Top 17 Best Ice Maker For Home Bar Reviews 2021

Best Ice Maker For Home Bar

Summer is one of the most enjoyable seasons when we get together and chill with our beloved families and friends. We could do some small chit-chats, play board games or head outside the garden to grill some meat for a wonderful and romantic barbecue evening. On such occasions, liquor is something super vital because you know what people said, no alcohol, no fun and to have the best ice maker for home bar will enhance the joyful atmosphere.

Speaking of which, as a bartender, I got a lot of questions from my customers and fellow friends or even my families about how to choose the best ice maker for home bar. Today, with all of the experience I have, I will show you my top 17 best ice maker for home bar which will amaze you tremendously. 


Best Ice Maker For Home Bar For Long term usage

Best Ice Maker For Home Bar in terms of time of making ice and storage

Best Ice Maker For Home Bar in outdoor activities

Best Ice Maker For Home Bar in best inside insulation

Best Ice Maker For Home Bar in installation flexibility

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Top 17 Best Ice Maker For Home Bar Reviews 2021

Mirror, mirror on the wall, which ice maker is the best of them all? You have your answer and that definitely is Vevor 110V Commercial Ice Maker with a size of 400lbs (181kg). I know it seems a little bit overweight at first compared to a normal ice maker but believe me if you want a product which lasts the longest, you shouldn’t pass on this.

This fabulous ice maker can make about 156 clear cubes/cycle/8-15 minutes. Can you guess what happens if it functions non-stop in 24 hours? It produces 400lbs (181kg) of ice and that is a lot!

The machine also comes with lots of great features such as a premium water filter which leads to more crystal clear and harder ice cubes. And not to mention that you will receive ice scoops, water supply hose, water supply connector and water draining hose as soon as you got your order.


  • Produces a huge amount of ice.
  • Functions well with great power and capacity.
  • Equipped with a water filter that could improve ice’s quality.


  • A little bit too big, may not be so convenient.

Another option is Vevor 110V Commercial Ice Machine which is known as the monster of ice making.

This Vevor’s ice maker is incredible in making a considerable amount of ice thanks to its great and efficient capacity. Only in 12 - 18 minutes, this baby can produce nearly 90 ice cubes and in merely 24 hours, it will increase the amount of ice up to 264lbs (120kg).

Besides, the Vevor’s product also has a powerful compressor coming with a high temperature protection and energy saving. For that reason, don’t you worry about the heat or the energy consumed.

One more thing that I personally like about this one is its nano blue light plays an important role in keeping the ice fresh. The light also kills negative bacteria, ensuring that your family health is protected.


  • Super modern in terms of style and function.
  • High safety level.
  • Due to its cleaning function, you don’t need to care too much about cleaning.


  • Requires a water hose but normally it will come with the machine.

Coming in the third place is EdgeStar OIM450SS, an ice maker for outdoor occasions. In my opinion, it would be a pity if we went in and out to get ice while having an outdoor party.

Therefore, this ice maker which is fully wrapped in sleek and durable stainless steel, is the perfect option for your outdoor kitchen, patio or pool area.

Another thing is that you can install this baby in only 3 simple steps. It produces cubed shape ice and with insulation inside, the coldness is 100% maintained.


  • Suitable for outdoor kitchens.
  • Insulations inside the ice maker can keep the ice last longer.


  • It is big and quite bulky, not so portable.

The fourth ice maker in the list is this amazing EdgeStar IB240SS.

As far as I can see, the machine can produce 25lbs (11kg)/day, and can store 20lbs (9kg) of crescent-shaped ice. Furthermore, it also operates as a freezer and will prevent your ice cubes from melting.

Besides, the lower the amount of ice in the bucket, the more noise it makes when it drops, but I counted and it really does last 4 seconds before it’s over so this shouldn’t be a problem.


  • Can produce ice in less than 10 minutes.
  • Functions as a freezer.
  • Sleek and stylish design.


  • Quite too tall for small apartments and RVs.

I always say you got what you ordered so the price isn’t really an issue when it comes down to choosing the best ice maker for home bar. For the first ice maker, you won’t be disappointed with all of the features that come with the price.

Mecy’s machine could produce up to 100lbs (45kg) of ice, about 45 ice cubes/cycle in just around 11-20 minutes. As far as I know, many qualified coffee shops, restaurants, bars are utilizing this wonderful ice maker and they also said this is one the best ice maker for home bar as many of them have this at home, too.

You can choose between options such as built-in or freestanding which makes this ice maker very adaptable. Let me tell you this, people are praising the ice maker of Mecy as it gives them the convenience of controlling it remotely.

Last but not least, cleaning is no longer an itch in the butt because of its stainless steel shell which is not only anti-corrosion, non-greasy but also sleek and stylish.


  • Super efficient and has high capacity.
  • Huge storage and durable material.


  • May need to equip the water supply and drain.

No products found.

The next ice maker I would like to introduce to you is Joy Pebble Commercial Ice Make Machine. Compared to other ice makers, this one has everything you need from high capacity, stainless steel, flawless design to huge storage and perfect safety level.

The only thing that I’m impressed by is its standing design. You literally can install it anywhere inside your home as long as there is a water outlet nearby. Specially, the Joy Pebble’s product doesn’t take up so much space so it doesn’t matter where you’re living in either an apartment or a house.


  • Futuristic design which is eye-catching.
  • Easy to set up and install.


  • None

This marvelously functioned and elegantly designed Opal ice maker will make your dear guess gasp with amazement.

First of all, this ice maker is made of stainless steel and plastic so you don’t have to worry about stains or stinky mold.

Furthermore, you don’t need to have a water hookup as you just have to run it with 120v grounded electricity, pour water into the reservoir and voila, you have ice which is soft enough to chew and hard enough not melt down before you can take a sip of your liquor. If you don’t take all the ice made, the melted ice will be taken back to the reservoir and made into new ice.

Second of all, you can run this baby remotely through Bluetooth which is super convenient and time-saving. Don’t you worry about it’s being overfilled because the Opal can sense when to stop.

Personally, I believe the Opal will enhance the hospitality you give to your guess and I’m sure they will love it!


  • Easy to set up, portable and energy-saving.
  • Bluetooth equipped, easy to clean.


  • Quite noisy when functioning. 
  • More suitable with kitchens which have small cabinets.

KBice’s ice maker is a great choice for people who prefer nugget ice.

Surprisingly, this is one of the first self-dispensing ice machines in the market. KBice Self Dispensing Ice Maker is environmentally friendly and possesses a built-in, self-cleaning function which is very effective.

You can install this baby in the countertop of your kitchen as it is quite small, portable yet durable. There is a thing I want to mention is that you should use distilled or filtered water in order to have a good performance of the ice maker.


  • Friendly to the environment.
  • Small and portable, can be installed in the countertop.


  • None

Next, I would like to show you EdgeStar IB120SS, an marvelous built in ice maker.

I can see that the machine is a fridge shaped one and it can function as a freezer also so your ice can last longer. The thing that I found interesting is that its door is reversible, that means whether you are left and right handed, it doesn’t matter anymore.

When the ice bin is full, the ice maker will automatically turn off so the power and energy will be efficiently saved. According to my friends who use this at home, they don’t have to drain the water. Personally, this is one of the most impressive features of this ice maker.

Although it looks like a fridge and seems to be heavy, it is quite suitable to be your best ice maker for home bar.


  • Can function as a freezer.
  • Cheap price.


  • Produce not so many ice cubes/day. 
  • Might take up a lot of space.

We got an ice maker from the brand of Linsion. According to customers, this one has a compressor that is so efficient and powerful as it makes up to 88lbs (40kg) of ice cube/day in just 12 - 18 minute cycles. It is a short time to make such an amount of ice, isn’t it?

Another aspect which I like about this Linsion’s commercial ice machine is that it has a wide and easy access door, the slides up and out of the way type, to be specific. On the bottom, this one of the best ice maker for home bar is equipped with adjustable feet. The feet surely prevent the machine from getting soaked up by water or humidity from the ground.

What about the ice? You can totally adjust the ice making time and the ice’s thickness by pressing the button of (+) or (-). It also comes with a cleaning function which is so great that you can’t help falling in love with it.

I used to witness people bringing the machine along with them while camping or holding a birthday party so that means you should not worry about the amount of ice made.


  • Strong, efficient capacity which can produce up to 88lbs of ice/day.
  • Made of stainless steel with adjustable feet to prevent awful mold.
  • Suitable to most of the places.


  • None

I have one of those Kuppet’s products and I have to say that it would be a huge mistake if I don’t mention this one in the list.

The key factor that makes it the best ice maker for home bar is that it barely makes noise while producing ice. I’m also a consumer so I know machines’ noise is irritating. Well, the noise that Kuppet let out is less than 40db so it won’t disturb your precious rest. If you have a party tomorrow, you can leave the machine to run all night long and then wake up knowing that your ice is ready.

An even better feature of Kuppet is that it keeps the ice from melting in maximum 5 hours if the power shuts up. Moreover, it will automatically turn off if what goes in is not water. You can view this as a safety function because the machine won’t be damaged as the ice sensor will stop its operation, preventing the machine from overheating.

If you want to own a good ice maker with a promising price for your home bar, consider this one.


  • Small, portable and easy to carry around.
  • Quietly function, electricity-saving.
  • Its layers of insulation inside will protect the ice from the heat.


  • None

Another look-alike ice maker is in the list but let’s keep an open mind for this ok? I have gathered opinions about this Whynter UIM-155 and results are positive.

Besides all the same features to most ice makers, Whynter UIM-155 also lasts longer for a considerable time. You can choose between built in and freestanding but I think it would be better if it is built in as by doing that, you will save lots of space. This one creates crescent-shaped ice cubes, 12lbs (5kg) in 24 hours so I think it is better for small gatherings rather than big parties.


  • Huge storage, can either be built in or freestanding.


  • None

Why don’t we have a look at a product of NewAir? NewAir AI is a little gem for its price!

My sister has this one at home and as far as I know, she likes it very much. It is because the ice maker works well for almost all occasions and events as it produces ice quite quickly. However, my advice is you should prepare in advance in order not to interrupt the party.

The machine is quite lightweight so bringing it along with you while camping, traveling is possible.


  • Portable for small places.
  • Suitable for small events, occasions.


  • Might have to wait a little bit for it to make enough ice.

If you’re not interested in basic steel ice makers, then have a look at this new version NewAir Portable Ice Maker.

With a timeless design and a color of red, the ice maker might be a considerable choice for modern families. Firstly, I can see that it is portable so the machine is perfect for RVs and apartments.

I bought this as a birthday present for my mother and she loves it! Not only just by the color but also by how quick it makes ice: every 10 minutes! She said as long as we poured water into it, ice would be made perfectly.

The machine produces 3 sizes of ice which can be viewed as a variety of choices. The self-cleaning feature won’t disappoint you like other ice makers would do and the price is astonishingly cheap!

Apparently, this is one of the best ice makers for home bar so far. I would recommend this for my friends, seriously.


  • Small, portable and easy to install.
  • Continuously produces ice as long as there is water in it.


  • Might be a little bit noisy.

We have a product coming from the brand of Coollife which I think is quite promising to be the best ice maker for home bar.

With an extendable water spout design, the machine utilizes a style of water cooler to produce ice cubes and cold water. Now, that is the feature which I like most. Coollife’s ice maker is a combination of water cooling and ice making.

It is also so easy to use. You can switch between an automatic barreled water intake or a manual direct water tank to satisfy different needs. Moreover, it offers three sizes of ice cubes and is equipped with an indicator.


  • It is 2 in 1 ice maker so very convenient and economical.
  • Flexible between usages.


  • Might have to have a water tank to have cold water.

Now, shall we have a look at this fabulous Dreamiracle Ice Maker? Believe me, the machine has a lot to offer.

To begin with, the Dreamiracle’s ice maker produces soft ice which is super easy to chew. Can you imagine that out-of-this-world feeling when an ice cube melts in your mouth during a hot summer day? Dreamiracle surely can bring you that feeling.

Besides, the machine is upgraded with 3-layer foaming technology such as anti-fingerprints metal plate, thickened foaming layer, food-grade PP, which ensures fast cooling and low consumption.


  • Less energy consumption.
  • Fashionable design, modern style.
  • Create soft ice which is different from other ice makers.


  • It has noise but not so terrible.

I remember one customer recommended this AGLUCKY Ice Maker for me, after that I did some research and it turned out that a lot of people like it.

First thing to mention, AGLUCKY has an indicator to remind you when to fill in the reservoir and when to take out the ice cubes. You really don’t need to keep in mind those simple tasks. The second thing is that it has the top cover with a sheet of transparent glass so you can look through it to see the performance. I also heard that AGLUCKY produces pure healthy ice cubes. I think this feature is really interesting.

The price is so bloody cheap that you can’t even imagine so I would recommend this one for you, my friends and my family.


  • Has an indicator to signal stages of ice-making progress.
  • Very easy to utilize.
  • Appropriate for countertops.


  • None

Are You Still Confused About The Choices? Have A Look Of My Advice Right Below On How To Choose Best Ice Maker For Home Bar

Best Ice Maker For Home Bar


It depends on your purpose to decide which storage suits you best. It is obvious that you have to choose a bigger storage over a smaller one if you are more likely to hold big ceremonies in which many people will attend. Usually, the size of the storage will nearly be equal with the weight of the ice maker. Simply speaking, the heavier the ice maker is, the wider the storage is. 


Insulation plays an important role in keeping the ice frozen. Nowadays, there are many products that have this upgraded amazing feature for you to decide on. I always tell my customers to keep an open mind when choosing products but I also tell them to consider carefully the insulation feature as it will affect the quality of ice cubes. 


Best Ice Maker For Home Bar

Time is also an essential factor to take into consideration. Clearly, a slow ice maker doesn’t work at all; especially, in immediate occasions or events. On the same hand, slowly ice-making could possibly interrupt your fun with your fellow friends. Therefore, you should prioritize time issues.

Questions That I Received So Often On Which Is The Best Ice Maker For Home Bar

Does size matter?

Size does matter if where you live is not spaceful enough. Ice makers usually come in small shapes with amazing features so I don’t really think size should be an issue. However, if you’re on budget, consider a small one. 

Does the quantity of ice cubes produced decide the ice maker’s quality?

Well, somehow, yes! A good quality ice maker should be able to produce a considerable amount of ice cubes over 24 hours or at least 25lbs (11kg) of ice cubes in a short period of time. If it takes too much time to produce ice or the amount of ice cubes is low, you’d better have a new one. 

Learn more about ways to decide on best ice maker for home bar here: 

Conclusion: My Top Pick For Best Ice Maker For Home Bar

I guess that is all I know about ice makers and I hope you could pick your own one. In my opinion, I would pick these five as my best ice maker for home bar:

In the end, as an experienced bartender, I suggest you should choose your own best ice maker for home bar based on your current budget, home, and purpose. However, don’t forget that first impression is also important. I mean, you have to like it if you want to purchase it. I hope you choose your very own ice maker and enjoy it with your beloved friends and families. 

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