbacks are very good in terms of quality and convenience, try this one if you have not decided yet your best scissor sharpener!


  • High power sharpening, great speed
  • Multi-function design
  • Safe and convenient


  • Position of the cutting wheels, can not cover full length of some scissors

If you are looking for the best manual scissor sharpeners, SHARPAL 104N could be one of them. Regarding the versatility, it is not inferior to any other sharpeners, even the electric types. It sharpens dull and damaged blades and also hones for razor sharp. It also can sharpen both straight and serrated blades.

What makes this product different could be its exclusive scissors sharpening design. It is made of tungsten carbide and helps sharpen scissors quickly and easily. In addition to that, this product offers two types of preset for an optimal angle. Due to the variety of angles, it has  “Standard” angles for all approximately 20 degree Euro/American knives, and “Asian” for all Santoku and other approximately 15 degree double-beveled edge knives.

This product also provides rubber overmolded handles, which bring you stability and comfortability.


  • Complete solution for your knives and scissors
  • Convenient and portable
  • Durable
  • Comfortable grip
  • Exclusive design for scissors


  • Quality can degrade over time

Another powerful manual scissor sharpener you might consider. Wamery Knife Sharpener brings you a different experience of sharpness, with three materials: Coarse, Fine and Ceramic. The first slot is especially designed for scissors, just push through 3-5 times to get best results.

Wamery Knife Sharpener also pursuits safe design. This product has non-slip pads that bring you great control and absolute safety. Also, this sharpener is made of stainless steel in case you wonder about its durability.

Another thing that I like about this product is its grip design for both right and left-handed use, which is great as not many products have this feature. If you are a left-handed person, think of it first if you still wonder whether there are products that are specialized for you.


  • Stainless steel
  • Design for both right and left-handed users
  • Compact and portable
  • Diamond abrasives
  • Non-slip pads


  • Can not sharpen serrated scissors

For people who prefer the flexibility, Piroir Knife Sharpener 4-in-1 may be your best scissor sharpener. This product has three grinding slots with specialized functions. The Crude slot contains a diamond abrasive for the purpose of repairing and straightening damaged blades. 

The Fine slot contains a tungsten steel blade abrasive for the purpose of getting back your knives’ or scissors’ V-shape. The Essence slot contains a ceramic blade for polishing and eliminates burrs.

This product’s durability has been proved through a 3000-time service life test, which shows that you can use it for almost 11 years. You don’t necessarily use a scissor sharpener for a lifetime, right?

In terms of safety, this product is built with stainless steel, diamond abrasives, and high-quality ABS plastic, which are all quality and safe substances.


  • Diamond abrasives
  • Ceramic abrasive for polishing and eliminates burrs
  • Durable
  • Safe


  • Some customer complain about the lettering of the product

If you are a big fan of compactness and sophistication, Cangshan Knife and Scissor Sharpener could be your best scissor sharpener. What makes this product worth your money is the meticulousness of each part constituting it. 

The industrial-Grade carbide sharpening components is a product of the 16-month R&D of Cangshan team, which brings you a sharpener that can work effectively on high alloy metal blades. In addition to that, the grinding slots can be adjusted for different angles in order for the sharpening to be the most effective.

Although there are only two grinding slots, this product covers almost all of a sharpening process, including restoring dull blades and honing edges. Another thing that make this product special is the super convenient handle design, which fits your hand well while still ensuring safety


  • Compact and convenient
  • Unique grip
  • Flexibility


  • Can not deal with serrated blades

The second product of Sharpal in this list, but this time it brings a brand new experience. This product has designs to work well with both single and double beveled blades, including many types of knives and, of course, scissors. 

What makes this product special is its design to fit many sharpening angles. It has three  different slots of preset in order to find the optimal angle. This product allows you to adjust itself in order to fit any type of blades, which makes it unique. 

In terms of durability, all of its materials pass 10,000 times field tests. Another important feature is its special design for grip. It has large, rubber over-molded  handles which allow for use of gloves, and a large hand guard to protect your hands. 


  • Compact and Portable
  • Flexible angle
  • Safe design


  • Can be dangerous when you have to move your sharpener above some types of blades

This product provides three steps sharpening and all are easy. The diamond sharpening rod does the repairing and straightening work. The second slot restores knives’ and scissors’ V-shape. And the third slot does the polishing work 

Sync Living Knife and Scissor Sharpeners have a non-slip rubber base that brings you stability when sharpening. Also, it has grip that can both right and left-handed can use


  • Flexible hand grip
  • Complete sharpening process
  • Durable
  • Safe design


  • Can not deal with serrated blades

Another amazing product of Sharpal. Let go straight to what makes this product unique! That is its strong suction base which you hardly find in any other product. You just need to press the black switch and it will adhere to most surfaces, increasing the safety to another level because you don’t need to touch your sharpener. 

Also, it is compact and has the shame sharpening process like many other products. Its grinding slots are flexible and even can deal with serrated blades. If you want a versatile product with absolute safety, Sharpal 191H might be your best scissor sharpener.


  • Strong suction base
  • Can deal with serrated blades
  • Compact and portable


  • Not meant for use with a single-beveled edge or ceramic knives and sewing scissors

If you like something compact and eye-catching, AccuSharp ShearSharp Sharpener may have your attention. Its design allows you to move the sharpener around your knives or scissors to find the best angle, which is suitable for people who want a different experience. 

Despite its compact and simple design, it is as powerful as many types of sharpeners with diamond-honed tungsten carbide blades. More amazingly, you can clean it with soap and water or in a dishwasher.


  • Reasonable price
  • Eye-catching design
  • Clean easily
  • Compact and portable


  • Can not deal with serrated blades
  • Can be dangerous when you have to move it.

If you want something extremely compact yet effective, try this one! 


  • Extremely convenient, can put into your pocket
  • Free to choose the sharpening angle
  • Fine result


  • Not durable
  • Can not deal with all types of scissors

Another candidate in compact and convenient product lines. This product provides two specialized grinding slots for scissors and knives, along with a handle that is easy to grip.


  • Super compact and convenient
  • Easy to grip


  • Can not deal with all types of scissors

How to choose a best scissor sharpener that best suits your purposes

Still confused because there are too many products? Don't want to bring along a bulky notebook with all the above reviews when you go to the supermarket. Don't worry, just read carefully and keep the following factors in mind when choosing the best scissor sharpener

Things you need to consider when choosing your best scissor sharpener

Electric or Manual Sharpener

In the market, there are two main types of scissor sharpener: Electrical and Manual. The electrical type is easier to use, with less effort and is also faster. All you need to do is gently slide the scissor blades through the grinding slot a few times. The problem with this kind is in its name. It needs electricity and therefore is not portable in some cases (Imagine you need to sharpen your scissor with this type while going on a picnic). It also can pose electrical danger, although the possibility is extremely low. Another important thing you need to consider is that an electrical sharpener is certainly more expensive than the manual ones. Manual sharpener, on the contrary, is more affordable and convenient. You can bring it everywhere because it does not need any power. Its limitation is certainly speed and the difficulty when using.

best scissor sharpener


 You definitely don't just need to sharpen your scissors, right? Choose a sharpener that can sharpen a variety of things other than scissors such as knives, razors. Most products in the market today have multiple grinding slots on a single sharpener for different types of blades. You just need to spend a few minutes listing which type you have at your home and then choose the right sharpener. In addition to that, many scissor sharpeners incorporate multi-step sharpening, including reshaping, grinding and cleaning. Do consider that factor too when you prefer a sharpener that has more than one function. The more versatile the sharpener, of course, the higher the price.

best scissor sharpener

 Type of abrasives

 Abrasives are what make your scissors sharper. There are many types of abrasives but the three most common ones are: carbide, ceramic, and diamond. Diamond abrasives would be ideal but it is certainly more expensive than the rest. For whom seeking a reasonable price with almost the same quality, a scissor sharpener with carbide or ceramic abrasives would be a good choice cause it works for nearly all types of scissor

Type of blades

 Do remind of what type of your scissor (or knives, razors) blades are, standard or serrated, or any other shapes, so you can choose the most suitable sharpener. Most sharpeners now are designed to sharpen nearly all types of blades. Being careful, however, is never redundant.

Handy grip

 Many people overlook this detail, but a comfortable and durable grip will greatly increase your experience. Today, rubberized handles are the most popular and are considered quality.

Finger guard

Today, the possibility of you hurting yourself by a scissor sharpener is extremely low because of its safe design. Injuries might happen, however, in some rare situations, hence you need to read carefully any caution or safety instruction before deciding to buy a scissor sharpener.

Burning Questions We Received

best scissor sharpener

1.     When do I need to sharpen my scissor?

 Usually, you need to sharpen your scissors if it cuts objects with difficulty. However, in order for your scissors to retain its sharpness longer, you need to sharpen it before it gets too blunt. You can test it out by cutting a piece of paper, if the paper is creased and not cut off, then your scissors need sharpening. Also, if there is rust on the surface of the blades, it's another signal which tells you that it's time to take care of your scissors.

2.     Is a scissor sharpener safe for kids to use? 

Most scissor sharpeners in the market today have safe design. The problem, however, is not the sharpener itself, you do not want your child to hold a knife, right? Also, electric scissor sharpeners can be dangerous to children because they use electrical energy. In short, it's better to keep them out of the sight of your children or at least carefully instruct them to use it. 

3.     Do scissors sharpen themselves by opening and closing them?

 No. Because the level and angle of contact between the two blades is not enough. If it works, it's just a small effect and is time-consuming.

4.     Can a scissor sharpener sharpen my pinking shears?

 Today, most scissor sharpeners are able to sharpen a variety of blades, but not all. Just check the information on the package of the product for a few seconds so that you can buy the right type.

5.     Can I replace the abrasive discs?

 There are very few models that allow you to replace the abrasive discs, because it is the most important part of a scissor sharpener. This means that buying an additional abrasive discs is almost like buying a brand new sharpener, hence not many manufactures sell abrasive disc separately

best scissor sharpener

6.     What are the other ways of sharpening scissors

We highly recommend you use a sharpener to make your scissor sharp again, because of its convenience, fastness and efficiency. However, not everyone buys something for the above reasons, sometimes it's a matter of one’s own hobby. For that reason, we present to you two other ways to sharpen your scissor without using a sharpener, though the effectiveness will definitely vary:

Sharpening with a sandpaper

Step 1. Preparation. Basically, you just need a 150-200 grit sandpaper. If you want your scissor blades to be smoother, you can choose a sandpaper with a bigger number of grit. After you have your sandpaper, fold the sandpaper in half, make sure the rough sides are facing outward. 

Step 2. Cutting. Cut through the sandpaper with long strips. Contact with the rough side of the sandpaper will sharpen your scissors after each cut. Make sure you use the full length of your scissor blades, beginning the cutting at the base of the scissors and extending to the tip. 

Step 3. Cleaning. Use a towel or paper to gently clean your scissors

Drawback: This method works for scissors that are not too blunt. If your case is worse, better use a scissor sharpener

Using a sharpening stone

Step 1. Get your sharpening stone. You can find a sharpening stone at most hardware stores.

Step 2. The sharpening stone needs to be wet. Using honing oil (which is available in the same store that you buy your stone) is ideal but water works just fine. Place a towel under your stone

Step 3. Separate your scissors. The scissor blades are attached by a screw, remove it. By doing this, you can sharpen the most of each blade

best scissor sharpener

Step 4. Sharpening. You need to pay attention at this step. The scissors have two sides, inner side and cutting edge. To sharpen the inner side, face the inner side down and flat with the surface of the sharpening stone, then slowly slide your blades on its surface. Repeat this action 10-20 times.

To sharpen the cutting edge, tilt the blade until the cutting edge lies flat on the stone, slide it like what you do with the inner side. Repeat this action 10-20 times

Step 4. Cleaning. Use a towel or paper to gently clean your scissors

Drawback: This method is quite time-consuming and complex. Its effectiveness is not sure as good as a scissor sharpener

Conclusion: My Top Pick For Best Scissor Sharpeners

Today, with modern technology, we want a good cooking or working experience, which means we do not want any interruptions to interfere. When your scissors get dull, you understand that you can't run to the supermarket every time and buy a new one. You need a scissor sharpener. However, you have a lot of concerns about the price as well as the quality, because there are hundreds of types of sharpeners out there. When purchasing a scissor sharpener, it is most important to purchase a versatile, convenient and durable one. Understanding that, our experts have carefully researched the market and gave you the above reviews, and if you still wonder, here are our top 3 choices, please refer to and choose yourself the best one!

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