Top Best High End Pool Tables For Billiard Lover 2022

mars metal billiards table

Regardless of whether you Construct a “man-cave,” establish a sports space or search for a more exciting dining room incorporating a pool table to the building automatically makes the house more entertainment and activity. The best high end pool tables enable you to play games with friends and relatives, without bringing a large wallet to the pool hall or bar. Billiard tables may also be elegant pieces of furniture in your house.

There are so many varieties of pool tables that you can certainly find a table to suit your needs. Be sure to Consider the scale of your room where you want to put the table when you purchase your pool table.

Remember the components that comprise the table. The top best high end pool tables are built with level and sturdy playing surfaces. Anything from the wood table to the fabric is different for pool tables in Consistency and cost ensure that you have the look and feature you like.Based on these complicated features, we have researched and reviewed to give you the best high end pool tables

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Best High End Pool Tables Comparison 2022

Olhausen Billiards 8 ft West End Pool Table – Matte Smoke Finish on Maple – Includes Delivery &...
Best for
Best high end pool tables For Home Billiards
Brunswick 8-Foot Black Wolf Pool Table with Free Contender Play Package Accessories and Brunswick...
Best for
Best high end pool tables For Professional Players
Imperial 8' Outdoor Pool Table
Best for
Best high end pool tables For Vintage Look

** Below, you will find our detailed reviews of the best high end pool tables, but you can also click these following links to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.

Bestseller No. 3
HTH 42042 Super 3' Chlorinating Tablets Swimming Pool Chlorine, 5 lbs
HTH 42042 Super 3" Chlorinating Tablets Swimming Pool Chlorine, 5 lbs
COMPATIBILITY: Vinyl-lined pools and saltwater systems; INCLUDES: One 5-lb container of Super Chlorinating Tablets for swimming pools
SaleBestseller No. 4
Barrington Billiards Arlington 100'' Billiard Table, Brown/red
Barrington Billiards Arlington 100"" Billiard Table, Brown/red
premium reinforced construction with a classic 2 tone finish.; 1'' thick playfield with double side lamination ensures durability.
SaleBestseller No. 5
JBL Charge 4 - Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker - Black
JBL Charge 4 - Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker - Black
PLEASE NOTE: The Charge 4 does not come with a USB wall, power adaptor
Bestseller No. 6
Life Tray Table
Life Tray Table
Universal Adjustment; Protective Strips; Drainage Holes; 18" Long x 9.5" Wide
SaleBestseller No. 8
SILKWORLD Men's Swimming Surf Board Shorts Mesh Liner(Small, Peacock Blue)
SILKWORLD Men's Swimming Surf Board Shorts Mesh Liner(Small, Peacock Blue)
Mesh lining : soft & comfortable; Quick dry fabric : keep you dry and flexible workout, lightweight and efficient breathable

Top 21 Best High End Pool Tables Reviews 2022

Olhausen Billiards 8 ft Hampton Pool Table with Cue Drawer

The table bed manufactured in the USA is made from quality slate that is tested individually for flatness. The 3 1-inch slate bits are protected by a lining that is Constructed well around the slate to minimize tension and noise. Olhausen often includes a uniliner that helps maintain the slate level and flat and limits the movement of timber. Olhausen’s entire layered approach is comparable to most building approaches.

The legs & frame of the table compose of sturdy maple & fruit hardwood harvested in the North-East of the USA. This is the principal explanation why it weighs approximately 700 pounds. However, the correct treatment takes effect, the table could last a long lifetime as well as may not encounter any problems of warping.

Its classic, trendy style is ideal to bring to every space a feeling of class. This is one of the best high end pool tables


  • Only uses quality products that are primarily domestically manufactured from the USA; 
  • It’s covers that make fast and ultra-smooth ball movement; uses conventional leather pockets that give genuine play;
  • It comes in 24 colors so that it provides you with some customization choices to find a great design for your playroom


  •  Costly products;

Olhausen Billiards 8 ft West End Pool Table

With the one inch, three piece slates used to create this, users can also be confident that the balance and noise level will be increased during play. 

An even more important element is the Uni-liner, a wider slate supporting the smaller ones, which makes the slate and wood more stable. 

The covers that have been used with this are called Accu-fast covers that are obviously the finest throughout the industry.

You will be given a brush, two cue racks, a package of polished billiard balls, two 58 inches maple wood clasps and a triangle, as in all Olhausen’s pool tables. 


  • Impressive minimalist style
  • Diamond-honed pearly slats
  • Real leather pockets fell
  • Simple to install 
  • Handheld uni-liner 
  • Strong building.


  • This table is really not budget-friendly.

Brunswick 8-Foot Black Wolf Pool Table

It is the dream table for billiard lovers. It has a beautiful style and a stylish appearance. It is made of superior materials that guarantee long-term durability and strength. It has a contending fabric that is Constructed of woolen tissue to make its surface smooth. It provides a variety of colors such as Merlot, Sahara, Green,  and Blue Regatta.

The 8 foot table includes a box of all its parts to complete the playroom. It has a bridgehead, four 58-inch bins, an 8-ball plastic black shelf, a collection of regular billiard balls, a two-piece handle, a plastic surface table brush, and of course chalks.

When completely set, the table measures 101x57x32 centimeters. Billiards would offer players a whole lot of pleasure with no faults on this.


  • Made of longevity high quality timber.
  • Appears to come with metal corners of pocket
  • Garanties the tabletop free from knot with its smoothness
  • The woolen fabric is available in several shades
  • The Play kit is professionally assembled and downloadable.


  • A specialist may be assembled In an area with sufficient space for all the accessories

Imperial 8′ Outdoor Pool Table

Regardless of how much someone would want to have a pool table, it just doesn’t make any sense for everybody’s houses. Many people don’t have the room or the field to take a difficult shot without pushing the cue into another wall. Fortunately, Imperial renders one of the finest outdoor pool tables mostly on the marketplace today.

It’s a high quality, completely functioning pool table that will offer a perfect eight-ball game and withstand the features. Both aspects of the cabinet are Constructed of aluminium alloy from the rail to the feet to avoid corrosion and wear. 

The playing area is a light, completely waterproof Camel colored taclon fabric. Even the bedside board is Constructed of 140 formica covers as well as resin for a smooth and rough top. It also includes metal signals and polyester spheres.

But these efforts to protect the weather would not harm the game. The bumpers are now the durable K66 rubber and also the balls can fall as you want into the inner pockets. This stylish table is trendy and rugged, which is not known by many pool lovers.


  • Releasing pads used
  • Great value to customers


  • Basic design

Barrington Urban Professional Billiard Pool Table

This table has a truly futuristic appearance, starting with the gray concrete legs. Not only can they contribute to the overall appearance, but they also have a good support base and their weight control. 

A light birch furnace covers the upper part of the table and enhances the legs, which gives it a sleek look that suits nearly any game space. 

The surface of the felt is made of close to 50 percent wool. This makes the flow of a smooth and zip ball. 

The table finally has a package to bring you right out of the pack. It features a collection of hoops, two cue sticks, brush, triangle, and crayon. 


  • The premium covers and leather covers add to the look and gameplay of this billiard table. 
  • These components are not present on less costly versions. 
  • This table has a sleek design without losing stability and strength.


  • It weighs more than many other items for the wood bed table.

Minnesota Fats 8′ Covington Billiard Table

This pool table is easy, trendy and shockingly cheap, ideal for homes. Both in the cellar or in the garage, with their claw-foot fastening sleek bronze spheres, the 8′ table takes the eye. In addition to adding to the oak veneer, these claw feet render this pool table appear perfect in almost every game space. Even so, this table also has a great price and a good internal framework for wood engineering.

This complete 8′ table is perfect for real pool lovers, since the rubber lined oak rails offer you a strong and Consistent bounce with every touch. Home owners would like the strength of the Slate-Core, a pressurized board which injects resin to render it difficult to slate and torsion resistant. The table is more than 300 pounds tall and 36″ long and comes with hoops, two marks, a triangle and chalk


  • Simple to build.
  • Simple to configure. 
  • Simple to play


  • Heavy To Transport

Playcraft Extera Outdoor Pool Table

One item you need while playing outdoor pools is a waterproof pool table. This box is definitely ticked by this table. Playcraft have you covered, from each frame and the railings, to the tablecloth and bed table.  

The 1″ composite playfield of a table is made of a weather resistant as well as UV resistant tech college fabric. The tech college material is good for the weather but it does have a gaming effect.

The floor of the play is protected by aluminum rails, plates and knees, all of which are handled in the same manner. Aluminum is often used to survive extreme weather conditions in the goal post and the cap. 

Any outdoor table must be made up of leg levellers to keep the pool table balanced on irregular surfaces.


  • Legs, corners and rails are made of pure corrosion resistant aluminum. 
  • This material can withstand humidity, heat and sunshine well and lasts longer outside. 
  • It is well packed with posters, balls and a durable outside cover if you don’t play. 


  • This pool table may be too large for most people’s decks or patios.

Barrington Hawthorne Billiard Table

Barrington Billiards has many high-end pool tables, including this one of Hawthorne. It has a space of 100 by 50 inches tournament fit, making it the perfect table for competitive pool players. New players may still have excitement, but the additional scale increases the problem a little. 

This table also is architecture pro-level. Most buyers of pool tables are searching for a classic theme with a trendy wood paneling. It is just what this table contains. It has a wood with a scratch resistant cherry furnace and decorated style specifics such as claw legs. In short, it can make either the garage, playroom or man cave more sophisticated. 

This table is simple to mount, but it takes many hours to assemble. You would like muscle to raise the table and twist it. 


  • Scratch Proof coating 
  • Outstanding bumper protection for steady rebound 
  • Strong support for deck and concealed leg levelers


  • Plastic molded shell design on legs

Harvil 8-Foot Slate Pool Table

This is available in 4 colors – a pool table with a stylish appearance and a rich feel.  Your manufacturer also offers you the option of a specialist installing it at home. T hat though without any additional payment. 

Due to the 3 piece slate, this pool table will not be distorted; that is, it will not be shortened by time. Secondly, without warping to disrupt your game, even years from now, you will get a great ball move from this table. 

A mixture of wool and plastic awaits us when we turn the attention to the fabric. Drenched in a stain resistant product, the balls could never slow down. 

The collection of accessories that complement this table rivals the design and production of this table. The kit contains a 57″ bridge stick with copper head plated, four 2 piece billiards and a count shaker bottle to allow you to play the bottle pop game.


  • Luxury drop pockets of wool cover and plastic blending fabric 
  • Traditional styling of wood


  • Very heavy

Rack Scorpius Billiard and Table Tennis Table

This has a flat ping-pong surface that can either be put on or stashed under the pool table. 

The comfort persists with the scale of the table. It has a playground of seven feet, that was what you can see in most pubs. This means that it’s not nearly as professional as both a 8 or 9 foot table, but it might be worth saving room and approaching beginners. 

We really like this since assembly is really simple. Most users have to have an hour rather than to bring together the stuff that’s perfect if you try to get the entire table together. 

We have some critical notes on this table. It doesn’t look very impressive, but it should be good if you just set up a game space. The strength ranking of this table is also significantly lower than some other ratings.


  • Compact, 
  • Converts to a pool table, 
  • Simple to assemble.


  • Not the best look, less durable.

EastPoint Sports Masterton Billiard Pool Table

This is a popular, comfortable pool table. The 87″ pool table, which is unpriced and massively famous, fits great in a basement, a game room or a garage.

Since this pool table is typically crafted in a salon style. It has a host of longer-lasting capabilities. For instance, the decrease pockets are protected and the top track looks like wood and LusterLong is laminated to withstand scratches or wear. The feet of the table have a clawfoot feature, but they are also Constructed from thin, integrated leg levers that have not been made from wood.


  • Scratchproof finish 
  • Stability leg levels 
  • Rich color of wood 
  • Adjustable leg protection braces


  • Plastic legs 
  • Pockets may be more stable

Hathaway Games Newport 7′ Pool Table

A converted pool table is an ideal choice for a tiny recreation space or a completed basement. This table would be used for dinners or jobs, and the top can conveniently be peled down, whenever it’s time to be playing a game or two, for a complete billiard table. The provided benches can also be used during your family meals or your kids do their homework to store accessories. 

This tabletop is 84×47 inches in size and 32 inches in size. It’s a big item, completely installed at 592 pounds, so once in position, be prepared to either not travel about. Each bench has a padded seat open to expose a storage room for your player accessories. 

This table has a light polyester finish and pockets to collect the pool balls as you sink. Flip over the dining table and set up a tennis table for a player or two, instead of a tub.


  • Portable and lightweight 
  • Quick to assemble 
  • Adapts to tiny environments


  • Cues could be greater

Mizerak Donovan II 8’ Billiard Table

This is a well-priced 8′ pool table. The Donovan II is accessible in slate or slatron and lets players have a genuinely high end without either going over the top at home. This famous table also has a rather modern design. 

The table measures around 31″ high and 55″ broad for an 8′ playing area with a shipping size and weight over 300 pounds. While measurements are important for someone purchasing a pool table, this Miserak bid is truly attracted by its trendy red and black style. 

The table has a lasting red fabric, a durability finish, a black case and chrome accented corners. In addition, there are rubber bumpers on the table for Consistent ball returns or flexible feet that can be conveniently levelled at home. Inner drop pockets are also available for a more modern theme. The Donovan II is provided with two signals, a series of 16 balls, a crack, a triangle and also a brush.


  • Materials of high quality 
  • Adjustable legs 
  • Simple to level 
  • Excellent play space 
  • Consistent bounce ball


  • Complicated installation

Atomic 7′ Hampton 3-in-1 Combination Table Includes Billiards, Table Tennis, and Dining Table

This pool table is a heavy duty device with various operations. You will use it everyday as either a dining table and use it when the need emerges for table tennis and billiards. 

When you play a game, what you seem to do is delete or turn over the restaurant. This transforms the pool table into table tennis or table scale with a billiard.

The contemporary gray wood finish gives this table a wonder to look at. It increases the elegance of every space in which you put it. Top-quality building assures that this machine will support you for years. In the manufacture of this bench, better materials are being used. 

Hardwearing materials in conjunction with seamless design allow you to have this table for various purposes. It  equipped with 2 tapered sitting and eating storage benches. 

The storage room in the benches helps you to put away, among other items, your gaming gadgets. Since the guarantee information is not accessible, it is worth getting a table in your house.


  • Capital value 
  • Bench dual storage 
  • High-service 
  • Versatile Gaming equipment included


  • Very heavy

SIMBAUSA Billiard Pool Table 7′ Feet Snooker Full Set

The feet are flexible to level and chrome mostly on corner cups & feet. It features normal pockets as well as an automatic mechanism for ball return.

This table with 7 pitches is included with all of the other accessories you have to play with, such as 15 number balls and a ball of cue, 6 sturdy balls, 4 regular marks and a scoreboard, 2 rest shafts, 2 chalks, 2 triangular shelves, a cover and a fabric cleaning brush. The table weights 328 pounds and includes what you need for simple installation.


  • Complete pool table 
  • Attractive style and detail, with chrome highlights and blue cloth 
  • Total package for pool, billiard and snooker in one package 
  • Comes with brush washing and table cover 
  • Adjustable feet for gradation 
  • Return automatic ball


  • Cues can be split or skewed

Fat Cat Reno Pool Table

The good quality table is furnished with oak wood with such a cherry finish, not really too old fashioned or not very new. It’s durable and looks fine in virtually every furniture. 

The dimensions of the Fat Cat meet the regulatory requirements with a length of 89.5 centimeters, 50.5 inches and a height of 31 inches. It’s larger than a bar table, it’s not too large for newcomers nor for serious matches. 

It’s not too easy to assemble the Fat Cat table, but it’s not too rough relative to other tables. The main problem is you’d have to tip over the table, as it is 335 pounds. So, unless you’re a strongman, you’re going to want a couple helping hands to turn the table to make things correct. This weight seems to have an advantage, however this seems incredibly secure until the pool table is established.


  • Nice design, 
  • Standard size, 
  • Good quality building.


  • Really heavy.

MD Sports Billiard Table Set

This is made of MDF and covers a laminated PVC for protection and looks. The black colouration gives a distinctive look which emphasizes the red bedside table. 

This leg does have its own elevator, which performs work for each other. A feature that comes handy and eliminates the need to use cardboard parts instead!

For the play surface the solid particle board this same manufacturer uses is 18mm thick as well as is also strengthened. This additional support within the board eliminates the potential of warping. This can be induced by wear or moisture from temperature variations or by prolonged bad weather;


  • This makes going much simpler than a slate table. 
  • This additional funding under that same board serves to reduce the chances of warping. 
  • Stabilization and leveling surface to the floor.


  • This product is not as solid and cleaning as worsened fur.

Hall of Games Edgewood Billiard Table

It displays an industrial appearance that fits well with contemporary interiors. 

This table is 84 by 44 inches nicely sized. If you are used to controlling tables, it won’t feel any other, but it saves some room. Moreover, the minimal style often brings the total size down. 

The table has a rather functional function, which most tables don’t really have is leg levers. These secret devices under feet enable you to change each leg independently so that the table is completely flat. That’s very relaxing, since many surfaces are sloping surprisingly. Put a ball in the middle and tinker for each leg till the ball remains in position and avoids moving about.


  • Ideal for tiny spaces. 
  • Smoothest area of action.
  • Simple to assemble. Convenient.


  • Some people complain that their pockets are thin.

Lancaster 90 Inch Arcade Billiard Table

This is ideal for casual gamers and family members who don’t really need premium results. The surface is Constructed of 18mm chipboard and is rail-resistant. 

The 89″ large table is approximately 50 inches high, 31 inches large and weights approximately 200 pounds. The top of the table is almost covered with cups and a bright green surface. 

These legs are Constructed from fiberboards of medium density. The legs may be balanced to ensure that the table is flat regardless of the surface type. This table has K-66 bumpers with Consistent bounces. 

It fits with gadgets including a collection of hoops, a billboard rack and two hot spots. Overall, this is one of the best high end pool tables perfect for beginners.


  • Great quality Construct 
  • Gives a clear and seamless play area 
  • Complete collection with all accessories 
  • Extremely durable dismissal ball 
  • High standard rails vulnerable to scratches


  • It’s not really a professional table for newcomers only.

Fat Cat Trueshot 6 Ft. Pool Table

Its powerful leg locking function contributes to the reliability of this model. It ensures that the pool table keeps its form irrespective of the weight you place on it. So without fear, you can appreciate your game. 

It has folding legs, so that you can stack them and hold them easily. It needs minimal assembly; you simply have to unfold your legs until locking it with the given screws. Such fast mounting ensures that you can bring the Trueshot to work  about 30 minutes.

The balls in its kit have a high brightness that helps them to move easily over the board. Even if you’re a pool gamer who wants to play quickly, this is the perfect table for you.


  • Compact and handheld 
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Quick playing surface


  • Cues could be higher quality

Hathaway Fairmont Portable 6-Ft Pool Table

As for most compact tables, this model’s legs make it incredibly useful. What distinguishes it is the building material for the legs; they are Constructed from concrete. As experience pool players can infer, though, whenever it happens to table, steel use is often a double edged weapon. 

For the use of steel at one end removes weight off the table to render it ultra portable. However, on either side, steel often decreases the pressure level that a table will resist without splitting. But make sure you do not place too much strain on the Hathaway, even if you might like to switch it around. 

However, though it’s lightweight poses concerns as to its stability, the Hathaway is also free of assembly. That’s correct; this version comes pre assembled and you only have to unfold the legs to get it going.


  • Good for close budgets 
  • Smooth and lightweight 
  • Simple to assemble 
  • Adapts to tiny places


  • Cues could be stronger

What Should You Consider When Choosing The Best High End Pool Tables

Don’t hinder your shot from the walls

The amount of space you require while having a look at a billiard table is a vital concern. When attaching a pool table to that your own established area, you must have more room around the top best high end pool tables to make cue shots.

A space for the seven feet table should have been at least 14×17 feet (3,8 x 4,9 meters) and for the 18 feet model (3,96 x 5,2 meters) , 14×18 feet (3,96 x 5,2 metres). These dimensions take players into account with a typical 58 inch cue and comfortable bed.

What is under felt?

The horizontal play surface is called the bed table.  The plant may be Constructed of  synthetic slate, slate, fiber board (MDF), honey combed plastics or wood paneling.  However, you can note that almost all best high end pool tables are Constructed of either MDF or slate plates.

Tables of board bed (MDF)

MDF or Plywood was used in pool tables with these kinds of tops. This is the second most common bedside table in the sector and also has distinctive properties that are worth Considering.

It is important to note that this style of play surface is used in seven foot tables and below. Eight foot tables usually do not use MDF or plate-wood because of the wide space.

Tables for slate beds

Slate is the most common bedside table material which has been used since 1826. It Consists of mud, fine grain, mica and quartz. This piece of rock is sliced into plates, which are finely smooth and polished. As with commissions, slate has independent assets.

How and when to slate

Another alternative you need to explore is choosing a strong piece against a 3 piece surface using slate bed tables.

The slate surfaces in single pieces are smaller than in three pieces, but can also be 450 pounds or longer. A smaller sheet can often include imperfections and are sometimes fewer than 25 inches thicker than three-piece sheets. The main benefit of a single table is that no change is required after it is moved.

Not only does a table with several beds typically have less imperfections, but it is often simpler to level in rough floors. However, relative to one, it requires a lot of time for level 3 surfaces.

Smaller beds can also be transported better, particularly if the playroom seems to be in a cellar or a close corner doorway. This would be mandatory if you move the pool table by yourself, since one-piece slabs are too heavy and cumbersome for one human.

Cover the table of your room 

Billiard fabric, commonly known as felt, is often used to protect the rail and the pool table surface. A density around 21 to 24 unit materials is commonly used although cheaper versions will use thinner fabrics that would not last too long. 

Worsted wool provides a smooth fabric favoured for surfaces to be played. It is much more durable and can be washed better. 

Pockets Billiard 

This just is a question of personal choice since they have a similar role. The pockets associated with an automated ball return mechanism are an exception.  These are commonly located only in swimming pool rooms. 

On inexpensive tables are mostly found plastic pockets, while other commercial tables use rubber. Many housing table tops with pockets for leather falling. 

Keep it all intact 

Many low – priced billiard tables use MDF and otherwise softwood panels for the base. If you’ve had a large slate pool table, it can cause you to shrink. Slate tops need a hardwood base. 

Light tables will sustain the frame of four legs. Six legs can be used on heavy table tables for the finest billiard table items. 


Compare the table paint scheme to the rest of the furniture. Generally speaking, pool table models come in a few different colours, and while green cloth is the norm, most vendors allow you to pick from 20+ colors or to fit the atmosphere of your establishment.


Pool tables vary from classics that exist in lavish mansions to newer, more sophisticated tables that actually look like a space fiction movie. Select a brand and theme that suits the mood in your Billiard Hall you are seeking to cultivate.


The customer base of the billiard hall greatly changes the Consistency of the table.  If you cater for high class, old school pool, billiard players, the top of the range is a must. You do need a table of quality if you appeal to a more informal audience, however the best will harm you throughout the long run. Inexperienced players are far more likely than seasoned players to dress up their tables, particularly when alcohol is Consumed.

Price Cost

Besides those available at Walmart, tables at the pool aren’t inexpensive. When you browse brands, make sure that you multiply the table costs, several more tables that could fit into your lobby. Great pool halls can be homogenized through tables. All of the brand names on this page are provided with size guides.

Warranty support

Who really are you trying to deal with, tables aside? Will you just get the business on the phone, or do they take days to even get back to request? Do they make warranties for their goods or is the arrangement one like “go here, good luck?” You should really be Considered as the essential Consumer as you purchase several tables (probably).

The most luxurious Diamond table. Features of the shipment installed, a ‘highly’ silent ball return, an incomparable cushion/rail and a two-level proprietary system that enables players to fire from the pockets as effortlessly as they do from the rail.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions About Best High End Pool Tables

What really is the best high end pool tables brand? 

Many labels, like Brunswick, Hathway, Imperial, MD Sports and Barrington, manufacture the best high end pool tables. They often have their main variations and types, so it’s hard to choose one. 

We covered a rundown of our famous pool tables, but at the conclusion of the day it was an individual decision. 

What’s the right pool table in size for a house? 

A table for regulating the scale of the pool measures 8 foot across. This can also be too big for certain rooms, but there are also choices for six foot tables. One we want is the 6′′ conversion table from Hathaway Spartan. 

This really depends on the layout of your room and if you can still accommodate a table of regulatory size. 

How much would a pool table of decent quality cost? 

The costs of the best high end pool tables vary from just a few hundred to thousands of dollars. You may find decent quality tables for much less than $1,000, although in most cases quality rises with price. 

If you are searching for a table that continues for ten or more years, you would be expected to pay over $2,000. 

What do I search for when a pool table is purchased? 

There are many Considerations at which you ought to look while selecting a pool table, which we have outlined in our purchasing guide. 

In brief, therefore, the most significant ones are: 

Size of the area you want to compete 

Using of indoor and outdoor 

Playing ground materials 

Saw resistance and substance 

Frame and Construction quality components 

Pockets & legs quality 

Accessories accessories ( cues, balls,.. ) 

How should I find the best table for the pool? 

The remaining statements allow you to find the best high end pool tables: 

Budget: How much would you really want to pay? 

Using: Is this a recreational or more severe usage occasionally? 

Players: Who’s going to be the biggest table users? Have they any unique requirements? 

Location: Where are you planning to hold the table? Within or outside? 

Room: The space wherever you want to hold the table is how large? 

If you find the answers and then check our buying guide, you should know what kind of table is for you. 


Our Top 5 Picks Of Best High End Pool Tables

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Best high end pool tables For Professional Players
Imperial 8' Outdoor Pool Table
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Best high end pool tables For Vintage Look
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